Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Freakin' 150 INCH PLASMA TEEVEE!!!

Yeah, I know the economy is crappy, and I also know that TeeVee Sux, thanks to the writer's strike. I haven't seen a new episode of 30 Rock since way back in 07'. Watching TV nowadays is about as depressing as listening to a Mary J. Blige interview*. Thank God for library cards.

Note to Hollyweird: Work it out already.

Still, tell me you don't look at the photo above and find yourself somewhat excited [||] (or maybe a little tingly for the ladies).

Yes folks, it's a freakin' 150 INCH PLASMA TEEVEE!!! (caps intentionally added for emphasis. look at that friggin' thing, it's bigger than the woman!)

Panasonic President Toshihiro Sakamoto kicked off the first official day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a slew of announcements, including a 150-inch plasma TV.

The 150-inch plasma, dubbed "Life Screen," is now the largest in the world. It boasts 2,000-by-4,000 pixel resolution and is 11 feet wide, or the size of nine 50-inch plasma TVs, Sakamoto said.

"It's capable of an amazing picture that is four times the resolution of our current full HD plasma displays," Sakamoto said. "It gives new meaning to the words reality TV."

He did not announce any pricing information, though the 103-inch plasma retails for $70,000, and reports have put the 150-inch version in the $100,000 range.

The massive TV was "designed especially for digital cinema and commercial installations, but might also be found in some very luxurious special homes in the future.
Hot damn! For merely the price of a rural home (somewhere in the South, $100k won't buy you a 0 Bedroom 0 Bath home in DC) you can have the fight party of all fight parties (never mind the fact that boxing sucks too).

Size matters, folks. [||] Imagine watching The Wire in HD on that bad boy. Imagine playing Madden or NBA2k on the PS3. Lifesized Yo! Gabba Gabba! Nonstop Lifetime Movie Network Hardcore Action and Sci-Fi flicks. NBA League Pass.

Yes, I just hyperventilated.

I would probably quit my Day Job and just lay at home in my draws watching Judge Joe, Maury, and Judge Mathis all day. My wife and kid would probably leave me, but goshdarnit, that's a freakin' 150 INCH PLASMA TEEVEE!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

Damn a 401k, the heck with retirement, I'm saving up for that right now.

I should have enough to afford it by 2027 or so. And considering my dubious track record of always being 2 years late with new technology, they'll prolly come out with a 250 inch model the next day.

Still, a freakin' 150 INCH PLASMA TEEVEE!!!

I'm goin' down to the corner store to play my numbers right now.

Question: Would you refi your home to cop one of these? I'm damn sure considering my options. Somebody get Countrywide on the phone right now!**

Panasonic's 150-Inch "Life Screen" Plasma Opens CES [PCMag]

[Editor's Notes: * No, seriously. Watch one of these and tell me if you're not instantly bummed out. ** This is a joke. Sorta. Kinda.]

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