Friday, January 25, 2008

The Clintons Fooled Us Again: My Conspiracy Theory

Those crafty ********s fooled us again.

Is it just me, or are ya'll sick of hearing, talking, and even thinking about this election? has been all politricks all the time since the New Year rang in, and honestly, I'm getting jive tired of typing the words "Clinton", "Obama", and "South Carolina". So, in the interest of keeping things moving, I'm issuing an indefinite Politricks as Usual Moratorium after this post. Somebody will win in SC this weekend, but there's a good chance you won't be reading about it on this blog come Monday. Sorry ya'll, I just can't take it no more.

Something occurred to me last night as I was peeping the umpteenth "race vs gender" vignette on CNN. This race, just weeks ago, had few mentions of race. Clinton was smokin' Obama in every poll. Heck, I even temporarily shut down the Barry 4 Prez tag. Then Hillary starts talkin' greasy, Obama surges in the polls, wins Iowa, and the next thing you know, the campaign turns into an all out race war, with 99% of the offensive bombs being thrown from the Clinton camp.

The latest polls (not that we trust them anymore) show Obama leading bigtime in SC (sound familiar?), which seems to indicate an easy win for him this weekend, which coupled with his electoral win in Nevada, and victory in Iowa mean he's right back in this jawn, right?

Maybe not.

Could it be that the Clintons, rather than intentionally going for the black vote, are talking greasy on purpose with the intention of injecting race into a campaign that was "all about the issues" just a month ago? This of course has turned lots of black folks against The First Black President, and has boosted Obama's appeal and support in the black community. But let's not forget, black folks are barely 10% of the voting populace. We matter, but we don't matter that much in the grand scheme of things.

Obama has was running a "refreshing" and "new" campaign, that didn't have to focus on race. But once attacked, he (justifiably in my opinion) started clapping back. I thought this was necessary to clear up the misinformation floating out there. But reality is, to the legions of Obama supporters (or those considering voting for him) who wanted "hope", "a colorblind society" and "a new kind of politics", Barry is now looking a whole lot like his predecessors (Jesse and Al). And I don't need to tell you that these folks didn't vote for those guys.

One of my AverageCommenters (I forget who, but props to you) suggested a few weeks ago that the Clintons were running a "short game/long game" trick on us. I didn't really know what this meant at the time, but it sure as hell seems to make sense now. Namely, sacrifice South Carolina, knowing that injecting race and attack style politics in the picture will probably make lots of Americans reconsider voting for Obama. Short term loss, long term gain.

Call me a crackpot, but something told me all along the Clintons were too smart to be dropping the racist B.S. they've spouted the past month without expecting ramifications. My theory now is that all that was intentional, they knew how blacks would react, and knew how whites would react to how blacks react.

The net-net is that Obama will probably win the battle (SC), but lose the war (the nomination).

If you're reading this and wondering what AB is smokin', I wouldn't blame you for thinking that. But when I see the same theory more or less spouted by former Clinton advisor Dick Morris, a man far smarter than myself, it gives the theory a bit more credence. Peep the article below, and read it in it's entirely before you tell me to check into rehab.

[Question: Is AB smokin' some of that goody good, or does the Clinton Conspiracy Theory™ have some merit?]

Either way, this is my last politricks related post for awhile. I'm sick of this crap.

MLK is crying inside. So is AB.

How Clinton Will Win the Nomination by Losing S.C. [RealClearPolitics]

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