Monday, December 24, 2007

The 11th Annual Judge Joe Brown "Well Done" Awards

[Editor's Note: Ok, so has only been in existence 9 months. But admit it, 11th annual sounds a lot better than first.]

Last week, I dropped the The 11th Annual Judge Joe Brown "Do Better" Awards (aka: Things AB Could Do Without In 08'), and promised a more positive followup in the name of being fair and balanced. Well, lo and behold, ended up losing my post, so I had to redo it, with a few additions.

So, before this blog self-destructs again, here's The 11th Annual Judge Joe Brown "Well Done" Awards (aka: Things AB Would Like To See More Of In 08') in no particular order:

Yo Gabba Gabba/Hip Hop Harry - It's about time the folks in Hollyweird realized that when done properly, hip-hop can be a valuable learning tool for kids. And while I think YGG's DJ Lance Rock looks a little fruity, any show that keeps Biz Markie gainfully employed is alright by me.

The Spears Family - For proving that severe family dysfunction ain't just a black thang. I'm still waiting for Jamie Lynn's 19 year old babydaddy to get hit with that statutory rape charge, a la Genarlow Wilson. But I ain't holdin' my breath.

Barack Obama - For giving me real hope that a Black(ish) President might happen in my lifetime. That massive $5 $500 campaign donation I shelled out is looking smarter by the day.

Mike Huckabee - For giving me a semi-digestable alternative should America not prove ready for a Black President as I secretly fear.

Lebron James - I'll be the first to admit that I used to hate on King James, mainly because he routinely kicked my team out of the playoffs each year. But the more I watch the guy, the more I realize he is the true embodiment of all things good about professional sports. He doesn't lash out a teammates in the media. He doesn't disagree with coaches in the media. He (appears to) actively raise his two sons, although that topless pool incident in Miami a few years ago was pretty triflin'. He has one baby mama and (appears) to be sticking with her. He is self deprecating in a genuinely modest way. He makes mildly entertaining commercials. He doesn't use his modest upbringing as an excuse to hang on to old friends that hold him down. He hires black agents and PR reps. He speaks good English. He respects the game. He is darn near averaging a triple double for the season. If he knocks the Wizards out in round one again this Spring, I might revert a bit, but for now, Bron Bron is ok in my book.

Michael Baisden - For providing consistent blogging fodder and really good 80's R&B music when he isn't busy with his latest DriveBy Activism cause or Nigga Nonsense line of discussion (pimpin' preachers, threesomes). I guess I'd be better off just finding a station that plays the music and cuts out the middle man. Any suggestions?

Jimmy Rollins and C.C. Sebathia - By winning the MVP and Cy Young Awards, these two American born and Bay-Area raised brothers proved that baseball ain't just a white man's sport. Rube Foster is smilin' inside.

Sylvester Croom and Romeo Crennel - For proving once and for all that black men can coach football just as well as we play it. These two bought their floundering programs back from the ruins.

BET - Yeah, BET, I said it. For all the criticism I throw their way, I can also acknowledge their halfway decent programming in hopes that they provide more of it. Meet The Faith is consistently solid, Sunday Best was pretty entertaining, and Exalted was a winner. This station will never be all things to all people, but then again, maybe we should stop expecting so much from a TV station. After all, it IS called Black Entertainment Television, not Black Educational Television. Library cards are free. Use em', and stop expecting Debra Lee to show you and your kids every facet of black culture. And don't complain about the video and reality shows if you don't bother tuning in for the good ones.

Ok, this list's shorter, but if you've got some to add, you know where to do it.

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