Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Talent or Traagedy? You Decide.

Who says our youth are eff'ed the eff' up? Yeah, I know our black boys can't read anything more complicated than Hot Pockets heating instructions and PS3 game cheats, but that doesn't mean hope for our next generation is totally lost.

AverageSisterInLaw sent me this one via email attachment last week. Since I'm a proud member of the Krimson and Kreme, I watched this thing with equal parts amazement and disgust. If you watch this clip, it's clear this young man is incredibly talented. He's probably no older than 5, yet he can pull off a complex kane twirling routine that most Neos can't master. Peep the ingenious "look in the mirror" move midway through, and again near the end. The boy has skillz.

On the other hand, the more I watched this, the sadder it got. Practicing this sort of routine takes hours to perfect, which means Lil' Nupe is probably not exactly knocking out the homework. And there's no way in hell this is a preschooler. With this level of coordination, this kid prolly has some wicked Gary Coleman/Webster thyroid disease. And then there's the whole matter of the "Wipe Me Down" soundtrack. At least the responsible party who taped this had the sense to play a radio edit.

Who said good parenting was going out of style?

Then again, as bad a taste as that one left in my mouth [||], it's still far better than this poor fella.

Who's better? Lil' Nupe wins on the basis of sheer talent, since I'm in my mid 30's and I still can't twirl that well. But Lil' Twon' is no slouch himself. That chair kicking routine towards the end of the video made me cry inside. And not for the right reasons.

I can't pick a winner, but if you wanna try for yourself, hit both Play buttons at the same time and let these kids battle it out.

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