Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remain Anonymous Part II (The Sequel)

Over the past few weeks, I've begun to reconsider this whole "remain anonymous" credo. Just the other day, my cousin (whose blog I am not going to link to until he puts in 15 posts like I ordered him to) and I were talking about this, and he asked me why I bothered keeping my identity secret. I gave him the obvious answer (ie: why not?) but don't think he was convinced. On second thought, maybe I'm not either. Those of you who've hit me offline to debate this and that already know who I am since I'm too lazy to respond from my alternate email address. I'm still not sold on this, but hey, we'll see. It's under consideration.

I will throw some new stuff out there though. I've had folks ask me how/why/when I blog. I guess they're interesting in knowing the creative process that leads to strokes of genius like this (sike). I can indeed give you that much.

With no further adieu, ladies and gents, Remain Anonymous Part II

How do you choose the topics you blog about?

This one's complicated. I get blog ideas from everywhere. I read lots of other blogs, usually via RSS feed or Feedblitz each morning on my way to work (the BlackBerry Curve is that crack). I also scan 5-6 talk and sports radio stations. All this while braving a stop and go commute and dodging pedestrians. I'll usually scan a few newspapers once I hit the office. Somewhere along the way, an idea clicks. If it doesn't, I just don't post anything. Hey, it happens. This is why somedays I'll post 6 times, other whole weeks, I'll post 2 times. It all adds up to about 30 good posts a month, which I think is a reasonable grind for a guy with a life who isn't living in his mom's basement.

Subject wise, I try to make every post count for something. It doesn't make sense to just echo everyone else's opinion on a topic, so if I see enough others already covering something, I'll punt. I try to shy away from shallow sports, entertainment, or pop culture crap. There's enough blogs that already do this, and do it well. I try to stay in my lane and usually roll with politricks and race stuff.

Since I typically write in a critical manner, I am well aware that I could be branded as a hater. That's fine, cause I don't really care. I'm here to entertain, enlighten, and say the stuff you probably would if you took a moment to sit down and think/write about it.

Why so many links?

One thing I'm really picky about is people being un/mis/underinformed. After all, information is power. Most of us are used to having info forcefed to us in bite-sized, pre-summarized chunks (ie: the news and talk radio). Such media are focused on keeping your attention, so they don't have time to expound on the details (ie: books, newspapers) of a story. Since I don't want to be responsible for putting misinformation out there, I typically overload my story with supporting facts.

This is a two sided coin of course: it usually means people will be steered from your site. Since my goal is to keep you here, look for fewer and fewer links in coming posts.

Where/when are you when you usually blog?

90% of the time, I'm on my Day Job. I only blog over lunch, and since my employer monitors web usage, even then I have to be economical about how much research I do. I usually have the idea in my head long before I pull up the browser. I usually bang out the posts in one take, 5-10 minutes tops. I always spellcheck, but seldom proofread. Who has time for that? On weekends or after hours, I'll post something if time permits (like right now), but with a one year old, and a marriage I'd prefer to remain in, this doesn't happen often.

How many people visit this site daily?

I am really only able to monitor those who visit via the front door (averagebro.blogspot.com), as opposed to via other web links. We've steadily grown from a few dozen hits, to now several hundred a day, but this is hardly scientific since it doesn't account for RSS, Feedblitz, etc. The Feedblitz Daily Digest has over a hundred subscribers. This may not sound too great beside some more popular blogs, but 0 to 1,000 average hits in just 6 months isn't bad at all. Of course, by telling a friend to tell a friend, joining the Daily Digest, or emailing stories of interest, you can only help this number grow.

Why does the color scheme/layout keep changing?

I'm picky about stuff like that. I change the wallpaper and color scheme on my laptop probably 4-5 times a day. Clearly, I get tired of looking at the same thing all the time. A few weeks ago, I flipped thru the channels and saw the Cleveland Browns playing a preseason game. 5 minutes later, the site was Brown and Orange. Then there was the Carolina Panthers phase. I don't even know what colors I currently have up there. I just change this stuff on a whim. Soon, I'll settle on a banner image and color scheme I can stick with. Until I change my mind again of course.

What exactly IS your Day Job?

Yes, I have a legit day job that pay the bills. No, this ain't one of them gigs like Tommy from "Martin" where I go into a nondescript suburban building and perform some mysterious task. I'm a engineer for a large software company. It's what I went to college for, I'm good at it, and for a legal slave, they compensate me quite well if I must say so. So, no, this blog ain't some 'MySpace Rapper/D-League Baller/Ghetto Dreamz/Get Rich Or Die Tryin' type of Grand Hu$tle. It's a creative outlet for a guy who doesn't get many of them on his Day Job. Simple and plain.

What are your longterm ideas for this site?

Honestly, at first I just wanted a creative outlet. Now, I am thinking about how to parlay the success of this site into a paying side gig as a regular contributor to either another website or some print medium under my Government Name. I'm already working on this, like I said, you'll know when it happens. As always, you can help by telling a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend.

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