Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leroy Greer Needs to Learn How To Creep Better

For some time now, I've contemplated creating a new tag for Frivolous Lawsuits since they seem to get under my skin so much. I've also thought about renaming the Knee-Grow Please tag to Nigga Nonsense since sometimes you can't categorize things as anything other than that.

This story makes a strong case for establishing such.

A Texas man didn't mean for his estranged wife to get a copy of the love note he sent his girlfriend, along with flowers. A florist's employee faxed the receipt with a copy of the note to the wife, prompting Leroy Greer to file a lawsuit claiming mental anguish and asking for damages to cover extra costs of the divorce.

The lawsuit, field this week in Houston, asks 1-800-flowers.com for $1 million, saying the once-amicable divorce could cost as much as an additional $300,000.
Since I'm not really familiar with the inner workings of divorce, nor do I ever hope to be, I didn't really understand why "the once amicable divorce" is now going to run him an extra 300 Large.

Some hunting around found this explanation on a separate site.
The copy of the note included with the purchased items read "Just wanted to say I love you," which was sent to the girlfriend. After reading it, Mrs. Greer wrote her husband Leroy a note of her own before refiling her divorce papers.

According to Leroy Greer, she decided to ask for more money. He told FOX 26 News that he "was gonna give her $150,000 and $4,000 a month in child support. She was satisfied with that." Mr. Greer said finding out about those $100 roses caused his wife to demand a $400,000 lump sum plus $6,000 a month in child and spousal support."
Dayum! But wait, it gets worse.
In April, Mr. Greer sent his girlfriend flowers, a stuffed animal and a card that read: "Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me! Leroy." The company promised Mr. Greer that it would send nothing to his home, according to the lawsuit.

But the Internet florist sent a coupon and a thank-you card to Mr. Greer's home. His wife saw the card, called the company and asked for a receipt, according to the lawsuit. The florist faxed it, and it showed Greer spent $100 and detailed the message on the card. Included in court papers is a copy of the receipt with Mrs. Greer's handwritten note on the bottom. "Be a man! If you got caught red-handed then don't still lie."

Mr. Greer said the florist should not have sent his wife information about the love letter.

"The thank-you note was fine," he said. "It was sending all that information to my wife that's the problem."
Leroy says he sent the note to his girlfriend while he and his wife were estranged. I don't buy that one for a minute. You know Leroy was trying to get some side action, and this whole thing backfired badly. Now, homeboy is ass out and about to have break his ex-off with some hellafied spousal support.

Beyond the obvious insanity of trying to sue for mental anguish, maybe this lawsuit isn't a frivolous as it seems on the surface. Leroy did very specifically tell 1-800-FLOWERS to not send a receipt to his house. By doing so, the florist unnecessarily exposed him to a risk. He got caught creeping, and this doesn't make him a particularly sympathetic figure, but it doesn't mean his lawsuit is completely without merit.

Let's just say that a man had spent thousands of dollars planning an elaborate anniversary trip, or better yet, and engagement for his wife, then bought some flowers to add to the suprise for good measure. Had 1-800-Flowers mistakenly sent a receipt when asked not to, they could have ruined a surprise in the process. In that case, they could presumably be liable, right?

Aww hell, who am I kidding. A negro can't sue somebody for inadvertently busting him while cheating. If you were doing your business in a Motel 6 that suddenly got raided by the FBI and you ended up on a news camera, you couldn't sue the Feds. If you were walking down the street with your "side piece" and ended up in the background of a news photo, you couldn't sue the Washington Post. Leroy apparently didn't heed AvBro's advice to Mike Strahan (keep it in your pants), and now, the brotha is about to pay.

I hope the judge takes this case and drops it like it's hot. Faulty jurisprudence like this, and that moron here in DC (who just happened to be a judge) that sued the dry cleaners for $54M (and lost) after they lost a pair of lost slacks gives everyday brothas like me a bad name.

Of course, the slimy lawyer in this equation had to try and paint a rosier picture of ole' Leroy.
Foote said "People are going to swing one way or another they're gonna think he doesn't deserve anything he just got busted he should just take it, but its more than just his reputation or him being an adulterer."
Nah, this ain't about Leroy's rep, this about the money Leroy wants to keep in his pockets.

$300,000 for a roll (or 5?) in the hay. I really hope it was worth it Leroy.

Next time, get the flowers from Safeway.

Here's a video, courtesy of Poor Man's Tivo.

Floral Delivery Leads to Costly Divorce [MyFox Houston]
Floral Order Leads to Million Dollar Heartache [AP]

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