Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Nine Lives of Mike Nifong

I have a new theory. It's not really new, maybe it's just backed up by better examples now.

White dudes can damn near do anything to white dudes, and not serve a day. Black men can kill other black men and get off on a technicality (happens everyday, just go down to your local courthouse and observe). Things only get complicated when the racial lines cross, and usually this is going to result in a Negro in jail.

Case in point: Duke Lacrosse case DA Mike Nifong.

Yesterday, amidst a barrage of upcoming charges, Nifong "stepped down" as Durham County DA, a few days before he was set to leave office anyway. The fact that this guy allowed a crackhead, delusional, psychotic stripper to discredit a few wealthy white dudes to win "the black vote" for re-election idiocy at it's finest. White he was busy gassing up black folks to get their votes (and never even interviewing the alleged victim), did he think for one moment what would happen when this house of cards finally fell? Did he even care about the lives he was messing up permanently? Does he care now?

Apparently not. Nifong proved that like most politicians, he'd do anything to be re-elected and deal with the consequences later. Apparently these consequences don't yet include incarceration, which is dumbfounding to me. After all, the accused were for very wealthy, and very white families. These families had to money and influence to work the angles long enough to keep their kids out of the clink while the case inevitably fell apart. But it bears questioning, if Nifong screws them over and walks, how many poor folks in Durham County are doing time at State Penn over similar things that he might have let slide over the years?

That, my friends, is what you call scary.

Nifong resigns, effective immediately [The State-AP]

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