Friday, July 27, 2007

An AverageBro Brush With Fame: Scooter Libby

I live and mostly work in the burbs, so I don't get into DC as much as I used to during my, younger, more "outgoing" days. This is of course sort of a bummer, since all the action is down there, not in cul-de-sac and Bed Bath and Beyond land. So, yesterday, while downtown for a Day Job power lunch at Union Station, I had my most recent "brush with fame".

Seated with my party at the America Restaurant, a relatively cheap Bennigan's knockoff on Capitol Hill, I noticed a short, spritely white dude with a very plastic looking face walking toward the front door, then pacing back and forth. It took me a moment to place the face, since I'm not good with these sorts of things, then it hit me....

Hey, that's SCOOTER LIBBY!

I informed my lunch companions, and everyone turned in unison. I guess I said this kinda loudly, because the next thing you know, our entire section was looking, and in some cases, pointing.

Scooter, already an odd looking guy anyway, made note of the gawkers, looked even more uncomfortable, and before I could pay him a sincere compliment on his extreme gulliness, took off.

So, sorry, no camera phone pics (not that I would have anyway, but one of my co-workers was going to ask him to take a photo with him), but there's today's AvBro Brush With Fame.

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