Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AverageBro Explains "Poppin' Tags".

For the uninitiated, "tags" are the "labels" and categories that you see following each post, as well as listed to the right of what you're reading now. For folks who want to read all your "posts" of a certain topic, tags/labels made finding interesting topics quick and easy.

The Urban Dictionary Defines "Poppin' Tags" as...

"buying shit...poppin' the tags off of merchandise. to buy new clothes; the act of purchasing something new. stealing."

Don't get it twisted. I ain't talkin' about none of that, this is just a semi-clever play on words. I wanted the "tags" for this site to be a little more descriptive than just "politics" and "sports", because, hey, I'm just that kinda dude. I've had folks ask me, what does "Nuthin' But Africans" mean. So, for the record, here's an explanation.

Poppin' Tags : 101

About The Blogger - Anything personal. As you know, I don't exactly "do" personal, so these will be few and far between. Yours truly chooses to Remain Anonymous.

Ad Nauseum - Strange commercials and whatnot. Usually political, sometimes racial, always puzzling.

AB Instant Classics - The best of the best. These posts are the quintessential AverageBro.

AB MultiMedia Expose - Pictures and talking Pictures combine to make one helluva post.

AB Goes To The Movies - The best movie reviews on the net. Usually 6-9 months after the movie's hit theaters. Sorry, I have two kids and a real Day Job. I see most of my stuff on Netflix.

AB GuestPost - The guest list. Usually employed when I'm really busy with The Day Job.

AB NewsBriefs - All the news that's fit to print, but not worthy of it's own post.

AB Rewind - Reruns Encore Presentations. Also usually employed when I'm really busy with The Day Job.

Bad Movies Good Casts - Exactly what it sounds like. Baaaad movies you'll see only on TNT & Skinemax.

Barry 4 Prez - All things Barack, pre-election.

Black White Or Other? - A cyber game-show exploring racial stereotypes in news reporting.

C.Y.I.N. - Channelling Your Inner Negro. The theory and comprehensive real-life case studies of what happens when Negroes drop the corporate decorum and take it back to the hood'.

Closed Caption - I put up a picture, you provide the pithy remarks. Winner gets Cyber CapriSuns.

Crap Music - (c)Rap and Hip Hop culture related.

Don't Drop The Soap - Folks going to, or already in jail.

Drive-By Activism - Bullcrap "activism" that doesn't help anyone but the folks organizing it.

Frivolous Lawsuits - Because some sh*t is too petty for even Greenberg and Bederman.

Get Money - Finance, investing, and of course, scams.

Go Sit Down - Knee-Grow Please: Ladies First Edition.

Grand Hu$tle - The poorly hidden scam behind the press release. Yeah, this is a play on TI's words if you're wondering.

Hollyweird - Celebrity BS.

Keep It In Your Pants - Folks who got caught creepin'.

Knee-Grow Please - Like JJB Says Do Better, but for stuff that's beyond comprehension, usually an out-of-pocket quote.

I Feel Sorry For Your Mother - When somebody really, really, really done messed up.

Mass Appeal - AverageBro in the news, or other forms of media.

MLK Is Crying Inside - An industrial grade dose of "Negro, Are You Out Of Your &@^!# Mind?" as only a slain Civil Rights Leader can issue it. That very special "MLK Returns" episode of The Boondocks was this tag personified... in a cartoon form of course.

NBA = Nuthin' But Africans - This was originally just "Nuthin' But Africans", so I changed it just to made sure nobody was confused. I got that acronym from some Comic View stand up comedienne. Basically, this tag is all sports.

Observations - Whimsical everyday stuff with no other logical tag.

People I Strongly Dislike - Because "hate" is such an ugly word, but some folks still need to be called out.

Politricks as Usual - Self explanatory.

Poll Position - Our occasional poll of various issues, and subsequent poll results.

Raise Your Own Damn Kids - Self explanatory. But just in case...

Stepha Henry - A beautiful young black lady who went missing in Florida, but got little to no press coverage before her body was sadly recovered a year later in NYC. The media didn't do sh*t to help the family, when they could have possibly helped solve the case if they just gave her 1/4 of the attention a missing white woman would get.

TeeVee Sux - Self explanatory.

That Sh*t Is Racist - Self explanatory, but often up for debate.

The Evil That Men Do - Racism, Sexism, Ageism, and other various ism's.

The Negro Prez - All things Barack, post election.

We Owned The 80's - A cultural celebration of the Greatest Decade Evar!!!

Web Junk - Various things discovered on YouTube.

What A DoucheBag - Knee-Grow Please: White Folks Edition.

What Would You Do? - I pose a real life dilemma I faced, you give me your solution, I tell you what I did.

What's On Your Ipod? - Well it's technically What's On MY iPod, but I'm too lazy to change the tag. Either way, I talk about what I'm bumpin' in my earbuds this week.

White Men Gone Wild - Who says only Negroes wild out and catch charges?

Workplace 101 - Various issues and random drama on the Day Job.

You Must Learn - Educational subjects and whatnot.

This list of tags continues to change, BTW.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering...

AverageBro - Me.

AverageSis - My Very Lovely Wife. Don't get it twisted, I didn't marry my sister.

Any questions, holla at me.

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