Thursday, April 5, 2007

Remain Anonymous

Every blog has one of those "getting to know the blogger" posts hidden somewhere. I'll freely admit that the blogs I enjoy most (and I follow lots of em') are those where you're given some idea of the identity of the author. Dallas Penn, Byron Crawford, The Assimilated Negro, Jimi Izrael, Listen To Leon, etc. are all dudes whom I read religiously, and will admit that the voyeuristic side of knowing stuff about people's lives adds to the appeal [||]. On the other hand, that ain't me. I'm private, and prefer to just hit you with a solid post here and there. You don't need to know me to enjoy what I'm writing, or at least that's what I hope.

So, with no further ado, here's everything you ever wanted to know about AverageBro, which admittedly, isn't gonna be much.

Who Is AverageBro?

Here's the vitals: I'm black, male, married with kid, in my early 30's, and live somewhere in the DC Metro Area. That's about all you'll get from me.

Why Blog?

I'm a writer. Pure and simple. I've got a published novel under my wing. I've written my own autobiography for family consumption. I write in my sleep. I write in the shower. I write while driving. I've toyed around with starting my own blog for awhile, and finally decided to give it a go. Hope you like it.

Why Remain Anonymous?

I'm just here to share my unique, witty, and occasionally thought provoking insights with the world. I'm not writing to parlay this into a career. I'm not trolling for MySpace JumpOffs. And I'm sure all hell not trying to mess up the Day Job. So enjoy what's here, drop your comments when so moved, and don't ask for or expect anything more.

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