Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Can Watch TeeVee Again (aka:The Shield is Back)

Yes, TV sucks, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Shows like The Shield, The Wire, and Nip/Tuck make tell-a-lie-vision worth it, and more than make up for the boatloads of crap that American Idol, Survivor, and Everybody Loves Raymond shovel into our households on the nightly.

The season premiere wasn't too eventful, like most serial dramas, they burned time bringing new viewers up to speed on the most pertinent details. Forrest Whittaker is becoming even more of a focal point/star than Michael Chiklis, which I'm sure makes for an interesting behind the scenes dynamic. Chiklis' portrayal of corrupt LA cop Vic Mackey basically put FX on the map, single handedly pulling the channel from the basic cable boondocks. Whittaker doing another season as Lieutenant John Cavanaugh is odd on many levels, especially since the guy just won an Oscar for Last King of Scotland.

Coming back for a second brilliant season of trying to nail Mackey is like Derek Jeter doing a stint in Single A to rehab, then voluntarily returning, injury free, just because. It's a clear case of a guy who should have bigger and better stuff to do hanging around purely for the love. It's also very possible that Forrest shot this season before his Oscar buzz built, but somehow I doubt that.

Watching this guy on this show, much like Glenn Close, and Anthony Anderson in previous seasons, illustrates to me why The Shield is TV's best show. Yes, even better than The Wire, which has more buzz and likely more resources.

It's a shame. The best show on TV is hidden all the way up on Channel 250-something. Meanwhile, that Sanjaya cat seeks to cash in another one of his nine lives tonight. I-ro-ny.

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