Thursday, May 4, 2017

What’s Happening in the NBA?

Wes Wilcox and the Atlanta Hawks have parted ways. The general manager for the team, Wilcox had been working very closely with Mike Budenholzer, after joining the Atlanta team in 2012. Previously involved with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wilcox attained the status of GM 3 years later, in 2012. Wilcox was disciplined by the Atlanta Hawks after he was overheard making a racist remark in January at an event for individuals holding season tickets.

The Hawks are now facing another vital offseason, in which their franchise’s direction will largely be under the determination of Paul Millsap, a free agent.

The Hawks are refuting the report, however, and released a statement to Chris Vivlamore that stated that there were no changes to account for currently, and that any rumours stating otherwise were not accurate. The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that decisions about Wilcox’s future are still under review, and that Budenholzer could well be dropping his duties as president whilst staying on as Head Coach.

All the Action on the Court

The old cliché holds that adjustments are required during the NBA playoffs, and this is not without reason. Even Gregg Popovich has accepted the fact that Swapping David Lee out for Pau Gasol midway through the Spurs’ starting line-up was not going to make a massive amount of difference.

But, in the wake of a turnaround of 121 – 96 that has evened this series with the Houston Rockets at a game each, Popovich is now having to deal with the kind of massive adjustments that come when a huge earthquake has brought buildings down and opened up cavernous holes in the city’s streets. Those who enjoy sports betting in NZ and the rest of the world have sat up taken notice as too, as any changes in line-ups can mean a readjustment of who gets backed.

Tony Parker, point guard, was lifted up off of the floor for an 8 foot runner in the lane early on in the 4th quarter, and, by the time he whacked the ground again, the challenge the Spurs are facing for the remainder of the series, and potentially even beyond, had become a lot bigger.

Upcoming NBA Games

The Boston Celtics take on the Washington Wizards on the 5th of May, as well as Utah Jazz facing up to the Golden State Warriors on the 6th and both games promise to deliver some nail biting action. 

Current News

The Golden State Warriors managed to shoot 54.5%, and committed 4 turnovers against excellent defence during the initial 24 minutes of playoff basketball in 8 days.
The Warriors, after they were able to average 87.3 shots in the opening rounds of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers, and 87.1 in the regular season, worked their way up to 82 on Tuesday nights, ostensibly whilst still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

Golden State has gone from finishing the 4-game sweep of the Trail Blazers on the 24th of April to an abnormally extended layoff, to starting the new series, against opponents who are operating from within the momentum of 3 wins out of the last 4. Yet the Warriors did not show that any of the uncommon circumstances surrounding them mattered in the slightest: they were slick and well-organised, in-sync and in control, as if they were coming off a usual rest.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Round Up of This Week's NBA News

There is plenty of news regarding the movers and shakers of the NBA. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest headlines currently trending in the world of basketball.

The Nets to Sit 6 Against the Bulls

The Brooklyn Nets have made it known that they plan to sit 6 players during Wednesday’s finale match, which sees them on the court with the Chicago Bulls.
Brook Lopez, Trevor Booker and Jeremy Lin will be out of the game in order to rest, and injuries have sidelined Quincy Acy, who has ankle trouble; Joe Harris, who is struggling with his shoulder; and Sean Kilpatrick, who is having issues with his hamstring.

This is good news for the Chicago Bulls, as they are entering the regular season’s final match in a 3-way fight against Miami and Indiana for the final 2 spots for the East. Their path is a simple one: if they manage to win this game, they are in. Punters who place their bets using NBA betting apps will do well to keep an eye on what happens next, as this could greatly influence the play offs.

Cavaliers to Waive Sanders

The Cleveland Cavaliers have dealt with Larry Sanders’ comeback, and have decided to waive him ahead of the final game of the season.
Sanders has been playing carefully in 5 games over the last 4 weeks, after he returned to the NBA following his more than 2 year absence. It was a startling move, as the Cavaliers had previously signed Sanders to a 2-year deal in March, albeit non-guaranteed, with the reported goal of getting him ready for next season. Sanders has, in fact, had to spend most of his Cavalier time with the D-League team.

Edy Tavares Set To Sign

Sources have said that the Cleveland Cavaliers intend to sign Edy Tavares, centre, instead. He managed to block 11 shots in 2 of the playoff games against the D-League team this weekend, and has spent the whole season with the Toronto Raptors D-League team, after the Atlanta Hawks waived last fall.

The Knicks’ Noah Likely Set for Rotator Cuff Surgery

Joakim Noah, centre for the New York Knicks, is thought to need surgery in order to fix a right rotator cuff injury, and will likely require a number of months in rehabilitation as a result.

Tuesday saw Noah still weighing up his options regarding how to deal with his ailment, and no decision had been made by late that night, say League sources. Should he need to undergo the surgery, it is expected that he will be looking at least 4 months out of the game, although the same League sources did caution that it was simply too early on in the process to determine any kind of timeline for his rehabilitation. It’s now simply a case of wait and see.

Friday, April 7, 2017

LED Bathroom Mirrors For Every Bathroom

LED, also known as light-emitting diode emits light when activated. It is one of the latest technology innovations that have been used for various electronic devices and gadgets of which the bathroom mirror is recent.

Before the introduction of LED bathroom mirrors, many homes have made use of mirrors with varied sizes; from full length to handheld mirrors, which reflect one’s look before stepping out of the home. But with the world’s technology constantly progressing, LED mirrors came into being.

LED mirrors are now preferred over a standard bathroom mirror because of the many advantages that come with owning one. Unlike having to illuminate the room to get a clearer view while using a standard mirror, LED mirrors comes with lights attached most times to the border of the mirror, which in a way play the role of a mirror frame.

The mirror comes in different shapes of rectangle, square, or round, in which way they usually look elegant and have a way of adding a classy touch to the bathroom no matter how spacious it may be.

This type of mirror is said to give the exact reflection of the person using it; the color and all that is to a person’s look, making it a perfect mirror for make-up artists and even in the home for personal grooming; reason being that it allows for quick spotting of blemishes and the pores of the skin very clearly, putting on contact lenses, which reduces the risk of eye injury.

LED mirror comes in different forms depending on what it is to be used for. There is the LED mirror cabinet which is usually for those with limited space in the room. The cabinet is usually for keeping medicines, toiletries or makeup kits. It is usually attached above the bathroom sink for easy access to what is kept inside.

The light is usually activated by a sensor which lights up the cabinet when opened for you to find what you need quickly and without much stress. The LED cabinet mirror sometimes comes with a charging port to charge things like the shaver or hair clipper. It has several features such as the hidden finger edge which prevents fingerprints on the mirror, a very common occurrence with standard mirrors, a de-Fogger, and of course the motion sensor switch, which turns the light on and off.

There is also the wall mounted LED mirror which can easily be screwed into a wall, and comes with a swivel arm to fold back the mirror so it can be flattened against the wall. There is the LED compact mirror, which is portable enough to carry on trips, kept in purses or placed on a work desk.

LED mirrors come with many advantages that make it a must-have in the home. The advantages include; saving electricity as the LED lights are efficient and use much less electricity than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

They have the capacity to last for years, despite being used daily, which saves you the cost of having to replace light bulbs. The light produced from LEDs does not contain toxins or mercury, thus making it an environment-friendly product, the emitted light is usually bright, white and of high quality making it the best to use when applying makeup as it shows the real color of the face and products used. LED lights don’t attract insects as they don’t give off Ultraviolet rays and they are made to be resistant to shock, unlike other light bulbs.

All these and much more are enough reasons to have LED mirror fixed up in your bathroom, makeup studio or probably own a compact mirror. The standard mirror in your home needs a replacement and the best that can serve every purpose you have is to own LED vanity mirror. Its sophisticated style, hand swipe sensors, and demister features are also enough to make you desire one.