Monday, April 29, 2019

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Monday, February 18, 2019

5 Mistakes in Choosing a Research Paper Writing Service

It’s no secret or novelty that students use the help of special writing services. Such online platforms provide various academic services and conditions. They can satisfy merely every need of an ordinary client. This positively reflects on the progress of students. However, you ought to be cautious. You may likely make certain mistakes that will make you regret that you’ve turned to a writing service.

In order to avoid problems, you should understand the potential problems. There are 5 typical mistakes made by inexperienced users when they choose an academic research paper writing service for getting professional custom written papers. What are they?

Make allowances for the next mistakes:
  1. No preliminary research.
  2. Paying the whole sum beforehand.
  3. Not asking for proofs.
  4. Not discussing possible refunding.
  5. Not checking all the conditions.
These are the typical mistakes made by thousands of students from different corners of the world. You should memorize them and never repeat. We’ll cast some light on each case.

Mistake #1

Many users tend to choose the very first writing platform they meet on the web. It’s understood that most searching engines provide the most reliable and effective services on the first two pages of search results. Nonetheless, there are no 100% guarantees that you will get what you need.

It’s necessary to make preliminary research. It provides you with more information concerning the main abilities, qualities, and conditions of a concrete platform. Thus, you can define the next essentials:
  • Level of quality. You should learn how good the team of writers is. It is expected to meet the highest standards.
  • The speed of execution. Find out how quick the writers are. You ought to be totally sure that you won’t be late if you place an order on the website.
  • The uniqueness of the papers. Learn the rating of unique papers. Professional agencies compose texts that are commonly not less than 98% unique.
  • Customers’ support. You ought to be sure that if something is unclear, competent technicians will clarify every issue. It’s also important to have an access 24 hours round the clock.
  • Protection of private data. The matter of confidentially is utterly important in such cases. You should be sure that your writing agency will never spread your personal data on the Internet.
  • Writing services. It’s needed to define whether your writing platform is able to provide different services, such as writing citing, outlining, etc. Besides, its writers are supposed to manage any piece of writing.
If you don’t clarify these points in your preliminary research, you risk of being let down and the fault would all yours.

In the case, you wish to find out these facts use the Internet. Find informative websites, which give an objective and honest evaluation of the most dependable writing platforms. Learn their major advantages and drawbacks. Read customers’ testimonials to learn from the experience of real people. Perhaps you also have some friends who used a good writing agency and they can prove that you can trust it.

Mistake #2
One of the worst nightmares of every online user is to pay a big sum of money in vain. You can really waste your earnings if you place an order and pay for it beforehand. It’s needed to be 100% confident that your website won’t simply take your money and disappear as snow under the sunlight. This is a matter of trust.

No matter how great recommendations and reviews are, give it a try. Order a small order. If the quality is satisfactory you may count on trustworthy and lengthy collaboration.

Mistake #3
Don’t forget to get some proofs that this or that agency is able to satisfy all your needs. As it has been already mentioned, you can read reviews of the customers and descriptions of independent informative websites. In the meanwhile, you should take advantage of ordering free samples. If a writing platform is highly reputed and trustworthy, it is not afraid to provide you with real evidence.

This will be at least separate parts of an assignment, such as introduction, outline, a bibliography, conclusion, and something of the kind. Some resources provide full papers, which are, however, copyrighted. This is your chance to learn how good the anticipated helper is.

Mistake #4
Many users forget about one crucial condition. It is monetary compensation. You have the full right to demand your money back if your helper fails you. No one is perfect and sometimes, even approved experts make some mistakes or deliver orders when the deadline is over. Many users forget to define this condition. As the result, they cannot return their investments because a concrete writer or writing agency simply does not provide this essential condition. Do not forget about it!

Mistake #5
The final mistake is the absence of some crucial conditions. For example, a writing platform does not provide monetary compensation, is not available 24/7 or has no team of support. Another example is the lack of certain writing services.

For example, you have ordered to write an essay and you received qualified and timely assistance. Within time, you need to edit another essay. However, it turns out that this platform doesn’t provide this sort of services. This may lead to a catastrophe because you were confident that you’ll get timely help and now have to complete it on your own. However, the time is out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Literature Review Writing: The Professional Guides to Consult

All students are obligated to complete different types of academic writings. It’s not always possible to properly compose all those tasks. The reasons are different. Some students lack time. The others have health or personal problems. Nevertheless, the most popular reason is a poorly developed learning competence. They need some help. Possibly, some guides and books may be helpful.

Here again, we should divide learning abilities. Some folks struggle with reading comprehension. The others are bad with making speeches and presentations. However, if we discuss the issue of assignments that should be written, it’s needed to mention poor writing skills.

How to solve this problem? One should practice more, attend all lessons, use the feedback from professors, visit special webinars and so on. We welcome all these measures. Nevertheless, you wish to make a stress on reading. Every student should read books. This is good for any person. However, students with badly developed writing abilities should read specific literature, which teaches how to improve writing competence. This will help to compose a literature review paper of the outstanding quality.

For example, one can find a useful guide, which focuses on such academic assignments as project and report writings, and all kinds of essays. The level of the chosen guide is supposed to match university standards. Try to find such guides, which contain a section “practice”. Most books and guides contain only theoretical recommendations. Seek those, which allow practicing theories.

Therefore, if this is your weak side read our guide provided by a professional literature review writing service which offers assistance in academic writing of any complexity. The following guide provides a brief review of different effective and recognized academic books and guides. They’ll be helpful.

A List of Great Academic Helping Literature
It would be a mistake to concentrate on a certain direction, which teaches the same writing skills and techniques. Consequently, we have prepared a selection of literature in different directions and methodologies. Let’s begin our overview:
  • Bailey. S. “Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students”. This particular piece will be useful for all students who came to study from abroad. It focuses on the main methodologies of learning English. This is an outstanding self-learning tool. It uses simple but effective explanations and examples. They can be easily understood. Accordingly, students don’t have to possess an advanced command of English.
  • Craswell, G. “Writing for Academic Success”. This book should be a great tool for all students who experience troubles with time management. It teaches effective techniques, which allow organizing an effective working schedule to beat the most urgent deadlines. It also provides great hints and prompts to compose impressive theses and helps to answer all sorts of examination questions.
  • Creme, P. and M. Lea. “Writing at University: A guide for students”. This is another helpful book, which helps to cope with tasks of university level. It concentrates on the main aspects of critical thinking. It explains what does it mean, how to practice and improve it.
    Jordan, R.R. “Academic Writing Course”. This is a relatively old, but still useful book. It focuses on details, which are commonly forgotten by students. It can be used for out-of-class study when you have some spare time. It teaches how to improve such points as spelling, the use of irregular verbs, punctuation, and so on. Reading this book, you will learn how to make smooth connections and use appropriate words.
  • Hamp-Lyons, L. and Heasley, B. “Study Writing”. This is another nice example, which contains a practical section. It deals with key points related to academic writing and offers to do exercises to practice those points.
  • Oshima, A. & Hogue, A. “Writing Academic English”. This textbook may be used by teachers. Nonetheless, students also find helpful points in it. The main focus of the book is given to the proper structure of essays and long texts both partial and as the whole writings. If you experience difficulties with your style, read this piece. Besides, it’s good for students who try to cope with research papers.
  • Lamott, A. Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life. This is an interesting guide. It teaches students the elegance. In other words, it focuses on the best ways of selection lexicon. You will learn how to select adequate language and in what situations.
  • Pinker, S. “The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing”. This book is created by an approved professor who uses the mistakes of his students as the best example. He doesn’t consider general possible mistakes. He compiles common and frequent mistakes made by the students while they write their assignments and explains how to overcome them.
Take these variants into your consideration. They are targeted at different aspects of writing. Accordingly, you will definitely find a special piece, which can show how to resolve your complications.

Some Helpful Prompts for Self-Development

We have likewise prepared a short list of useful prompts. They will help you to reach a higher level of writing mastery.

Consider the following recommendations:
  • Initiate a blog;
  • Put down all thoughts associated with your academic skills and techniques;
  • Read different texts to gain experience;
  • Practice every day;
  • Get used to making quick drafts;
  • Write different papers out of your main discipline;
  • Show your papers to experienced people and ask for critics;
  • Read different genres of literature;
  • Constantly renew your library.
Follow our guidelines. They will bring your capabilities to a new level. Read the suggested books and look for some new options to sharpen your skills.