Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Of Course I've Got A Podcast. Because It's 2021 And Who Doesn't?

Yes, I'm still alive. No, this blog isn't. I mean, it's alive in the sense that I keep posting new ads here (#GetMoney) but that's about it.

Anyways, if you want my irreverent take on today's hot topics, checkout my new podcast, The AverageBro Show, on your favorite podcasting platform. Yes, it's on Apple iTunes too, just search for it!

AB's Movie Reviews - Coming 2 America

What’s It About? - Picking up 31 years after the original film, Prince Akeem suddenly becomes king of Zamunda, but his lack of a male heir threatens his rule from the neighboring nation of Nextdooria (yeah, really). When Akeem gets word that he has an illegitimate son from a one night stand in Queens, he jets back to America to meet the potential heir to his throne.

Is It Any Good? - It’s damn near impossible to create a sequel to an original that’s so universally loved, but this movie somehow got it right. There are a million callbacks to the first movie and a ton of stunt casting. Seriously, everyone and their mama is in this one. While Murphy is the star, Jermaine Fowler gets lots of airtime as his son and acquits himself well in a fish out of water role. The supporting cast is good and everyone gets a chance to ham it up. As in the original, there are some very problematic African stereotypes and a few gaping plot holes. Unlike the original, there are actually African actors in this movie, which makes it feel more authentic. It’s hard not to like this movie.

Should I See It? - Yes. It’s a stroll down memory lane that pays homage to the original while thankfully updating some of its 80’s anachronisms. While I think the movie coulda been a little edgier, I understand the decision to make this a PG-13 affair which the entire family can enjoy. A multinational celebration of unabashed blackness, Coming 2 America is definitely worth your Prime subscription.

Random Factoid - The home shown in the opening credits is actually Rick Ross’ Atlanta-area estate, which may explain his totally random cameo. In fact, most of the interior scenes of the Zamundan palace were shot in Ross' house.

What’s The Rating? - 4 Stars out of 5

AB's Movie Reviews - Nomadland

What's It About? - A woman loses her job at a Sheetrock plant and instead of just finding another job (duh!) she gets in her van and drives around the country to random campsites while doing odd jobs. That's the entire plot. Period. 

Is It Any Good? - I've seen most of the movies that'll dominate awards season, and I've gotta say this movie simply wasn't that great. It was boring, pointless and depressing. Needless to say, it won a boatload of Golden Globes and will probably dominate the Oscars too. As much as I loved the unapologetic blackness of Judas & The Black Messiah and One Night In Miami, I totally understand why those who vote on such things would much rather reward a milquetoast profile on Middle America. I'm frankly shocked Hillbilly Elegy didn't get more nominations. I'm shocked I made it through this horribly boring and repetitive movie.

Should You See It? - So yeah, unless you wanna watch a clinically depressed woman in a white work van drive around the Dakotas for 2 hours, hard pass on this one. 

What's The Rating? - 3 stars out of 5