Monday, April 29, 2019

I've Got A (Newish) Podcast.

Yes, I'm still alive. No, this blog isn't. I mean, it's alive in the sense that I keep posting new ads here (#GetMoney) but that's about it.

Anyways, if you want my irreverent take on today's hot topics, checkout my new podcast, The AverageBro Show, on your favorite podcasting platform. Yes, it's on Apple iTunes too, just search for it!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Evolving from the Industrial Revolution—5 Present Day Machine Tools

Today, all over the world, people are constructing all kinds of useful things that can be used in our homes, businesses and various other sectors of society. While these machines have changed over time, they can be traced back in history to the industrial revolution. Thankfully, these machines can be used for so many different reasons and purposes, all of which have been designed to make tasks and project easier and less time-consuming. Keeping these things in mind, here 5 machine tools that are still used in homes as well as factories in places across the globe.

1. Sewing Machine

In 1832, Walter Hunt was noted as the inventor of the sewing machine. This invention revolution and transformed how things are being made today. With the use of a needle being pushed through cloth, a seamstress can make virtually any design that they want. While this machine is a coveted a welcome item in homes and in manufacturing places, the earliest thoughts and receptions were not as embraced in the earliest years. This newer innovative technology was responsible for putting large numbers of people on the employment line. This is one of the primary reasons why its inventor delayed its patent due to these and related factors. Sewing machines are used in many different settings and environments to make clothing, table mats, purses, and a host of other items that need this kind of machine to speed up the sewing and mending process.

2. Telegraph Communications Became One of the Pillars of the Industrial Revolution

Though the telegraph was a monument machine that allowed for instant communications, its initial form has been changed through the years in many innovative and creative ways. Now, the communications that people receive are not only instantaneous but amazing in how quickly conversations can be sent from the originator to receiver back and forth. Through the use of telegraph type technology, long-distance communications are presently in the hands of the private system and not only governmental or large companies and corporations.

The telegraph communications technology makes it easy for people to communicate messages, ideas, and products online without having to wait for months and years to send out publications. For instance, when a site needs help with controlling their event distribution channel, they can obtain the aid that they need with real-time communication methods.

3. Lathe

In addition to the industrial revolution changing the way that the world communicates, there were other inventions, like the lathe, that caused major and permanent changes in the way we make things. For instance, the lathe can be described as a machine that is presently designed to rotate a workpiece about a rotation of an axis. A lathe is critical for a wide range of operations, including sanding, drilling, cutting, turning, facing, knurling and other activities. If you are looking for a lathe, check out Here you can find lathe machines and lathe tools. They offer the revolutionary Twister speed lathes and hardware parts.

Having said this, here is a brief list of things that can be made with the use of a lathe and its operations:
musical instruments (particularly the woodwind type instruments)
cue sticks
baseball bats
table legs
gun barrels
crankshafts and a lot more
4. Typewriter

Again, inventors in the industrial revolution were responsible for developing the machines that could be used for all kinds of different reasons and purposes. This is where the original typewriters come in. Typewriters made it easy to produce text so that communications can also be relayed quickly and effectively. The typewriter technology is now used in producing data in a wide range of ways, including on computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

5. Milling machine

The milling machine can be described as a very powerful driven machine that is currently being utilized for a wide variety of complex tasks. For example, manufacturers have milling machines onsite to produce items by making use of its overall basic design. This machine can be used as a rotating cutter and endmill, to creating a part with the use of its routing, rebating and planing functions. The milling machines are also found in manufacturing facilities and factories all over the U.S. and abroad.

It is also important to note that a milling machine is not only used for large organizations but by midsized operations that design parts for vehicles and other essential items that people use to do various kinds of activities.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Why we need to take control of our event distribution channels

frocentric (yes with a small f) is a new online ticketing platform aims to connect black and African people within diaspora to events that are 'Afrocentric' in nature.

In the last 5 years, there has been a growing call from Africans in the diaspora for the need for self-determination. Particularly, in the USA and Britain, this call for change has been growing louder and has even lead to riots in both countries.

Ongoing human rights and extrajudicial killings by the police has spawned popular activist groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Million Hoodies Movement for justice’ among others. All of the activist group created during this upheaval share a common theme which is to highlight abuses perpetrated by law enforcement and to end both overt and institutional racism.

The call for change also has a strong focus on economic empowerment within the black community. However, this cry is not new and was, in fact, one of the pillars of the Marcus Garvey movement. He asked Black and African people worldwide to forge a new future by taking back their spending power.

Since then, other leaders have raised the importance of supporting black businesses as it makes sense to do so. The longer money stays or is spent within a community the stronger that community will become. Great thinkers and influencers such as Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Bobby Seale and Mohamed Ali etc, despite their differences, all understood the importance of economic empowerment.

To address this need for change, enter frocentric. frocentric is a new event platform that connects black and African people within diaspora to events that are 'Afrocentric' in nature. The is the slogan 'Find Events that Matter'.

The concept of frocentric is more than just an event marketplace, but a platform geared towards promoting events that further the black renaissance through activism, business, music, culture, and arts.

Similar to the uprisings mentioned above, frocentric was born from the ashes of uncertainty and exclusion. The aim is to take back and re-focus our creative energy towards a system that will create a larger ripple effect and affect change in a way that was not possible before.

Throughout time and space, it can be observed and proven that all things that are similar become stronger when they are together. Bonds becomes tighter, messages are louder and changes occur faster.

For example, larger event platforms cannot or would not effectively police racist listings and as a company, they have routinely made money by featuring groups such as, the ALT right which has a strong anti-black agenda. As a community, we cannot grow while investing in the same system that is built to tear us down. For change to occur quickly, we must all be aligned towards a common vision and we must also seek out platforms that allow our voices to be heard undivided. This is true whether the message is business, music, art social or networking.

For the black community, there is now an alternate vehicle to deliver our message and allow us to fully control our narrative. frocentric aim to empower the event organizers and their customers who all want something different. A platform that is also socially aware and through which they can also give back to the community.