Monday, November 2, 2020

The Perfect Guest Room

Make your guest room feel like that getaway vacation retreat that every visitor of your house hopes for. You wouldn’t want an invited guest to feel unwanted and uncomfortable in your home, so spice it up any way that you can. I promise you won’t regret it. Think about how you would want to be treated as a guest. You would want to feel special and appreciated. Create a guest room that won’t make you have to give up your own room temporarily. When you are having a guest stay with you, you will want to eliminate any unnecessary awkwardness by letting them know the good and bad factors of the room. Point out the fun details, but do not forget to make them aware of any unusual faucets in the room.

How to Get Your Guest Room Ready

One of the most essential pieces of a cozy guest room is the bed. Ensure that your bed is not a squeaking mess for your welcomed guests. Think about the type of bed you would expect in a five-star hotel. Do not allow your guests to sleep on the most worn-out mattress in your home. Even if you have to obtain some kind of an air mattress so your visitor can sleep comfortably, do not let them sleep on something that you wouldn’t even let your dog sleep on.

An xl twin mattress is a perfect size for one guest. Ensure they are sleeping on a comfortable cloud full of decorative materials and vibrant colors. Here are some other factors that make a guest room livable:

• New Linens

• Cleared Deck Areas

• Relaxing Seating Area

• A Bright Space

• Clean Closet

• Empty Drawers

Family members and friends will rave about your home and the wonderful experience they had staying temporarily in your home, so take every step you can to create the perfect aura for this guest room.

It is very important that you leave plenty of room for your guest to place their things temporarily. Make sure that they have an area for their suitcases to go to. You could place a luggage rack or a small bench table in the room to accommodate this need, and if push comes to shove, you can use a chair.

Don’t forget about the basic necessities that come with staying somewhere new for a short period. Provide an alarm clock so that your guests can keep up with the time accurately. Everybody might not have a phone to look at the time on. It also would not be a bad idea to provide a hairdryer, robe, shampoo, snacks, and writing utensils.


It would be wise to leave your Wi-Fi passcode somewhere in the room for easy and consistent access to the internet. Your guest might have run out of data on their phone, or they might have some work to complete on their laptop, even though they might be on a short vacation at your house. Do not make this information hard to access. It would be a shame for your guest to need this information while you are asleep. You would not want to be disturbed, and I’m sure your visitor does not want to disturb you either.

Another way to provide some good entertainment options for your guests is to have a TV in the room with the remote nearby the bed. Nobody enjoys looking endlessly for a lost remote. Do not make watching television harder than it has to be. It also would not be a bad idea to keep some type of travel guides and good reads by the bedding area. Travel guides make guests aware of all of the places that they could visit in the city with or without you, and it is never a bad idea to keep an interesting book at the bedside.


Protect your guests by ensuring that they are protected from outside eyes. Your windows should have curtains and proper shading to stop predators and nosey neighbors from looking at the parts of your home you do not want them to see. Blinds will work great to solve this privacy issue, and it also adds to an amazing ambiance and aura to your extra bedroom. You wouldn't want any harassment coming to your guest after leaving them exposed to your neighborhood.

Another important factor to consider is to not keep too much privacy. Your guests should know how to work your security systems in case of an emergency and any other guidelines that will help them navigate around the house better with minimal trouble.