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5 Things To Remember Regarding Love, Career, and Money

My nephews asked me for advice about life the other day. They are in the middle of their teen years and still have a little ways to go before they are adults. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I’ve had money and I’ve been broke. I have known complete love and felt utterly painful rejection. I’ve had an interesting life. Recently I suffered a knee injury and have been stuck in a wheelchair for a few months. Friends have commented, "You always seem to be positive and come up out on top. How do you do it?" Let me share with you some advice my parents told me when I was young.

Nobody cares about you as much as you do

Everyone in life has their own concerns and essentially focuses on their own circumstances. Be realistic. This is true. Family and very close friends love you and can often be counted on to come to your aid, but they are living their own lives with their own set of ups and downs. When you are young, your parents shelter you from many problems, As you get older and begin your life on your own, you cannot always depend on someone watching over you. You are independent and the only one that can ultimately choose your paths in life.

Show genuine interest in the welfare of others

Even though you are dealing with your own goals and issues, you should show genuine interest in what happens to those along your journey. These people affect your journey in one way or another, no matter how small their part. When you care for others besides yourself, you will find help in your time of need. Call it karma, paying it forward, or the golden rule. Whether it be helping a stranger on the street, helping a lost child, providing a ride, helping a friend or family in need, or just crying with someone who is crying and providing a shoulder of comfort, your heart will be lightened. Somehow when you find yourself needing assistance someday, someone will be there for you.

This includes how you treat others in your business dealings. You should be fair in all of your business deals and try to give more than you receive. An example would be a BiggerPockets review. BiggerPockets is dedicated to helping investors at any stage of investing experience. New investors will find lots of free materials. They are trying to provide a service intending to help others. Whatever you do as a career or vocation, even if for now it is a temporary job at a restaurant, seek to give far beyond expectations.

Be consumed by love for the people in your life

We all like to have nice things, stylish clothes, and the latest gadgets or mobile phones. There is absolutely no reason not to if it is within your means. Physical items are fleeting. They come and go. Don’t let having things detract you from what is important like love, health, and career. Going into debt for that possession that can be lost, stolen, or may break isn’t necessary. The U.S. Government says we have trillions in personal debt because of our desire to have things. By controlling possessions instead of letting them possess you, you will find that you seem to always have money when you truly need it, even to the extent of helping others.

When you can love people around you more than the possessions you have, then you will find you will always have what you need. I don’t mean to sound preachy, but I’ve lived the experience. When I focused on the things that truly mattered, like the people who flowed in and out of my life, I always had more than enough.

Choose a career that you love doing

A career is your chosen profession. It should be something you enjoy. I can’t imagine dreading going into work day after day. If you choose a path with a career you enjoy, it can be a joy to work. I’ve tried many jobs in my life. The days flew by when I was employed at something I enjoyed. For me, that was starting out as a bookkeeper and eventually creating my own company. For others, it may be hairstyling, being a baker, a computer analyst, or any other activity.

Tons of resources are available to help you along the way. Thousands of articles and videos are available to help guide. Visit for some interesting tips you may enjoy.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

If you live for today, you are able to enjoy the moment. I have planned for my future. Setting aside small investments along the way has enabled me to be prepared for unexpected problems or to afford that special trip. Remembering the experiences of yesterday has helped me avoid pitfalls and make better choices.

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