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What is statement of claims and why should you care?

People looking for a job within a government should know what statement of claim is. This document is the basis for your application and without it, you don’t stand any chance of landing a job.

Statement of claims is used to answer key selection criteria. It is a set of answers meant to help recruiters understand what you did during your previous job. It is based on STAR model or Situation, Task, Action and Result.

But let’s not rush; let’s explain each one of these separately.

What are the basics of application?

When applying for a job within Australian Public Service, you always have to start with the job ad. Each job has a certain number of requirements based on the position you’re applying for. More complex jobs will have more requirements and vice versa. Applicant has to show merit and capability of performing well on a certain position.

These requirements are otherwise known as key selection criteria. They include things such as:

• Working within industry for a certain number of years
• Working on a certain position for a certain number of years
• Ability to work in a specific program or with certain tools
• Ability to work as a member of a team
• Ability to work under pressure etc.

Perfect candidate will meet majority of these requirements. Of course, Australian government closely monitors the process making sure they choose the best professional for a particular position.

How do you use statement of claims?

As the name implies, statement of claims is a type of statement meant to corroborate your story. It is used to show your experience, professionalism and everything else. It has certain similarities to a cover letter as it allows you to create the first contact with a governing body. However, unlike a cover letter, statement of claims is much more actionable.

This document is used to answer the key selection criterion showing that you’re able to perform the job. So, how can you confirm this? By giving practical examples of how you behaved in various business situations.

With statement of claims, you are meant to answer all the questions and requirements that a body has. When you type the documents, you need to rely on STAR model. Keep in mind that selection criterion is an official document and you shouldn’t be lying on it. Everything you say is subject to scrutiny and legal action.

What is STAR model?

As previously mentioned, STAR model is used to better describe specific business situations.

It relies on 4 pillars:

• Situation – Explains what kind of a situation you’ve encountered
• Task – What was your task? How were you meant to counter the situation and achieve results?
• Action – What was your decision? Did you use a standard method for resolving a situation or did you use own approach?
• Results – Lastly, candidate explains what kind of results he or she managed to get

STAR model is ideal for practical, day-to-day situations. As most professions are not so simple, we encounter all sorts of unusual situations. While most people are used to dealing with the standard stuff, it is very interesting to see how people react to something out of the ordinary.

STAR model shows recruiters if you’re able to think outside of the box. Some business situations may be quite extreme and may require high level of resourcefulness and proficiency. Candidates that score well via STAR model are more likely to land a job. Furthermore, this model is a good way to prove your point; a good way to show that the job belongs to you!

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