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Tips On How To Get the Most Out of an Auto Salvage Yard

Contrary to popular belief, salvage yards are a paradise for automobile enthusiasts. With old gems, it would be false to ignore its significance in the automobile industry. To put matters into perspective, states that roughly 86% of the material components of U.S. cars are recycled or reused after those cars are off the road. This places it as the most recycled product in America. It is further estimated that the industry raises an annual sale of over 32 billion dollars. However, as a consumer, how do you get the most out of a salvage yard? Well, these seven tips should guide you when salvaging for parts at a junkyard.

Consider the part’s age

Even though a junkyard is home to overly-aged vehicles, there is a significant difference regarding the age difference for the various car parts. Depending on the number of miles covered, some car parts are built to outlast others. For instance, belts can serve for up to four years and more depending on how you use your car. Consequently, in case you are at a junkyard and you are spoiled by choices, start by picking a part that will serve you for a more extended period.

Pick a part that is useful

You might be spoiled for choices, but most salvage yards have more scrap than valuable parts. Therefore, it is only prudent if you picked a piece that will be useful. It is noteworthy that if you are picking a part that has a different color than your car, then you need to consider the extra cost required to repaint it. Nevertheless, if the spare you pick is to be used in a hidden area, then repainting it is not an option.

Identify which part you need

According to Tear-A-Part, identifying which part you need is the toughest step in a salvage yard. Many car parts may look similar, but they function differently. Nonetheless, with a vehicle identification number, you can check which parts have been used to build the specific model. However, not only does VIN mention the make and model of the car, but it also states the date that the vehicle was put out on a junkyard.

Consider the yard’s warranty

It is not a secret that used parts don’t come with a warranty; however, renowned companies offer their clients a limited warranty. Henceforth, in case you pick the wrong part, you can always return it for a new one. Furthermore, the warranty also guarantees you a refund if the spare you bought doesn’t function.

Consider a part’s wear and tear

While sorting out the different parts in a car, it is convenient to separate your inventory from usable and non-usable. Consider the state of your parts and the various action needed to make them work. Does the belt work? Is there a part that is cracked and can it be fixed? These are all the scenarios that you need to look out for. Lastly, while salvaging for different parts, be on the lookout for any gems. Though you might not need them, you can always resell them on social media for a reasonable amount.

Never forget to carry the screws and nuts that come with it

One thing that most car enthusiasts are guilty of is the fact that they forget to take the bolts and screws that come along with the spares. In most instances, this makes the spare useless. It is also prudent to always carry a penetrating fluid. Since junkyards are set out in the open, most parts rust while screwed inside making it hard to unscrew them. Therefore, it is essential to carry a penetrating fluid. In case you forgot it at home, you could always use brake fluid. It works perfectly well on stuck nuts and screws.

Finding a car that fits your personality, needs, and budget
can be a real hassle. Howbeit, a salvage yard can be an ideal place to start when you need to find that particular part. If you ever find yourself in a junkyard, why don't you try the above tricks and tell us your experience?

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