Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Finding a Car That Fits Your Personality, Needs, and Budget

Shopping for a car is easier said than done. There are so many different options on the market, that picking the right ride can take a while. You may dream of riding around in a sports car, but if you have a family of four, you may need a minivan or SUV. Finding the right car for your personality, needs, and budget essentially boils down to being able to find a compromise between what you want and what you need. Below are some factors to help narrow down your options.

What Kind of Car Can You Afford?

You may have race car dreams and luxury car hopes, but what does your budget look like? When deciding on the type of car you’re going to buy, affordability should be the first factor. If you can’t afford it, owning a car then becomes a financial burden. As you calculate the costs, go beyond the down payment and monthly car note. There’s also car insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs, and annual motor vehicle fees.

Where you purchase your car from has a lot to do with the initial costs. Every dealership varies and has different offers for their customers to take advantage of. Browse car dealerships in Gainesville GA and other cities you’d be interested in buying from to see who has better offers you can capitalize on.

What’s the Purpose of the Car?

The vehicle’s purpose can help you narrow down your options. Why are you getting a new car and what will it be used for? Are you expecting a little one and run out of room in your compact car? Do you need a car to commute to and from work? Will you need to use your car for work such as a rideshare driver or car parts delivery driver? If you need more room, you’d want to look at trucks, vans, and SUVs. If your work commute is far, you’d need to focus on gas mileage and durability. If you’re going to be using the car for work, again you’d want to focus on gas mileage and durability, however, you may also need to get a more attractive vehicle to impress your passengers or clients.

What Features Do You Want/Need?

Some features are a given like a radio, heating and cooling system, and comfortable seating. In order to get the car you want, however, you need to think about other features. What features are a priority for you? Which can you live without? Do you want a vehicle that has safety features like reverse cameras, automatic braking, and OnStar service? Are you more interested in speed and endurance? Do you like high tech features like Bluetooth capabilities and wifi connections? Write down the features you must have, the ones you want, and the ones you could go without.

Where Do You Live?

Here’s a factor that not every car buyer considers when looking for a vehicle, where they live. The type of climate and roads you drive in on a regular basis can have an impact on the type of car you choose. If you live in the city, for instance, going with a compact, an eco-friendly vehicle might suffice. However, if you live in the mountains where the weather is known to be harsher and roads are rugged, an SUV or truck may be a better option.

What Do You Like?

You’ve gotten all the important factors out of the way, now it’s time to decide what kind of cars you like. As cars are an extension of your personality, it’s only right to choose something that compliments you. What colors do you prefer? Which makes and models have always caught your eye? Which car screams your name and gives the world the type of person you are without you having to utter a word?

Armed with a list of things you want and need in a car and things you can live without, you’re ready to go shopping for the car that’s best for you. Remember to keep your budget first as you visit various dealerships to view and test drive vehicles that interest you most. Once you’ve found one that you love, use negotiation tactics to try and get the best deal on the ride.