Friday, July 20, 2018

Hired as a Security Guard: What Gear Will You Need to Buy?

If you’re starting a job as a security guard or police officer, you may wonder, “What kind of equipment will I be issued, and what will I need to buy?”

There’s no simple answer to this question, as no two precincts or security companies are alike. When choosing your gear, try to determine if there are any special circumstances that will arise at your job. Will you be working at night? Is the location dangerous? Will you be outside in the cold? Does it rain frequently? Answering these kinds of questions will help you create a list of gear that will help you do a better job.

This list of important gear that will help you get started with your new career in law enforcement or security:

Tactical Pants - You’ll need a durable pair of pants with a lot of pockets for carrying weapons, equipment, and a multitude of accessories. A stylish pair of 5.11 tactical pants is just what you need to be ready for any active situation while maintaining a professional appearance.

Boots - You’ll need high-quality boots for the many hours you’ll be standing and walking. Your feet will certainly thank you. A sturdy pair of boots will also protect your feet from glass, rusty nails, needles, and during physical altercations.

Poncho - If your job requires you to spend time outside, an emergency poncho will be a lifesaver on rainy days. They roll up small and are easy to tuck away when not in use.

Coat, Hat & Gloves - It’s important to dress appropriately in cold weather. If your climate is particularly cold, you might consider a heated vest which runs on a rechargeable battery pack. Make sure your gloves allow for finger mobility and dexterity. Choose a hat that doesn’t block your line of sight or hinder your vision.

Handgun - Depending on your job, carrying a handgun may be allowed or even necessary. Always verify compliance with local laws and complete all training and certification requirements.

Baton - A baton is a popular self-defense tool often issued by law enforcement and security organizations. Be sure to purchase this item if you are not issued one by your employer.

Stun Gun - A taser is an effective non-lethal weapon perfect for self-defense and conflict de-escalation.

Pepper Spray - This spray will incapacitate any assailant, even if they are under the influence of drugs. Pepper spray causes pain, nausea, and excessive coughing for about an hour, sometimes longer.

Flashlight - Everyone in security or law enforcement needs a powerful flashlight, and this item is commonly issued to new employees. Even if you aren’t working at night, there will be plenty of dark rooms and corners where having a strong light will come in handy. You’ll have a better chance of identifying a lurking threat. If necessary, a large flashlight can be used as a self-defense weapon as well.

Cellphone - Having a cell phone will prove invaluable. Though you will likely be issued a two-way radio, carrying a phone will assist you in many ways. Depending on the available reception, a phone may be your primary method for communicating with your coworkers. It will also provide a quick way to reach emergency services such as the police, medical responders, and the fire department. The camera in a smartphone allows you to take photos and record video, which is an added security bonus.

Body Camera - A great way to protect yourself from lawsuits and complaints is to wear a body camera. By recording events as they happen, you can back up your claims with proof and provide evidence when a crime occurs.

When we go to work, it’s important that we have the tools needed to do our jobs well. Security and law enforcement professions are no exception, and having the right equipment is essential. However, not all of your gear will be issued by your employer, even if you work for a large organization. Certain items will need to be purchased separately.

The best thing you can do is research your job duties and working conditions, then create a list of the gear you will need. Try to find out ahead of time what gear will be issued, and then plan your purchases accordingly.

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