Monday, April 23, 2018

3 Incredible tricks you can use to teach a dog how to potty

Puppy potty training is one of the most important and hardest trainings you need to perform with your dog. While there are numerous tricks you can teach a dog, only a handful of them have any purpose. Some people like to train their dog to do practically everything; in most cases this is unnecessary and can even be considered a waste of time. However, it is completely different when it comes to pottying.

As the basic hygienic training, this is something that needs to be prioritized over everything else. In the end, you cannot allow a dog to potty on your carpet. Because of this fact this will probably be the first thing you teach your puppy. It is something that is crucial and will stay with it forever.

Loving touch

Like with any other training, you have to be patient. Proper pottying isn’t something that occurs over night; it is a process of trials and errors and it will take a while until dog understands it is not acceptable to potty at home.

The first and most important thing to have in mind is that every training needs to be done with lots of love. This situation is no different. Dog shouldn’t be forced to do anything. Instead, you need to persuade it with love and treats. If you use violence or god forbid physical violence, dog will become scared of you, it will not understand the point of the training and ultimately, it may even jeopardize your relationship.

Instead of scolding a puppy it is much better if you do things with love. Try communicating and take your time.

Creating a proper situation

Lots of times, training can be performed by putting a dog in a proper situation.

What do I mean by this? Well, if a dog needs to potty and you’re already outside, you’ve done half of the work required. In a way you are the one that needs to set up the tone and lead a dog, not the other way around.

Make sure to predict dog’s needs and act according to them. It’s much more natural for a dog to relive itself outside than inside so make sure to put it in a right position so it can follow its natural instinct. Have in mind that small puppies have small bladders and act according to their instincts. They won’t have the discipline to hold it in. That being said, make sure that you don’t excite the dog as this is a recipe for disaster.

If you wish to build discipline within your pet, you can put it in its box prior to pottying. As dogs will try not to soil their bed, they will hold it in for as long as possible. However, this strategy has a time limit.

Creating habits

Initially, it is crucial to create a situation. Later on, you need to create habits and build up discipline. You need to go out each day at the same time. This will ensure that dog’s metabolism gets accustomed to pottying at the same time.

The same thing goes with meals. Make sure they are exactly the same in size and given during the same time of the day. By doing this it will be much easier to predict dog’s bowel movements and “program” its metabolism. Eventually, dog will start waking you up and coming to you when it needs to potty instead of other way around.


Even though potty training can get a bit messy, it is one of numerous things that you will do with your puppy. It might not be an ideal situation but it is a part of growing up together. It also sets up the field for all other trainings, it builds up your relationships and in a way, it will be an important part of dog’s life.