Thursday, September 7, 2017

Best 4K TV Boxes for Watching NBA Games

We all have been holding our breaths and patiently waiting for October to start. Not because of Halloween but because one of the best sports seasons is about to start, NBA. We can never ever watch a Golden State Warriors versus Houston Rockets game on a small screen with bad resolution. That would be a sin.

No need to worry about which 4K TV Box you should buy, we have got you all covered. Television has been a great friend for us during NBA seasons but cable always betrays us in the end. We watch our teams win and lose and sometimes we don’t because we had problems streaming the main game. The best Android TV box will make our experiences more vivid and real. You should definitely buy a 4K TV box before the season starts. It would be like buying tickets for your favorite game but cheaper.

The Android TV box market is very vast. An Android TV box is a small set-top box which works on Google’s operating system. This means that you can easily stream content from the internet. Chances are that you have no idea which is or are the best Android TV boxes. Our list is here to guide you.

1) Roku Premiere+
Are you looking for an affordable 4K streaming then this is your best option. This Android TV box costs less than even $83.92. It has a solid HDR performance with a quad-core processor. It is an adept piece of hardware and offers the maximum amount of channels as compared to other streaming Android TV boxes. Roku has a one of a kind universal search function which allows you to search and watch shows and movies from anywhere. It is the agnostic Switzerland of Android TV boxes. You can download content from anywhere-Roku does not care, all it wants is for you to watch your content.

2) Chromecast Ultra
This is a reliable and affordable 4K streaming dongle. Too often, there is a mismatch between a product’s price and how much it is really worth. Thankfully, Chromecast Ultra is not one of those products. It only costs $69 and is three times smaller than its counter parts. It has about 450,000 channels to choose from.

3) Nvidia Shield Android TV
You can play video games really smoothly on Nvidia Sheild. It is a bit pricey if compared to others but it gives a vivid 4K HDR streaming. It costs about $199.99 which is a bit expensive. If you love playing video games and are really invested into it then you should buy this TV box. What really seals the deal for video gamers is that this Android TV box with a controller. This controller syncs up perfectly and can play any number of streaming titles from GeForce Now, Nvidia’s own game-streaming service

Stay tuned in for the NBA season and it would be really easier for you if you bought of these Android TV boxes. If we missed any 4K Android TV boxes that you use, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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