Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Golden State Warriors Are Bad For The NBA. And Bad For Sports. And Bad For America, Basically.

Last night, it looked like the Cavs might just find a way to avoid the broom. Leading by 6 with 2 minutes to go, it seemed like the Warriors were gonna have to close out the series at home. Then, KD went Super Siayan, the Warriors ripped off an 11-0 run, and a 3-0 lead was on the books. It's still possible the Cavs have enough pride to steal Game 4, but make no mistake this series is over. Honestly, this series was over last October during training camp.

Short of signing their own Kevin Durant in the offseason there's just nothing the Cavs could have done to win this series. The talent disparity is too deep. Lebron is Lebron. But Kyrie's showing himself to be nothing more than a one dimensional combo guard who finishes at an elite level but does nothing else particularly well. And Love looks like the lost 3rd wheel who can't do anything without Lebron setting him up. Then there's Thompson, whose Cinderella ride is over. He looks like the pre-Lebron TT again. Nobody else on that team is worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have 4 first ballot Hall of Famers. The oldest of that crew (Curry) is only 29. The others are in their late twenties. All of which means they're either in the midst of, or just entering their primes. Curry will be resigned this summer, as will KD. The other guys already have their money, which is a nice way of saying that minus some devastating injury, this unit's going to have 3-4 more solid years in which there really won't be a viable challenger. Lebron is already 32, and he's been in the league since age 18. His inevitable decline is on the horizon, and the Cavs, as currently constructed, wouldn't even scratch .500 without him.

As far as other "challengers" go, the Clippers might be broken up soon, no free agent in his right mind wants to live in OKC, the Rockets got exposed already, the Spurs are old, the Celtics have the draft picks and cap flexibility to be a contender in 2020 and my Wizards are still run by Ernie Grunfeld.

There is no competition on the horizon. None.

This isn't good for sports. No other league depends on individual stars as much as the NBA does, and a team with 4 All Stars in their primes means the championship is already predestined every year. That's not healthy for fans of other teams, or fans of sports in general. Sure, the ratings and attendance are through the roof right now, but at some point people will tire of predictable finishes. It's why Empire is one season away from cancellation and why I barely bother watching any NBA games that don't involve my beloved home team.

Anyways, enjoy the run Warriors fans.

Question: Is the Warriors' domination bad for the league?

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