Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Golden State VS Cleveland Is Inevitable. Who You Got?!?

Since my beloved Washington Wizards were unceremoniously dumped from the NBA playoffs last week, I haven't watched a minute of basketball. The wounds are still too fresh, the pain is still there. To come thisclose to the opportunity to get disemboweled by the Cavaliers in 4-5 games and lose because some Canadian guy with short arms and a man-bun had his best game since middle school is just too hard to accept.

The Cavs looked like an unstoppable force until the other night when Lebron James inconveniently decided to have the worst game of his life. Nobody's calling Lebron a choker like they did John Wall and James Harden when both failed to show up in elimination games. And that makes sense. The Cavs simply lost a Game 3 on a miracle shot at the end of regulation. I don't see any way that series goes past 5, and I honestly am hoping the Cavs stomp a mudhole in the Celtics as a manner of by-proxy getback. Because I dislike Cleveland, but I really, really, really hate Boston. The city and the team.

Either way, regardless of what's happening in the Conference Finals, the NBA Finals are slated to begin on Thursday, June 1st. Smart money has the Cavs facing off again versus the Warriors in what might actually be an interesting series, something this year's playoffs have seriously lacked (BOS/WAS notwithstanding).

I'm not a betting man, but William Hill offers the best NBA betting opportunities, and if I were to put money on a team, I'd roll with the Warriors. They wouldn't have blown last year's 3-1 lead had center Andrew Bogut not gotten injured, and this team's squad has added Kevin Durant, plus has homecourt advantage, which is no small thing in the NBA. Some could argue that the Cavs coulda won the championship the prior season had they been fully healthy, which does make sense in a way.

Still, I say Warriors in 6 (hopefully) entertaining games. What say ye'.

Question: Who will win this year's NBA Championship?!?

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