Thursday, January 26, 2017

2 Great ways to collect your rainwater

More and more homeowners are self-conscious regarding their environment. That being said, a lot of them see water and energy collection as a normal thing that will both protect the planet and save them some money.

When it comes to water collection, this system is rather popular in countries with limited rainfall or high water prices. Instead of losing enormous amounts of money on bills, it is much better to get a self-sustainable system.

Here are the two main ways that allow you to collect rainwater.

Rainwater barrels

Rainwater barrels are simply amazing! Even if you are not interested in water conservation, you shouldn’t overlook this.

Water barrels are a great way to recycle water. They are especially good for watering fruits and vegetables. Even if you are not growing anything in your garden, you can still use this water for cleaning your car.

Best way to collect water is by placing barrels just below the gutter drains. During rain, water will be collected in one place (roof) and then directed into them. Have in mind that this water shouldn’t be used for drinking or personal hygiene. Even though you can filter it, god knows what may end in the barrels.

If you wish to use this water for personal hygiene or drinking, it is better to place them right in the middle of your backyard. That way, you will get the cleanest rainwater ever. Still, it is recommended that you filter it again before drinking.

Rainwater barrels can be bought in almost any hardware store. They are made from plastic and the only thing you should be concerned about is the barrel dimensions. You can even make these barrels yourself.

Rainwater collection system

Rainwater collection system is the second option. Unlike the barrels, it requires hefty initial investment and a team of professionals to install it. However, over time, it will pay for itself.

These systems use sturdy tanks that are placed either in or above ground.

Similarly to barrels, they need to be positioned bellow the roof so that the gutter water can be directed towards them. All the water will be stored in a tank and from it, connected to other home appliances via pipes.

You will need a reliable water pump for this. Also, this water has to be filtered so that you get drinkable water.

Rainwater collection represents an automated system that gives your home a complete freedom and independence.

Possible issues

There are several things you have to keep in mind when using either barrels or tanks.

First of all, both barrels and tanks should be covered with a lid. There is a good chance that mosquitoes will infest them and start laying larvae. You can easily notice this if green matter starts forming on the edges of barrels.

Besides closing off your barrels, you can also try these solutions:
• Adding a fish to the barrel so that it can eat larvae
• Using a bit of bleach
• Using anti-mosquito products
• Emptying the barrels from time to time

Another good reason for covering your barrels is so that kids and pets cannot fall into them.

In case of tanks, there is no such concern. However, the biggest issues may come from improper installation or maintenance. Avoid installing the system by yourself. It is a one-time deal anyway.


Rainwater tanks and barrels are the future. The savings are enormous and you are also performing a service for Mother Earth. Even if you don’t have enough money at the moment, you should still consider getting at least a few barrels for your basic gardening needs.

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