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What Are The Different Types Of Driving Under The Influence Charges In Queens?

Getting your first DUI is one of the scariest things that you will ever encounter. Fighting a DUI charge is not easy. New York has some of the harshest penalties of any state for driving while intoxicated. There are various types of DUI charges that a person can be charged with.

If you are found driving while intoxicated in New York, it is possible for the jurisdiction to suspend your license, put you in jail and impose stiff fines. New York defines driving while intoxicated by doing a Blood Alcohol Concentration Test (or BAC). There are different types of DWI classifications depending on what type of motor vehicle you are driving:

The different types of BAC levels are:

● 0.08% for those who are over the age of 21
● 0.04% if you are driving a commercial vehicle
● 0.02% if you are under the age of 21

Additional alcohol and drug crimes

Depending on the BAC test results you might face other criminal charges, such as:

● DWAI/Alcohol is the term that is used when you are driving while ability impaired and are under the influence of alcohol
● DWAI/Drugs is the term that is used when you are driving while ability impaired not by alcohol but by some other drug
● DWAI/Combination is the term that is used when you are driving while ability impaired by both drugs and alcohol
● Aggravated DWI (A-DWI) is the term that is used when you are being charged with aggravated driving, and you have a BAC of 0.18% or more

Penalties that can be imposed for excessive alcohol concentrations or the combination of drugs are related to criminal prosecution. If you refuse to submit to a test for chemicals or you break the “Zero Tolerance Law,” then you can face harsher criminal charges.

The type of DWI that you are charged with depends on many factors, including:

● Your age
● The substance that you took which impaired you (alcohol, drugs or the combination of both)
● What type of driver’s license you hold (special license like a CDL, or just a regular passenger license)
● If you were willing to submit to a drug or chemical test

DWI for those who are under the age of 21

If you are less than 21 years of age and you are found with anything higher than a 0.02% BAC, then you have already broken what New York calls the “Zero Tolerance Law.”

If it is your first offense then you might face:

● A suspended license for six months
● A $125 civil penalty
● A $100 fee to have your suspension terminated
● Mandatory enrollment into the New York Drinking Driver Program and all the costs that are associated with the program
● The potential to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle and all the costs surrounding installation and use

If it is your second offense, then you might face:

● A revoked license for an entire year (or until you turn 21)
● A $125 civil penalty
● A $100 termination of suspended license fee
● Mandatory enrollment in the New York Drinking Driver Program and all the costs that are associated with the program
● The potential to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle and all the costs surrounding installation and use

DWI Penalties for those who are over 21

If it is your first offense:

● Your license suspected for 90 days
● A $300-500 fine
● A minimum of $250 annual assessment fine, which totals over $750 in fines over a three-year period, which is a part of New York’s Driver Responsibility Program
● Up to 15 days in jail
● Mandatory enrollment in the New York Drinking Driver Program and all the costs that are associated with the program

If it is your second offense:

If you receive a second DWI charge within five years of your first offense, you might be subjected to:

● Having your license revoked for up to six months
● A $500-700 fine
● A minimum of $250 annual assessment fine, which totals over $750 in fines over a three-year period, which is a part of New York’s Driver Responsibility Program
● Up to 30 days in jail
● Mandatory enrollment in the New York Drinking Driver Program and all the costs that are associated with the program

There are many different classifications for drinking and driving in Queens. If you are being charged with any type of DWI offense, it is imperative to have a queens dui lawyer on your side to try to minimize your charges or have them dismissed altogether.

What Are The Different Types Of Sex Crimes?

A sex crime is not just one single type of crime; there are many criminal offenses that can be encompassed under the “sex crimes” category. Most of them involve the coercion or illegal sexual acts of one person against another. Sex crimes are determined at the state level, meaning they are classified by the state in which the offense was committed. Every state makes laws about the definitions of things like “rape” or “sexual assault, ” and they have varying time limits, also known as statutes of limitations, which define how long an individual has to file a lawsuit. Below are the different types of sexual crimes and their various definitions.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is a sex crime where an individual breaks the law by showing their genitals in public. Most states have laws making it illegal to show your genitals in public because, in most instances, it is a way that sex offenders either get sexual gratification or try to get a sexual response from those around them. Because it is not only alarming but offensive, indecent exposure laws vary by state, but in general, exposing yourself in public is a crime in almost every state.


Prostitution is another category that falls under sex crimes in many states. Prostitution is defined by offering sexual acts in exchange for any type of payment. It is not only illegal for someone to offer sexual acts for payment; it is illegal in most states for someone to hire another individual for sexual acts. Currently, prostitution is illegal in every state with the exception of Nevada. But even in Nevada, it is heavily regulated. Prostitution does not always mean payment in the form of money; there are all sorts of ways that “payment” can be defined.


Rape is defined differently according to state laws, but it generally refers to someone having non-consensual sexual intercourse under physical force or the threat of physical force, and sometimes even under duress. Common-law rape is an act of rape that is forced upon a woman by a man who is not her husband. But many states have overridden the “common-law” definition of rape, including the wording in the laws and other specifics related to “consent.”

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is usually defined as an offense that involves an unwanted sexual touch. Ranging in severity from groping to rape, each state deals with sexual assault differently and with varying elements of wording and legal definitions. Sexual assault is a much more difficult crime to prove for a plaintiff. Because sexual intercourse is not a part of the definition, proving that someone touched you inappropriately can be very problematic.


Solicitation is different from prostitution because it involves anyone either encouraging, demanding, or requesting that someone engage in an illegal act through criminal conduct. In most states, solicitation is tied to prostitution because it is the illegal act of trying to engage someone in a criminal sexual act. There are all sorts of variations of solicitation laws according to the state where the offenses occur. In general, though, it is the communication of a request for a person to engage in a criminal act, typically related to a sexual act.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape is when you have sex with a minor child who is not old enough to give legal consent. Each state has an “age of consent,” which is the age at which someone is considered capable of giving informed consent to have sexual intercourse. If someone engages in sexual intercourse or sexual acts with someone who is not of the legal age of consent, that is a clear violation of the law, and it can affect someone for the rest of their life.

Statutory rape is also determined differently by varying states, as is the way that the cases are prosecuted. Some states have laws that punish statutory offenses in the same manner as rape, while others are punished by a lesser degree of sexual assault.

Sex crimes are a type of crime that involve sexual acts through coercion. Sex crime laws were created to protect innocent victims from being assaulted or being forced to commit sexual acts against their will. Both men and women can be accused of sex crimes and on varying levels according to the state where they live. Because having a sex crime on your criminal record can severely limit your future, if you should be accused of one, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of a criminal attorneys Toronto who specializes in sex crimes.

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What Is The Zero Tolerance Law For DUI?

Everyone has a different threshold when it comes to drinking and feeling intoxicated. Some feel tipsy after one drink, while others can drink three or four glasses and feel no effect at all. For DUI, there is a legal blood alcohol concentration limit: if you take a breathalyzer test and your BAC is higher than 0.08%, you are automatically considered over the legal drinking threshold and legally “impaired.”

Every state in America has laws about underage drinking. You have to be over the age of 21 to legally drink. When it comes to teens drinking and driving, the laws are stricter. There are different standards about when a teenager - or anyone under the age of 21 - is considered legally intoxicated. These zero tolerance laws are in place to punish kids who drink and drive more harshly than those who are over the age of 21 and are drinking legally.

The Zero Tolerance laws make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to have any alcohol in their system when they get behind the wheel of a car. Zero tolerance means that if you have any alcohol in your system when tested - any from over 0.00 to 0.02%, depending on the state where you are pulled over - you are considered to be under the influence of alcohol, and you might be charged with a DUI. That means that just one harmless glass of wine at dinner can land anyone 21 with a DUI.

Why are there zero tolerance laws?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 1/3 of all fatalities in children ages 15 to 20 are the result of a car accident. Of those, nearly 35% of the deaths are attributed to alcohol and driving. These are staggering numbers: alcohol-related car accident fatalities are nearly twice as much for those under 21 as they are for those who are over the age of 21.

In 1995, the National Highway Systems Designation Act required that states consider using 0.02% BAC levels for those who are under 21 and drinking. If the states did not comply, they would not be able to qualify for Federal Aid Highway Funds. Since that is a huge chunk of a state’s budget, all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, have complied with these “per se offense” laws.

Per se offense laws mean that a police officer does not have to prove sobriety to find someone guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol. If an individual’s BAC level is over 0.08% for anyone over the age of 21 and over 0.02% for those under 21, then they can be found guilty of DUI in a court of law without any other evidence needing to be present.

When zero tolerance laws first went into effect in 12 of the 50 states, the NHTSA found that there was an automatic 20% reduction in deaths due to driving and alcohol at nighttime for those who were under the age of 21. What’s more, the biggest declines in fatal accidents occurred in those individuals whose BAC levels were 0.02% or less.

What if you are accused of a zero tolerance offense?

If you are found to have a 0.02% or higher BAC, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any defense against being convicted of a DUI. There are some defenses that an experienced lawyer can use to plead your case. Those can include arguing that the BAC test was not done correctly, that procedures were not followed, or even that the test itself wasn’t compliant with the laws of the state where you are being accused. If you want to ensure that you have a healthy defense, then finding a lawyer who specializes in DUI is your best option to fighting against the consequences that come with a dwi first offence houston, especially for kids under 21 who are being accused under zero tolerance laws.

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Can a relationship survive after cheating?

Can the infidelity-damaged relationship survive? The answer is yes – and no – and it all depends. A host of conditions, qualifications and cross-considerations are infused with the diverse realities of individual lives.

Of course, the trick question is, "How do I know if the relationship is worth saving?" I find that most of my clients already know the answer before they come to my office. But we invest a lot in our relationships, and it's normal to want guidance on a decision as big as breaking up or staying with someone or if you are single you are able to chat with girls online. Here's the catch: I'm not so direct—my job is to steer the conversation and help the couple decide whatever is best for them. But you're not my client, so here's my advice:

My first tip is to stop thinking about cheating in a black-and-white way and instead think of it as points on a spectrum, with flirting on one end and a full-blown, top-secret affair on the other.

Then, ask your partner these questions: Why did you cheat? How did you decide to tell me or keep it secret? Would you make a different choice going forward? Why or how? What has changed?

Although it might feel like a punch in the gut, try to understand exactly why and how the cheating happened. From there you can decide if it seems like it was a good person making a bad choice or a lost person likely to make a string of bad choices. Truly understanding what happened is also the only way to build back trust—which you're going to need if you decide to stay.

Next, you have to ask yourself if this is something you can move past. That doesn't mean you have to forgive your partner or stop being angry. But it does mean you can't start treating him or her like crap as payback, because that's cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's not comfortable to be in a relationship where you're fighting all the time, regardless of whose "fault" it is.

Moving forward also means taking a hard look at your relationship and, instead of blaming your partner, being willing to work on aspects that aren't so great. For some couples, cheating actually brings to the surface issues in the relationship that had been swept under the rug. So it's possible to build a stronger and better relationship after someone has cheated. Yup, I said it.

If, after talking to your partner and being super honest with yourself, you decide to stay together, the next hurdle is telling any friends and family who know about the cheating. (If you didn't tell anyone, great—but you might want to see a therapist to sort out any lingering feelings so they don't set you off later.) This is where shame often kicks in—because we're told that strong people don't put up with cheating, it can be embarrassing to tell loved ones that you're sticking with it. But you know what, find strength in the fact that you're able to trust your own judgment and able to make a decision that is right for you. There is no shame in that.

The problem with the statistics on cheating is that these are just numbers. They don’t tell the complicated story of each relationship and its struggles over time. The numbers don’t know if your partner cheated only once or many times, if he truly regrets cheating or feels no remorse at all, if you have children you want to protect from divorce and if both of you still love each other deeply. So…how can you know whether to trust your spouse again and give him another chance?
There ARE ways to know.

These are 3 Signs That You Can Survive an Affair and Regain Trust in Him Again:

Sign #1 – He cut off all contact with the other woman
If you really want to regain trust in your partner you need to know that his lover is completely out of the picture, even if it’s difficult because the lover is a coworker or a neighbor. If the lover attempts to make contact, your spouse should let you know and discuss what to do about it with you. From now on there must be a complete transparency in your relationship. If your spouse agrees to all of this – It’s a very good sign that you can trust him again and save your relationship.

Sign #2 – He Shows Deep Regret
If your partner takes responsibility and shows deep remorse, it’s a good sign that you can start the healing process of your relationship. In many cases the cheater “uses” infidelity as a way to escape and end the relationship. In these cases it probably means that he doesn’t want to save the relationship at all. He must show real pain and guilt about his actions and bad choices. If they don’t, you have to be careful, it might mean that he will do it again and you will end up on the “broken up” part of cheating statistics.

Sign #3 – He Gives You All the Details
If you were cheated on you probably have dozens of questions running around in your head constantly. You also have obsessive and disturbing images of him with the other woman – these alone can drive you crazy. In order to get rid of the negative thoughts and of the affair images you have to know all the details. Most of the time the affair images running in your mind are much worse than the real details of his affair. If your spouse answers your questions and shares the details with you – It’s a great step towards healing and a good sign that your relationship will survive cheating.

How to Survive an Affair in Your Relationship
The most important aspect in salvaging a relationship after an affair is to do it the Right Way. It’s very common to get sucked into a vicious circle of anger, depression, resentment and obsessive-negative thoughts. Though these feelings are very legitimate, they will stop you from healing your relationship and moving on to a better and happier one. Imagine what would happen in your relationship if you knew….

How to erase the affair images from your mind
How to regain your self-esteem and confidence
How to talk about the details
How to know if he will do it again
Exactly what to do and say to save your relationship after an affair.

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Best 4K TV Boxes for Watching NBA Games

We all have been holding our breaths and patiently waiting for October to start. Not because of Halloween but because one of the best sports seasons is about to start, NBA. We can never ever watch a Golden State Warriors versus Houston Rockets game on a small screen with bad resolution. That would be a sin.

No need to worry about which 4K TV Box you should buy, we have got you all covered. Television has been a great friend for us during NBA seasons but cable always betrays us in the end. We watch our teams win and lose and sometimes we don’t because we had problems streaming the main game. The best Android TV box will make our experiences more vivid and real. You should definitely buy a 4K TV box before the season starts. It would be like buying tickets for your favorite game but cheaper.

The Android TV box market is very vast. An Android TV box is a small set-top box which works on Google’s operating system. This means that you can easily stream content from the internet. Chances are that you have no idea which is or are the best Android TV boxes. Our list is here to guide you.

1) Roku Premiere+
Are you looking for an affordable 4K streaming then this is your best option. This Android TV box costs less than even $83.92. It has a solid HDR performance with a quad-core processor. It is an adept piece of hardware and offers the maximum amount of channels as compared to other streaming Android TV boxes. Roku has a one of a kind universal search function which allows you to search and watch shows and movies from anywhere. It is the agnostic Switzerland of Android TV boxes. You can download content from anywhere-Roku does not care, all it wants is for you to watch your content.

2) Chromecast Ultra
This is a reliable and affordable 4K streaming dongle. Too often, there is a mismatch between a product’s price and how much it is really worth. Thankfully, Chromecast Ultra is not one of those products. It only costs $69 and is three times smaller than its counter parts. It has about 450,000 channels to choose from.

3) Nvidia Shield Android TV
You can play video games really smoothly on Nvidia Sheild. It is a bit pricey if compared to others but it gives a vivid 4K HDR streaming. It costs about $199.99 which is a bit expensive. If you love playing video games and are really invested into it then you should buy this TV box. What really seals the deal for video gamers is that this Android TV box with a controller. This controller syncs up perfectly and can play any number of streaming titles from GeForce Now, Nvidia’s own game-streaming service

Stay tuned in for the NBA season and it would be really easier for you if you bought of these Android TV boxes. If we missed any 4K Android TV boxes that you use, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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Which upcoming NBA draft/free agent signings/trades could help the also-rans challenge golden state warriors for NBA title.

The Golden State Warriors sit atop the throne, almost imperious in their position. Almost but not quite. Winning the NBA finals was something that they had to do. Having blown 2016 so spectacularly, there could be no repeat a year later against the same opposition.

Going 3 - 1 up against the Cavaliers brought memories flooding back. If disaster struck once again, the Warriors would have been bracketed with the greatest sporting chokers of all time, putting the ‘86 Red Sox and Greg Norman at the ‘96 Masters to shame; they would become the NBA’s Cubs.

Instead, as with all great champions, they took their setback on the chin, turned up for game 5 of the finals and duly won the series 4 - 1. There had been an authority about their play throughout the post-season and delivering the title had an air of inevitability.

The gap to their rivals seems large. but with the draft, the opportunity arose to see if it was insurmountable yet. We look at which of the franchises came away happier with their business.

LA Lakers

With a win percentage of just .317 in 2016-17, one of the most globally recognizable of sporting franchises needed a good draft and overall, their front office delivered. They had a plan and kept to it. With the number 2 pick, they had an opportunity and it was off-limits in every discussion about trades they had.

Not only that, they used it well with Lonzo Ball, the UCLA Point Guard. Later picks included Villanova shooting guard, Josh Hart, and, Indiana center, Thomas Bryant. The interesting addition to their roster is Utah’s Kyle Kuzma, with his 7’6” arm span has vultures looking on enviously.

Perhaps the best business is offloading Timofey Mozgov but the drafts are the future. Ball is expected to be the future face of the franchise but the highest hopes for the coming season are surely the play-offs.

Boston Celtics

Losing the Eastern Conference final to the Cavs suggests that the Celtics are not far off being genuine contenders. A couple of judicious trades, perhaps pick up a pick. According to ‘sources’, they chased Paul George but they are set to lose out to the Cavs once more.

They lost out to the Timberwolves as well, with Jimmy Butler joining Minnesota on the Thursday night. It left them with Jayson Tatum whose strengths will be fed by Brad Stevens There’s a distinct possibility that the off-season could be underwhelming but Danny Ainge, while not the messiah some claim, is nowhere near as flimsy in planning as his critics believe.

Free agency is their interesting time for the Celtics. With the Cavs and others improving their rosters, can Boston afford not to do well in the remaining deals? Maybe the draft was a big tease and the powers-that-be have a couple of tricks up their sleeve? This may yet be an interesting summer.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Trading Jimmy Butler from Chicago for the number 7 pick, Zach Lavine and Kris Dunne, as well as receiving the number 16 pick, is a formula for a lot of fun. Not necessarily into the finals but the playoffs are a distinct possibility.

Dunne needed a change of scenery after failing to live up to the expectations but Lavine is a costly element in the trade. His departure is something they still need to address; that, they hope, is a future problem when age catches up with him.

The Wolves added Justin Patton from the draft and will be busy with free agency as well. There are still weaknesses to address but one thing seems safe to say: a repeat of last season’s .341 win percentage is not on the cards.

Cleveland Cavaliers & Golden State Warriors

Between the pair of them, last season’s NBA finalists managed one pick in the draft. Golden State bought pick 38 from Chicago and left with Oregon’s Power Forward, Jordan Bell. Cleveland will argue that they are tied up working on a deal to bring Paul George from Indianapolis.

George has been linked with all and sundry but at the moment, is going nowhere. It’s expected that he will move to the Cavs soon, giving an air of respectability to the front office’s work. The two clubs have monopolised the regular and post seasons in recent years. The bookies see no reason why that will change with bookies offering odds of 3 / 5 on the Warriors and 3 / 1 for the Cavs, as of June 29.

When the regular season begins, there is a lot of interest focussed on how the draft picks will fare. Until then, it’s all about deals to be done.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The latest breaking news from the world of the NBA.

James Dolan is thinking about Phil Jackson’s Future with the Knicks

James Dolan is considering Phil Jackson’s future as the president of the New York Knicks. Dolan had the capacity to eschew the contract at the end of the 2016/2017 season, since both sides were able to exercise a mutual option. The New York Knicks hired Phil Jackson on a 5-year, US$60 million contract back in 2014, amidst harsh criticism from Knicks fans that supported Dolan.

Jackson has been looking to trade Carmelo Anthony recently, but the comments that he’s been making publicly have seen Anthony turned instead into a sympathetic figure in the eyes of most fans and almost all of the media.

The manner in which Jackson treated Anthony was also part of the reason that Kristaps Porzingis missed his exit interview with the Knicks when the season came to an end. Subsequently, Jackson has spoken in public about the Knicks’ options being explored as far as the trade market for Porzingis was concerned.

Rockets are a Serious Threat Regarding Signing Chris Paul

The Houston Rockets have come into view as a more and more serious threat to sign Chris Paul away from the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul met with the latter on Tuesday, and is set to do so again soon.

James Harden is one of the individuals advocating for the Rockets to sign Paul, and has conveyed this message directly to the player, and betting sites worldwide are eagerly awaiting the outcome of these talks.

Celtics Hope to Get Paul George

The Boston Celtics need a commitment from Gordon Hayward before a trade can be finalized for Paul George. The Pacers are perhaps unwilling to wait until the free agency begins in order to agree on a trade, however, and may well start looking elsewhere with their trade talks regarding George.

The Celtics need to maneuver their roster and start unloading salaries, but they do have a contingency plan in place. If Boston is unable to secure the deal with Hayward, it’s possible that they will sign Blake Griffin instead, and then make a trade for Paul George.

Rockets Focus on Trading Anderson if They Need Cap Space

The Houston Rockets have put all of their attention on attempting to find a team with cap space that would allow for the absorption of Ryan Anderson’s contract in order to chase maximum free agency space. Anderson is still owed US$19.6 million and US$61 million in total over the next 3 seasons. The Sacramento Kings are a possibility, since they require a stretch-4 and Anderson is native to that area.

Anderson enjoyed an outstanding 1st season with the Rockets after he was signed from the New Orleans Pelicans. Houston is also chasing Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in free agency.

Everybody Wants Andre Iguodala

The San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz are some of the teams that are set to go in for Andre Iguodala in free agency.

The Golden State Warriors are still hopeful about re-signing Iguodala, and it has not been confirmed whether the player will be meeting with anyone else. Iguodala’s contracted with the Warriors on a 4-year, US$48 million deal back in 2013.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Warriors vs. Cavaliers: 3 Things You Might Have Missed

There are 3 things that may have slipped past unnoticed during the Golden State Warriors’ Game 5 NBA Finals eradication of the Cleveland Cavaliers:

1. Irving Really Played Defense

Kyrie Irving really did play defense; it was just to no avail. The Cavaliers required that Irving outplay Stephen Curry if they were going to take Game 5, and it must be acknowledged that the point guard came very close. He was avidly hunting for steals and generally getting in the face of the 2-time Most Valuable Player winner as much as he could, and Curry almost did himself in by dribbling the ball into traps set by the Cavs more than once, but Irving’s A-game was just not good enough this time around.

2. The Appalling Officiating Went Two Ways

The dreadful officiating extended both ways, and although many felt that it may have favored the Golden State Warriors, it ultimately did not. Throughout the first quarter of the game it seemed almost like the game was fixed, especially if you were following social media reports.

Fans all over the world thought that the Cleveland Cavaliers were seeing too many benefits from the whistle because the NBA wanted Game 6 to go ahead, as the referee seemed to be ignoring the fact that they were drawing fouls thanks to the fact that the Warriors seemed to be consistently put out of position. The calls did eventually even out though, and although this game was not a well-officiated one, it was an equally badly-officiated one, and this factor did not play a part in the eventual triumph of the Warriors, as punters making use of NZ betting sites to bet on the game may have feared it would.

3. The Cavaliers and Warriors Busted Out Medium Ball

Everyone knows about the much vaunted small-ball belonging to the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are able to use it as well. Everyone is also well aware of the Cavaliers’ ability to stay big versus the Warriors, thanks to their conventional starting line-up. During Monday night’s game, however, something in the middle of these 2 examples was discovered…
Early on in the game’s 2nd quarter, Draymond Green was the shortest player on the baseball court, with Kevin Durant and Tristan Thompson being the only tall players for both the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Furthermore, neither of the 2 teams had a true point guard player until Curry managed to check in after a few possessions, ruining the startling fun of such an unconventional stretch. Positions had become worthless, and there were suddenly just 10 top athletes on the court playing the game as well as they could.

While it could well be termed the medium-ball, it could also quite easily be called the future of the NBA, since this does seem to be where the Association is headed.

Players like the almost 7-foot tall point guard Giannis Antetokounmpo are taking their places alongside centres like Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Kristaps Porzingis, who are able to connect the ball to the fall, shoot 3s, and anchor the defence, to varying degrees, and it is wonderful to watch.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Golden State Warriors Are Bad For The NBA. And Bad For Sports. And Bad For America, Basically.

Last night, it looked like the Cavs might just find a way to avoid the broom. Leading by 6 with 2 minutes to go, it seemed like the Warriors were gonna have to close out the series at home. Then, KD went Super Siayan, the Warriors ripped off an 11-0 run, and a 3-0 lead was on the books. It's still possible the Cavs have enough pride to steal Game 4, but make no mistake this series is over. Honestly, this series was over last October during training camp.

Short of signing their own Kevin Durant in the offseason there's just nothing the Cavs could have done to win this series. The talent disparity is too deep. Lebron is Lebron. But Kyrie's showing himself to be nothing more than a one dimensional combo guard who finishes at an elite level but does nothing else particularly well. And Love looks like the lost 3rd wheel who can't do anything without Lebron setting him up. Then there's Thompson, whose Cinderella ride is over. He looks like the pre-Lebron TT again. Nobody else on that team is worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have 4 first ballot Hall of Famers. The oldest of that crew (Curry) is only 29. The others are in their late twenties. All of which means they're either in the midst of, or just entering their primes. Curry will be resigned this summer, as will KD. The other guys already have their money, which is a nice way of saying that minus some devastating injury, this unit's going to have 3-4 more solid years in which there really won't be a viable challenger. Lebron is already 32, and he's been in the league since age 18. His inevitable decline is on the horizon, and the Cavs, as currently constructed, wouldn't even scratch .500 without him.

As far as other "challengers" go, the Clippers might be broken up soon, no free agent in his right mind wants to live in OKC, the Rockets got exposed already, the Spurs are old, the Celtics have the draft picks and cap flexibility to be a contender in 2020 and my Wizards are still run by Ernie Grunfeld.

There is no competition on the horizon. None.

This isn't good for sports. No other league depends on individual stars as much as the NBA does, and a team with 4 All Stars in their primes means the championship is already predestined every year. That's not healthy for fans of other teams, or fans of sports in general. Sure, the ratings and attendance are through the roof right now, but at some point people will tire of predictable finishes. It's why Empire is one season away from cancellation and why I barely bother watching any NBA games that don't involve my beloved home team.

Anyways, enjoy the run Warriors fans.

Question: Is the Warriors' domination bad for the league?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Golden State VS Cleveland Is Inevitable. Who You Got?!?

Since my beloved Washington Wizards were unceremoniously dumped from the NBA playoffs last week, I haven't watched a minute of basketball. The wounds are still too fresh, the pain is still there. To come thisclose to the opportunity to get disemboweled by the Cavaliers in 4-5 games and lose because some Canadian guy with short arms and a man-bun had his best game since middle school is just too hard to accept.

The Cavs looked like an unstoppable force until the other night when Lebron James inconveniently decided to have the worst game of his life. Nobody's calling Lebron a choker like they did John Wall and James Harden when both failed to show up in elimination games. And that makes sense. The Cavs simply lost a Game 3 on a miracle shot at the end of regulation. I don't see any way that series goes past 5, and I honestly am hoping the Cavs stomp a mudhole in the Celtics as a manner of by-proxy getback. Because I dislike Cleveland, but I really, really, really hate Boston. The city and the team.

Either way, regardless of what's happening in the Conference Finals, the NBA Finals are slated to begin on Thursday, June 1st. Smart money has the Cavs facing off again versus the Warriors in what might actually be an interesting series, something this year's playoffs have seriously lacked (BOS/WAS notwithstanding).

I'm not a betting man, but William Hill offers the best NBA betting opportunities, and if I were to put money on a team, I'd roll with the Warriors. They wouldn't have blown last year's 3-1 lead had center Andrew Bogut not gotten injured, and this team's squad has added Kevin Durant, plus has homecourt advantage, which is no small thing in the NBA. Some could argue that the Cavs coulda won the championship the prior season had they been fully healthy, which does make sense in a way.

Still, I say Warriors in 6 (hopefully) entertaining games. What say ye'.

Question: Who will win this year's NBA Championship?!?

The Lowdown On The Latest NBA News

It seems that the last week was a busy one for the NBA, both on and off the court.

Jeff Weltman has decided to become president for the Orlando Magic Basketball Operations, and will do so under the terms of a contract extending for 5 years. This appointment has him replacing Rob Hennigan, who was fired at the off-season’s start, and Weltman will be asked to select a General Manager to serve below him. Weltman has been a part of the Toronto Raptors team since 2013.

Durant Stands by His Decision to Sign with Warriors

Kevin Durant has said that his decision to sign with the Warriors was 100% correct. He is 1 win away from reaching the Finals, for the 2nd time in his career, and the 1st time since 2012.

Durant’s decision to sign up with the Golden State Warriors last summer was a controversial one, but he has stated that he has no regrets about his move, and that whether or not they win the Finals will not affect the way he feels. He has stated that he is where he needs to be, and, although he appreciates everything that had gone before, he feels he is at a point in his life where he needs to be.

Durant will once again become a free agent this offseason, and, when asked if he would consider re-signing with the Warriors, he said yes. He spoke of loving his teammates, being fond of Oakland, and being devoted to the organisation, and said he had no plans on moving.

This news will delight punters who make use of Australian betting apps, since this player is a very popular member of the Warriors, and has helped many bettors see some considerable returns.

When asked about the best thing about playing for the Golden State Warriors, Durant spoke of how important just being in the game was, and that fun was a priority. Passion and dedication was everyone’s vision, according to Durant, but it was not a deadly serious operation. Fun was certainly a main concern.

Millsap Has Opted Out of Hawks Contract

As expected, Paul Millsap has opted out of this Atlanta Hawks contract, valued at US$21.4 million, for the 2017 – 2018 season.
Millsap, a free agent in 2015, structured a 3-year, US$60.2 million deal with a 3rd year player option along with his agent, DeAngelo Simmons. He joined the Hawks in 2013, coming from Utah Jazz, and is expected to command a max, or near-max, contract.

Magic will Keep Lloyd in Front Office

Matt Lloyd is set to remain with Orlando Magic, although the role he will play is still to be determined. He has been serving as General Manager for the interim, after Rob Hennigan’s dismissal and seems happy to continue working with the team.

Kawhi Leonard Has Been Ruled Out for Game 4

Kawhi Leonard has been out of play since Game 1’s second half, thanks to an injury he sustained to his ankle, and has recently been ruled out for Game 4 as well. His recovery seems to be taking longer than expected and he has said he is hoping to get back on the court soon.

Knicks Will Not Renew Longstaff Contract

The Knicks have decided against renewing assistant coach Josh Longstaff’s contract. Longstaff first joined the team alongside Derek Fisher, and was one of the last holdovers remaining. Longstaff has been named as 1 of the hardest working members of the staff, and was a coach in charge of player development with Oklahoma City Thunder.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What’s Happening in the NBA?

Wes Wilcox and the Atlanta Hawks have parted ways. The general manager for the team, Wilcox had been working very closely with Mike Budenholzer, after joining the Atlanta team in 2012. Previously involved with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wilcox attained the status of GM 3 years later, in 2012. Wilcox was disciplined by the Atlanta Hawks after he was overheard making a racist remark in January at an event for individuals holding season tickets.

The Hawks are now facing another vital offseason, in which their franchise’s direction will largely be under the determination of Paul Millsap, a free agent.

The Hawks are refuting the report, however, and released a statement to Chris Vivlamore that stated that there were no changes to account for currently, and that any rumours stating otherwise were not accurate. The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that decisions about Wilcox’s future are still under review, and that Budenholzer could well be dropping his duties as president whilst staying on as Head Coach.

All the Action on the Court

The old cliché holds that adjustments are required during the NBA playoffs, and this is not without reason. Even Gregg Popovich has accepted the fact that Swapping David Lee out for Pau Gasol midway through the Spurs’ starting line-up was not going to make a massive amount of difference.

But, in the wake of a turnaround of 121 – 96 that has evened this series with the Houston Rockets at a game each, Popovich is now having to deal with the kind of massive adjustments that come when a huge earthquake has brought buildings down and opened up cavernous holes in the city’s streets. Those who enjoy sports betting in NZ and the rest of the world have sat up taken notice as too, as any changes in line-ups can mean a readjustment of who gets backed.

Tony Parker, point guard, was lifted up off of the floor for an 8 foot runner in the lane early on in the 4th quarter, and, by the time he whacked the ground again, the challenge the Spurs are facing for the remainder of the series, and potentially even beyond, had become a lot bigger.

Upcoming NBA Games

The Boston Celtics take on the Washington Wizards on the 5th of May, as well as Utah Jazz facing up to the Golden State Warriors on the 6th and both games promise to deliver some nail biting action. 

Current News

The Golden State Warriors managed to shoot 54.5%, and committed 4 turnovers against excellent defence during the initial 24 minutes of playoff basketball in 8 days.
The Warriors, after they were able to average 87.3 shots in the opening rounds of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers, and 87.1 in the regular season, worked their way up to 82 on Tuesday nights, ostensibly whilst still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

Golden State has gone from finishing the 4-game sweep of the Trail Blazers on the 24th of April to an abnormally extended layoff, to starting the new series, against opponents who are operating from within the momentum of 3 wins out of the last 4. Yet the Warriors did not show that any of the uncommon circumstances surrounding them mattered in the slightest: they were slick and well-organised, in-sync and in control, as if they were coming off a usual rest.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Round Up of This Week's NBA News

There is plenty of news regarding the movers and shakers of the NBA. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest headlines currently trending in the world of basketball.

The Nets to Sit 6 Against the Bulls

The Brooklyn Nets have made it known that they plan to sit 6 players during Wednesday’s finale match, which sees them on the court with the Chicago Bulls.
Brook Lopez, Trevor Booker and Jeremy Lin will be out of the game in order to rest, and injuries have sidelined Quincy Acy, who has ankle trouble; Joe Harris, who is struggling with his shoulder; and Sean Kilpatrick, who is having issues with his hamstring.

This is good news for the Chicago Bulls, as they are entering the regular season’s final match in a 3-way fight against Miami and Indiana for the final 2 spots for the East. Their path is a simple one: if they manage to win this game, they are in. Punters who place their bets using NBA betting apps will do well to keep an eye on what happens next, as this could greatly influence the play offs.

Cavaliers to Waive Sanders

The Cleveland Cavaliers have dealt with Larry Sanders’ comeback, and have decided to waive him ahead of the final game of the season.
Sanders has been playing carefully in 5 games over the last 4 weeks, after he returned to the NBA following his more than 2 year absence. It was a startling move, as the Cavaliers had previously signed Sanders to a 2-year deal in March, albeit non-guaranteed, with the reported goal of getting him ready for next season. Sanders has, in fact, had to spend most of his Cavalier time with the D-League team.

Edy Tavares Set To Sign

Sources have said that the Cleveland Cavaliers intend to sign Edy Tavares, centre, instead. He managed to block 11 shots in 2 of the playoff games against the D-League team this weekend, and has spent the whole season with the Toronto Raptors D-League team, after the Atlanta Hawks waived last fall.

The Knicks’ Noah Likely Set for Rotator Cuff Surgery

Joakim Noah, centre for the New York Knicks, is thought to need surgery in order to fix a right rotator cuff injury, and will likely require a number of months in rehabilitation as a result.

Tuesday saw Noah still weighing up his options regarding how to deal with his ailment, and no decision had been made by late that night, say League sources. Should he need to undergo the surgery, it is expected that he will be looking at least 4 months out of the game, although the same League sources did caution that it was simply too early on in the process to determine any kind of timeline for his rehabilitation. It’s now simply a case of wait and see.

Friday, April 7, 2017

LED Bathroom Mirrors For Every Bathroom

LED, also known as light-emitting diode emits light when activated. It is one of the latest technology innovations that have been used for various electronic devices and gadgets of which the bathroom mirror is recent.

Before the introduction of LED bathroom mirrors, many homes have made use of mirrors with varied sizes; from full length to handheld mirrors, which reflect one’s look before stepping out of the home. But with the world’s technology constantly progressing, LED mirrors came into being.

LED mirrors are now preferred over a standard bathroom mirror because of the many advantages that come with owning one. Unlike having to illuminate the room to get a clearer view while using a standard mirror, LED mirrors comes with lights attached most times to the border of the mirror, which in a way play the role of a mirror frame.

The mirror comes in different shapes of rectangle, square, or round, in which way they usually look elegant and have a way of adding a classy touch to the bathroom no matter how spacious it may be.

This type of mirror is said to give the exact reflection of the person using it; the color and all that is to a person’s look, making it a perfect mirror for make-up artists and even in the home for personal grooming; reason being that it allows for quick spotting of blemishes and the pores of the skin very clearly, putting on contact lenses, which reduces the risk of eye injury.

LED mirror comes in different forms depending on what it is to be used for. There is the LED mirror cabinet which is usually for those with limited space in the room. The cabinet is usually for keeping medicines, toiletries or makeup kits. It is usually attached above the bathroom sink for easy access to what is kept inside.

The light is usually activated by a sensor which lights up the cabinet when opened for you to find what you need quickly and without much stress. The LED cabinet mirror sometimes comes with a charging port to charge things like the shaver or hair clipper. It has several features such as the hidden finger edge which prevents fingerprints on the mirror, a very common occurrence with standard mirrors, a de-Fogger, and of course the motion sensor switch, which turns the light on and off.

There is also the wall mounted LED mirror which can easily be screwed into a wall, and comes with a swivel arm to fold back the mirror so it can be flattened against the wall. There is the LED compact mirror, which is portable enough to carry on trips, kept in purses or placed on a work desk.

LED mirrors come with many advantages that make it a must-have in the home. The advantages include; saving electricity as the LED lights are efficient and use much less electricity than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

They have the capacity to last for years, despite being used daily, which saves you the cost of having to replace light bulbs. The light produced from LEDs does not contain toxins or mercury, thus making it an environment-friendly product, the emitted light is usually bright, white and of high quality making it the best to use when applying makeup as it shows the real color of the face and products used. LED lights don’t attract insects as they don’t give off Ultraviolet rays and they are made to be resistant to shock, unlike other light bulbs.

All these and much more are enough reasons to have LED mirror fixed up in your bathroom, makeup studio or probably own a compact mirror. The standard mirror in your home needs a replacement and the best that can serve every purpose you have is to own LED vanity mirror. Its sophisticated style, hand swipe sensors, and demister features are also enough to make you desire one.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Who Will Win This Year's NCAA Title?!?

I'm a huge UNC basketball fan, as anyone reading this site already knows. Cut me open and I just might bleed Tarheel Blue. I'm just kidding, don't cut me open. It ain't that serious.

Nonetheless, it's been difficult watching Coach K's Duke Blue Devils win title after title with One-and-Done players while North Carolina has taken a different, more deliberate route to team building. Duke routinely gets Top 10 recruits, milks them for a year at most, then just restocks the next season with more McDonald's All Americans. North Carolina, of late, has been content bringing in Wendy's All Americans. Guys with limited NBA upside who are more likely to stick around for 3-4 seasons, resulting in a more cohesive, veteran laden squad. You could argue about whether or not this is the best approach.

Duke has won 5 titles, all since the early 1990's, and 3 in this century. UNC also has 5, but only 2 since Roy Williams' arrival in 2003. To the outsider, this probably doesn't seem like a big deal. But the outside probably knows little about how intense this rivalry is. An annual battle of literal blood, sweat, and tears, the rivalry has become less of one in recent years as Duke owns a significant edge over UNC in regular season and ACC tourney wins. As a Carolina fan, this bugs me to no end.

The Tarheels last won in 2009, and have had their chances since. They were a dreaded Kendall Marshall injury away a few years ago, and a Kris Jenkins prayer from taking it all last season. But this year, it seems different. I think this is our year.

The rest of the Final Four is comprises of never beens (Gonzaga, South Carolina) and an undersized Oregon team that UNC should be able to dominate by virtue of going 4 deep up front.

We'll see who punches their tickets to the Championship game Saturday night.

Go Tarheels! The Ceiling Is The Roof!

Weekend NBA Recap and Round Up

This weekend was another exciting one for NBA fans as there were plenty of thrills and spills. Let’s take a look at the highlights and the lowlights of some of the weekend’s games.

Clippers Make It Through To The Playoffs

For the sixth season in a row, the Los Angeles Clippers have made it through to the playoffs. They secured their spot by beating Utah Jazz 108-95, but guard Jamal Crawford says they still need to work on their game if they want to make a deep run.

Crawford scored a total of 28 points in the game that played out at the Staples Centre in L.A, while DeAndre Jordan scored a game-high of 15 rebounds to go with 7 points, sealing a win for the Clippers and a 4th seed spot in the Conference.

LeBron James Injured in Cavaliers Game

For LeBron James the Cleveland Cavaliers game was one of highs and lows. Not only did the team lose 127-115 to the Washington Wizards, LeBron also had to shake off an eye injury and accidental elbow to the base of his neck. The Cavaliers may have lost, but LeBron scored 24 points and now has a career-high 37 double doubles, and sits at 12th place in NBA history.

With their win, the Washington Wizards have made the Eastern Conference race that much tighter, as they are now placed 3rd, trailing Boston Celtics by 2 games and the Cavaliers by 2/12 for 1st place.

Raptors Walk Over Mavericks

In what could be described as an easy win, the Toronto Raptors beat the Dallas Mavericks 94-86 at the American Airlines Centre. The Raptors opened with a 13-2 lead and they simply never looked back, staying ahead at every point in the game.

Anyone who enjoys NBA online betting would do well backing the Raptors, as it was their 44th victory of the season and their 5th win in a row. They’ll now head through to the playoffs, hoping their winning streak holds fast.

Spurs Win 4th Straight Game

The San Antonio Spurs also had a good weekend as the team clinched their 4th consecutive win at the AT&T Centre in New York. The Spurs beat the New York Knicks on their home soil 106-98 and LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol both collected double-doubles.

The Knicks lagged behind for most of the first half and only after intermission did they rush in and outscore the Spurs during the 3rd quarter. This wasn’t enough however, and the Spurs were once again the victors. The Knicks were dealt another blow too, when it was announced that Joakim Noah was suspended for 20 games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.

Timberwolves Crash for the 5th Time

The Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t having a good season, and lost their 5th game in row. The Portland Trail Blazers beat the 112-100, and they bombed out once again, much to the disappointment of their fans.

Despite sitting out the entire 4th quarter, Trailblazers star Damian Lillard contributed 21 points to the game, while Timberwolves stars Andrew Wiggins scored 20 points and Ricky Rubio and Karl-Anthony Towns each contributed 16 points a piece, but was not enough to seal the deal.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Understanding NBA Trades and How Players are Moved.

In the world of American pro sports, trading is a transaction by a sports league that involves exchanging draft picks or player contracts between different sports clubs. Cash considerations are also part of this trade and may be presented, along with draft picks or contracts, to complete it.

The deadline for the National Basketball Association, or NBA trades, is the 16th Thursday of its season, and usually occurs around the middle of February, at 3 pm Eastern Time. Due to the lockout that took place during the 2011 – 2012 season, that deadline fell on the 15th of March in 2012. Post-deadline trades are prohibited in the NBA, although teams may sign up free agents, and also call D-League players up until the regular season ends.

There were rumours surrounding the following 3 star players, and each has gone on to have their own ups and downs as the season progresses.

Russell Westbrook’s 34th Triple-Double of the Season

Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook had 10 rebounds, 16 assists, and 24 points for this 34th triple-double this season as his team managed to register their 4th successive win in a victory of 123 – 102 against the Raptors on Thursday the 16th of March in the Toronto game. This has brought him closer to the single-season NBA record for triple-doubles, set by Oscar Robertson during the 1961 – 1962 season, of 41.

LeBron Scores 33 Against Jazz

Utah Jazz has not managed its back-to-back game against the NBA defending champions, probably due to the fact that they have had to make do without two of their starters.

LeBron James managed to score 33 points in total, with 17 of these taking place during the 4th quarter of the game, and the Cleveland Cavaliers won with a final score of 91 – 83. Any NBA betting activity that favoured the Cleveland Cavaliers would have seen a win, albeit at less-than excellent odds due to their current champion status.

The big reason to stay on track with all the news of the latest trades made by the NBA is that it will affect any type of betting you are doing –whether you are enjoying a friendly wager with your friends, or take this pastime a little more seriously, knowledge is power, and keeping yourself informed is key.

Utah Jazz was playing their 5th straight game without Derrick Favors, their starting power forward, and also had to do without Rodney Hood, their shooting guard, who had to miss the game because of knee pain.

Dwyane Wade's Injury Puts Him Out of the Game

Dwyane Wade, the 35-year old, 6’44”, 220-pound guard for the Chicago Bulls from Oak Lawn Illinois is out of the game for the rest of the season.

Wade, with 13-years of experience behind him, after being drafted in 2003, and at a salary of US$23 200 000, has been removed from play after an MRI he underwent revealed not only a sprain, but a small fracture in his right elbow as well, the team has announced.

The elbow injury occurred in the game against the Memphis Grizzlies, in which, you will recall, he left during the 3rd quarter after battling Zach Randolph for a rebound. The Chicago Bulls ended up losing the game as well, with a final score of 98 – 91 granting victory to the Grizzlies.

What happens on and off the court may affect trades, and rumours always flow thick and fast when it’s open season, often with some truth behind them. NBA fans will now have to wait until next year to see who is traded, and which teams lose or gain players.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

38 Advices To Win Success On YouTube

Everyone, who posts videos on Youtube wants to become famous. This requires persistence, technical skills, some creativity and patience. It is really hard to win success on Youtube, but it possible if you do your best. Here is something you need to know, some tips that would help you gain fame on Youtube.

1. Check out YouTube’s Creator Hub and its resources.
2. Discover #PopularOnYouTube in order to find out the best ideas.
3. Try not to imitate someone and just be original. The audience would appreciate uniqueness.
4. Your key objective should be to make qualitative content rather than trying to win success.
5. Make your content not similar to other YouTubers.
6. Learn to apply a video editing program.
7. Begin your experience with short videos.
8. Produce high-quality content, which would increase its views.
9. Shoot at least 10 good videos in advance to be ready for promotion of your channel.
10. Do not forget making funny and informative vlog videos after some decent ones.
11. Getting featured is a proper way to success, try it once you have one great video.
12. The more often your upload videos - the better. Make at least one video a week.
13. Inform your audience about the schedule of new videos; make some video announcement.
14. Attractive titles and descriptions would bring you more views.
15. Invent a creative way to invite people to subscribe to your channel.
16. Descriptive and specific tags will be in use for your channel or video promotion.
17. Thumbnails play an important role in attracting audience, so make them interesting and catchy.
18. Communication in social networks is an essential task of any Youtuber. Talk with your audience, answer the comments, chat with your subscribers.
19. Do not ignore the cooperation with other successful YouTubers. Nevertheless, it would be better to save awesome ideas for yourself.
20. Conduct a consistent activity, namely, try not to repeat your previous unsuccessful attempts.
21. It may take several years to become famous on Youtube, some be patient and do not haste.
22. If you want to have attention to your YouTube channel, give your attention to other channels either.
23. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. All are apt to trip, it is just Youtube but Hollywood.
24. Try to avoid dark and depressing videos. This place suits better for light and bright ones.
25. Cut boring stuff out of your content. People dislike boring things and skip such videos.
26. Be assertive and have your own vision, as most YouTubers are.
27. Comply with copyrights and use only permitted music for your videos.
28. Follow the trends in culture, news, policy and other spheres in order to be in the loop. In addition, make your content culturally relevant.
29. Many Youtubers make video responses and parodies on popular videos or news. Do not hesitate and try yourself, maybe this is what you have been searching for.
30. Try making autotune version of a popular content.
31. Communicate outside the spaces of YouTube. Participate in meetups and talk to people in private.
32. Polish up your channel cover to make it look professional and attractive.
33. Your channel description may contain links to your social media accounts or websites.
34. Avoid spamming other YouTubers. They hate that.
35. Someone may be nervous when talking into a camera. Just imagine that you’re talking with a friend or close person, this might help.
36. Make an intro video for your channel, describing your main idea.
37. Be friends with subscribers in the web.
38. Consider your content be creative, original, describing your intro and outro routine. Let people know more about yourself to be followed.


Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Ways for Men to Screw Up on a First Date

A large online dating portal (which has been on the market for 20 years and has more than 700 million users) asked its female subscribers on how to look and act on a first date to fail. Five golden rules of eternal loneliness are just in front of you. Enjoy reading and don’t try this at home!

1. Stare at your phone

A man, staring at his smartphone all the time, loses 75% potential partners. “She believes it’s her fault and she makes him bored”, says Kristen Mark, the sexual health expert from the University of Kentucky. This is because his beloved gadget seems to be more interesting than his girl. It does not matter whether you are looking for a funny picture to show her or chatting with you ex-wife, don’t make your girl think like you live in your phone. Besides, eye contact on a first date is really important. Now, your smartphone is your worst enemy here. Furthermore, holding the phone in hands all the time may be as offensive as staring at it. This way or another, your actions are likely to disturb your girl and make her feel really awkward. If you want to get to the heaven of heavens, turn on the heck out the “Airplane mode”.

2. Use more toilet talk

Statistics say that nine out of ten young women pay attention to the way you speak. It makes sense, because she may think that her child may sound this way. Jay Heinrichs, the oratory professor and the author of Thank You for Arguing book says that a well-mannered man is likely to become a good father. It’s not even about the impression you make. It is how the natural selection works. Besides, your constant toilet talk will sound embarrassing for her if you are having a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

3. Stay hectic and never look into her eyes

Could you imagine that 84% of girls are looking for signs of your self-confidence during the date? Don’t miss the chance to speculate on your sense of style. Act on the contrary - the handkerchief in the breast pocket or a pink tie will tell her about her masculinity. The thing is that a man, who is wearing feminine colors, has no doubts about his masculinity.

4. Don't even dare to brush your teeth.

Let’s be honest, bad teeth smell awful and this is the last thing we want to remember from our first date. Marianne LaFrance, the professor of psychology at Yale University and author of Why Smile? book, is sure that good teeth are your winning strategy. What’s more, she says that your yellow smile may tell women that your wallet is as bad as your mouth health. So keep in mind that 81% of women on a first date will stare not at your pretty eyes, but at your mouth.

5. Dress like a jackstraw

Seven out of ten women treat you according to your clothes. Your clothes will tell a lot about you before you even have a chance to open your mouth. Especially, when we talk about Russian women. Besides, women prefer being with natty men. A V-neck sweater, a buttoned shirt with a collar, well-fitting dark jeans, and no sneakers – and here you are, looking like a single and confident man.

This article was written with the help of our friends from

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tips to choose the best meal replacement shake

In the market, you will be able to find a variety of meal replacement shakes that are helpful in weight loss. They comprise of protein, minerals and vitamins; while they are low on calories and carbohydrates. To choose the most suitable meal replacement shake for you, you will have to know more about the ingredients and it should be in sync with your weight goals. In this article, we bring to you a few tips in choosing the best meal replacement shake:

1. Less Sugar Content
When the sugar levels are high, your body converts it into fat and hence, it might not be useful if you are planning to lose weight. Hence, it is recommended that you choose a meal replacement shake that is lesser than 3 grams.

2. Less in Calories
If you are planning to lose weight, you should have a calorie deficit diet and hence, when you lower the calorie intake, your body burns the existing fat reserves to provide energy to your body.

3. Low on Carbohydrates
Carb gets transformed to sugar by the body. When you do not have energy expenditure, there is no point in having sugar content, as the body converts it to fat later.

You can stick to simple carb foods like milk, juice and sodas as the energy lasts only for a short while. When you eat complex carb foods such as vegetable and whole grain, it keeps you full for longer and reduces your cravings.

4. High Protein
Protein, that is typically found in dairy products, meat and fish is used for muscle maintenance and muscle gain. When you have proteins, your digestion slows down and you will feel full for a long time, which also results in boosting your metabolism.

5. Fiber Content
Typically found in fruits and vegetables, dietary fibers give you energy without increasing blood sugar levels and prevent your body from feeling bloated.

6. Low Sodium
Sodium is responsible for retaining water in the body. Hence, it is highly recommended that you lower sodium intake as water retention and associated problems can be avoided.

7. Vitamins and Fats
Vitamins are not produced by the body and are highly essential for the proper functioning of the body. Hence, have fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. Also, fat can be healthy and is required. Hence, you will have to know the difference between bad and good fat, before you incorporate it in your diet.

8. Include Probiotics
Probiotics are the bacteria present in digestive system that improve the functioning of gastrointestinal system. Hence, ensure that your body has enough good bacteria to stay healthy.

9. Avoid Allergic foods
Some people have allergies related to consumption of dairy products, soy etc. Hence, make sure that you check for the constituents of the meal replacement shake before you pick one.

With the above mentioned tips, you will be able to choose a meal replacement shake that best suits you and helps you in your weight loss goals. Find more reviews on

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Top 7 rules to build strong relationships

Are you in relationships for a long time already or just start dating and want to make them profound and strong from the beginning? The following seven rules are designed specifically for that purpose.

1. Accept your partner as they are.

People usually don’t change. You need to realize this fact and live with it. Accept the good sides and the flaws of your partner, because the chances are, these things will stay the same. If you are ready to spend your life with this person, learn to forgive and turn a blind eye on some shortcomings. Concentrate on the good qualities of your partner and always keep in mind things that made you fall for each other in the first place.

2. Develop mutual trust.

Avoid this annoying habit of continuous control over your partner. Give them space. The fact that you are dating doesn’t mean that you need to be 24/7 in each other’s company. Your constant phone calls will only create an impression that you have doubts in your partner. On the contrary, the best way to enhance your relationships is to demonstrate your full trust.

3. Support each other.

Supporting your significant other is essential to keep your relationships on the go. Offer your help whenever it is needed. Sometimes it can be a simple comforting or listening to existing problems. The other times, you’ll need to take care of the situation and find a solution. But mostly, remember to be there for your loved one, for better or worse.

4. Evolve and improve yourself.

You may be dating for a long time already and know everything about each other. Sometimes relationships become a routine because there’s nothing new going on, and you just grow bored with each other. That’s why you need to always be interesting to your partner and, first of all, to yourself.

5. Express your affection all the time.

Never stop showing your love. Express it with words and physically. No matter how you do it – through compliments and words of love, through gifts and presents, through touches and kisses – your partner will appreciate it. For the record, all the forms of physical affection, such as hugs, touches, holding hands, play a great part in maintaining a strong emotional connection.

6. Create your own world.

The two of you already mean a whole world to each other. Don’t let anyone in it. If you argue sometimes, make it behind closed doors, not in public. All of the important decisions should be taken together with your partner; no third parties are allowed to interfere.

7. Share passions.

Make an effort and join your partner in his passions. Whatever it is – sports, working out, playing musical instruments, you should be able to spend some time doing the same thing and enjoy this activity. The even better option would be to find a new hobby together. This way, you’ll be spending a quality time together, receiving a lot of positive emotions, and thus, making your bond stronger.

With the above rules, you are a few steps away from building strong and healthy relationships with your loved one. The rest is up to you. Good luck!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Will Online Casino Gambling Fare Under Donald Trump?

The whole world seems to be holding its breath to figure out what President Trump will do with his term. One industry in particular that could face huge changes is the casino gambling industry, as the legislation and legality could change significantly.

President Trump has historically been a supporter of casinos, having owned a few of them himself. As a result he has many connections in this industry, some of which he may be eager to please in future. This could lead to the legalisation of this industry and the potential creation of a new tax generation revenue. This is possibly the most lucrative aspect of legalised gambling for the government.

The President has said previously that the US is missing out by not offering this kind of recreational activity to its citizens. This is a hint as to his allegiances with the industry, though it’s not a concrete statement of intent as such. In the past, he has shown interest in establishing online casinos with his daughter, so this could be indicative of what he will do as president.

We may not see a speedy regulation of online casinos but softer gambling sites, like bingo sites might see a faster entrance to the market. In other markets, bingo sites with new features appear regularly and there is a healthy state of competition. This could be appealing to President Trump, as they also pay taxes to the government on their profits.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so black and white for those in the US, as our legislation process is thorough to say the least. We have laws in place, like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, that make it illegal for a payment provider to allow their service to be used for illegal gambling.

There’s also the U.S. Wire Act of 1961 which again makes payment transfers to gambling operators illegal. Both of these would also need to be overruled for legalised gambling to occur and they’re not the only minor laws that would need to be repealed. Indian laws would also need to be considered, as Native American gambling laws are tricky to manoeuvre around.

As a land based casino mogul, President Trump may actually be less likely to hear calls for legalised online gambling. As we’ve seen in other markets, online gaming tends to take a portion of the market away from the traditional gambling destinations in favour of heading online instead.

Even if President Trump decided to help the online gambling cause, our states would still be fragmented. As each state makes up their own minds on their laws, there’s no guarantee that they would all vote one way or another. Right now, very few states have any form of gambling or online betting, this could remain the same if the representatives of the majority of states don’t vote in favour of such a bill.

As a newcomer to the office of president, there’s nothing to say that gambling law is even on President Trump’s radar. Many feel that there are much more pressing concerns to think about, like international policy and issues in the cabinet. If this turns out to be the case, then we may not see any move on online gambling for two or three years, so there’s still quite a bit of time to wait for a resolution.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Betting on Donald Trump's actions is the best thing that happened for gambling industry

Betting on Donald Trump's actions is the best thing that happened for gambling industry in a while. Donald Trump's presidency has been a shock to nearly the entire world, and that includes a lot of his supporters. Many people are completely baffled as to what is going to happen with his presidency because it is so unprecedented.

Few presidents from the twentieth century onward have had such a small amount of governmental or political experience. With many of the other presidential candidates that have been around in modern times, whether people agreed with them or not, people did at least have an idea of what was going to happen. With Donald Trump, it really does seem as if people have no idea what is going on, and this is going to create a lot of new opportunities for the people who are interested in betting.

Some people believe that Donald Trump is not actually going to honor any of his campaign promises. Of course, this is something of a predictable thing to bet. The majority of presidents are not going to honor all of their campaign promises. Sometimes, this is because they are unable to do so and it turns out to be harder than they anticipated. In other cases, they were deliberately misleading the public in order to get elected. Sometimes it is a combination of the two and people are going to have a hard time when it comes to figuring out how honest their candidates ever were with them.

While betting on Donald Trump's intentions is going to be difficult for most people, betting on Donald Trump's actions is a great source of entertainment for others. Some of these people are going to be Donald Trump supporters, in fact. Some of the people who voted for Donald Trump were not really voting for him. Rather, they were voting against Hillary Clinton. As such, they are not going to be hugely in favor of Donald Trump, and they might be happy about betting on his actions in a way that seems to suggest that they are not huge fans of him or his policies.

People can vote on many different things at the Vegas Palms online casino. Vegas Palms Online Casino betting takes on a very different tone when people are actually betting on politics as opposed to sports. It raises some questions about how these people feel about politics. Some of these people might consider themselves apolitical entirely, and they really just think that politics can be a source of entertainment. There are people who really just say that they are going to enjoy the show when it comes to Donald Trump.

While this appears to be the sort of thing that might surprise some people on all sides of the issue, there is no doubt that there is always a segment of the population who views politics in this way. At any rate, Donald Trump's presidency is certainly going to make some people rich through betting, and it is going to be good for the gambling industry overall.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Caption This Photo

Trump's Daughter Also Registered To Vote In Two States.

Just one day after President Donald Trump said he would ask for a "major investigation" into his unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway pushed back on proof that shows the president's youngest daughter on voter registration rolls in two states.

Tiffany Trump is currently registered in both New York City and Philadelphia, according to state election records in New York and Pennsylvania. Trump was a student at the University of Pennsylvania until her graduation last May.
Lord, please let this 4 years be over already.

Trump's Sr Adviser Participated In Voter Fraud.

I've been quiet throughout this transition from the Obama administration to whatever you wanna call this spectacle that Donald Trump's got going on. The reasons are many. One, because I'm sorta depressed that this whole thing is actually happening, two because I'm sorta scared that Trump's gonna label bloggers as "the press" and come after me with lawyers, and three, because see reason one.

This next 4 years will probably look at lot like the Trump candidacy did: a series of unforced errors, legitimate scandals that rile up the left only to be completely dismissed by the right, and oh yeah, plenty of unintentional comedy. Speaking of which, "Alternative Facts" would be an awesome name for a 90's grunge band. But as justification for a errand crowd counts by an official WH spokeswoman? Bruh, there's nothing funny about that. This shit is bordering on tragic and we're not even a week in yet.

In addition to inflating his inaugural crowd size (I was there in 2009. Friday was no 2009) Trump's been spouting off this week about "5 million illegal votes for Hilary" as if to say that he also won the popular vote in addition to the electoral college. Not only is the untrue (there's no proof, but facts don't matter when you have "alternative facts"), it's also just downright petty. Dude, you won. You are the POTUS. What's your point?

Oddly, his statement about voter fraud does have some basis in reality. It just so happens that the architect of his campaign's got a minor scandal of his own.
A senior White House adviser to Donald Trump is registered to vote in two different states, a practice that the US president wrongly claimed amounted to electoral fraud on Wednesday as he called for an inquiry.

Stephen Bannon registered to vote in New York shortly before the presidential election last year, after the Guardian disclosed that he was registered to vote at a vacant house in Florida where his ex-wife had once lived.

Bannon, whose registration lists a rented apartment in Manhattan as his address, cast his ballot for Trump in New York, according to a source familiar with his arrangements, who was not authorized to speak to the media.

Bannon, however, also remains registered to vote in Florida, according to state records. His registration lists as his address the home of Andy Badolato, a friend of Bannon’s who has worked on some of his political documentary films and written for Breitbart News, the far-right website that Bannon controlled before entering the White House as chief strategist and senior counselor to the president.

His registration in Florida was moved to Badolato’s home shortly after the publication of the Guardian report in August. Bannon has not cast a ballot in Florida, according to state records. Badolato, who was also registered to vote at the home with his adult sons, declined at the time to answer questions on whether Bannon actually lived at the property, which is required under the registration rules of the Florida division of elections.

In a pair of tweets early on Wednesday morning, Trump said that arrangements such as Bannon’s were unacceptable as he appeared to threaten a crackdown on access to the ballot box.

“I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and … even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!” the president wrote.
You couldn't make this shit up. I mean, seriously, how long before we find out Trump actually voted 5x (for Hilary himself)?

This is gonna be a very sad/scary/awful/hilarious/pick your adjective four years.

Question: Could you make this sorta sh*t up if you tried?!?

2 Great ways to collect your rainwater

More and more homeowners are self-conscious regarding their environment. That being said, a lot of them see water and energy collection as a normal thing that will both protect the planet and save them some money.

When it comes to water collection, this system is rather popular in countries with limited rainfall or high water prices. Instead of losing enormous amounts of money on bills, it is much better to get a self-sustainable system.

Here are the two main ways that allow you to collect rainwater.

Rainwater barrels

Rainwater barrels are simply amazing! Even if you are not interested in water conservation, you shouldn’t overlook this.

Water barrels are a great way to recycle water. They are especially good for watering fruits and vegetables. Even if you are not growing anything in your garden, you can still use this water for cleaning your car.

Best way to collect water is by placing barrels just below the gutter drains. During rain, water will be collected in one place (roof) and then directed into them. Have in mind that this water shouldn’t be used for drinking or personal hygiene. Even though you can filter it, god knows what may end in the barrels.

If you wish to use this water for personal hygiene or drinking, it is better to place them right in the middle of your backyard. That way, you will get the cleanest rainwater ever. Still, it is recommended that you filter it again before drinking.

Rainwater barrels can be bought in almost any hardware store. They are made from plastic and the only thing you should be concerned about is the barrel dimensions. You can even make these barrels yourself.

Rainwater collection system

Rainwater collection system is the second option. Unlike the barrels, it requires hefty initial investment and a team of professionals to install it. However, over time, it will pay for itself.

These systems use sturdy tanks that are placed either in or above ground.

Similarly to barrels, they need to be positioned bellow the roof so that the gutter water can be directed towards them. All the water will be stored in a tank and from it, connected to other home appliances via pipes.

You will need a reliable water pump for this. Also, this water has to be filtered so that you get drinkable water.

Rainwater collection represents an automated system that gives your home a complete freedom and independence.

Possible issues

There are several things you have to keep in mind when using either barrels or tanks.

First of all, both barrels and tanks should be covered with a lid. There is a good chance that mosquitoes will infest them and start laying larvae. You can easily notice this if green matter starts forming on the edges of barrels.

Besides closing off your barrels, you can also try these solutions:
• Adding a fish to the barrel so that it can eat larvae
• Using a bit of bleach
• Using anti-mosquito products
• Emptying the barrels from time to time

Another good reason for covering your barrels is so that kids and pets cannot fall into them.

In case of tanks, there is no such concern. However, the biggest issues may come from improper installation or maintenance. Avoid installing the system by yourself. It is a one-time deal anyway.


Rainwater tanks and barrels are the future. The savings are enormous and you are also performing a service for Mother Earth. Even if you don’t have enough money at the moment, you should still consider getting at least a few barrels for your basic gardening needs.