Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mayweather will “move on” after McGregor fight failure

It would have been an offshore betting dream come true, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather told FightHype.com, “I tried to make the fight happen between me and Conor McGregor. We wasn't able to make the fight happen, so we must move on.” He added that “I feel honored to be the biggest name in MMA and in boxing and I don't even compete no more.” Presumably, Money will move on to continue fighting both grammar and reality. Back in August, McGregor said he was interested in the fight as long as Mayweather could “come up with the $100 million cash he needs to fight me.” The Irish brawler said he had “Floyd running around the Showtime [Network] offices gathering my money.” I’m willing to believe the “running around” part.

Speaking of McGregor, he won his rematch versus Nate Diaz, despite the latter’s, err, strategy. According to Joe Rogan, who “saw Nate at the grocery store randomly,” Diaz “was falling on purpose to dupe Conor.” Yeah. And CM Punk was doing the ol’ ‘face-to-fist style.’ Thankfully, he got choked out before he could try ‘my-nuts-to-your-fist style.’ All of this is to say that McGregor is under contract with UFC, and any potential fight versus Mayweather would have had to either involve a cross-promotion or Dana White’s blessing – though he’s already allowed inside the octagon someone who had no business being there, so why not another?

Surely, Money can’t be serious, though? Actually, he is serious, and don’t call me Shirley. To prove that his heart is just not in it, Mayweather is giving up on the McGregor fight only a few months after the idea was planted in fevered mind of the most extreme of offshore betting fans, whereas he hyped his bout with Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao for an unbelievable six and half years. That ranks right up there with Axl Rose in levels of teasing. In fact, they could have named that fight Chinese Democracy II. Later they based a movie on the ordeal. That’s what Grudge Match is about, right?

One has to wonder how serious Mayweather was, though. White repeatedly said Money never contacted him about making the fight happen. Knowing Floyd, he probably called Scott Coker instead. All things considered, it was all most likely a cry for attention, and if it was, it succeeded in spades – so much so that both Amir Khan and Canelo Alvarez follow the lead and challenged McGregor to fight. And sadly, it was for realz and not in the only environment in which that might make sense – a UFC videogame. “It's so crazy that when I talk about fighting Conor McGregor, you've got so many other fighters that's in boxing that wants to fight Conor McGregor. I was the first, once again,” Mayweather said. In some ways, it is a shame – not the least in offshore betting terms – that Money and McGregor didn’t agree on this one. But then, many things don’t agree in Floyd Mayweather’s world; for example, subject and verb.

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