Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just How Bad Can It Get For DC Sports?!?

Living the the Capitol of the Free World for the past 20 years has been awesome. Washington, DC is routinely rated one of the best regions in the country, and I can co-sign that. The restaurants are world-class. The parks and museums here are great. The weather is moderate. The people are diverse. The economy is practically recession proof. It's a lovely city that only seems to get even nicer by the year.

One huge downside of living here (beyond the traffic and cost of living) is the pro sports teams. To put it lightly, they just plain suck. The Redskins are far and away #1 on the local pecking order, but even they find their home games typically invaded by visiting team fans and it's not a stretch to say 40% of the fans here root for the Cowboys. The Caps have postseason losing in their DNA, no matter how good they are during the regular season. The same could be said for the Nats, who rack up plenty of wins until October rolls around. The Wizards are a non-freakin' factor, a moribund franchise that's basically pissing away the prime of John Wall's career and practically begging him to leave when his current contract ends. Nobody cares about the Mystics, DC United, or the Valor. And the Valor haven't even started playing yet.

I've often found myself envious of vastly inferior cities, just because they're won titles recently. From Cleveland, to KC, to Pittsburgh, to (ugh) Baltimore, plenty of not-ready-for-primetime cities have recently won it all across the 4 major pro sports, but DC can't catch a damn break. It's enough to make me visit a list of online sportsbooks and bet the farm on the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the Super Bowl and take whatever I win and move to Canada.

Heck, depending on how this election goes, I might be heading there soon anyway, aye.

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