Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Huma Abedin, Rudy, Pastor Burns and Kaepernick...

So much to talk about, so little time...

Huma Abedin finally kicked her deadbeat husband to the curb. I have nothing but sympathy for that woman, and I'm sure there's plenty of eligible bachelors in DC just waiting for the moment she shows up on their Tinder screens. Weiner, on the other hand... bruh. There's a phrase that some people on The Internets like to employ from time to time that called "Risk It All". Namely, is there a woman/man/whatever worth tossing your entire life (spouse, kids, career, reputation) on? I contend there's not, period. Weiner has no such filter, having Risked It All once on a chick named Sydney Leathers, being given a 2nd chance, and risking it yet again on some random chick whose DMs she successfully slid into. As a person who once proclaimed on this very blog (search for it) that I really like this dude's willingness to out d-bag the GOP while he was in Congress, it's sad to see his descent to a cautionary tale for working women. For the good of his kid and himself, I hope dude gets some help.

Rudy Giuliani resumed his weird feud with Beyonce yesterday. Apparently outraged at her VMA performance, he went on (where else?) Fox News and ballsily proclaimed that he'd saved more lives than Beyonce. Which, when you think about it is factually true. I hear Beyonce gives random women "life", but I'm not sure if that's the same as preventing people from dying. In any event, Rudy's proclamation is also dumb as f*ck and nonsensical. Last I checked, Beyonce was an entertainer, not the disgraced one time mayor of the largest city in North America. Comparing the two is a wee bit silly. Sorta like if Beyonce claimed she had more Grammys than Rudy. Again, apples meet Oranges. Rudy, meet the seat. Have one.

Pastor Mark Burns, noted profuse sweater (shout out to Patrick Ewing!) and Trump Supporter made some silly allegations about Hillary Clinton being bad for the black community yesterday and then made the faux pas of retweeting an equally silly cartoon with the candidate in blackface. To his credit, Burns is making the media rounds today apologizing for the Tweet, which in an odd way gained him a bit of my respect. Considering the ferocity with which Trump and his surrogates take a lie and run with it as if they're defending the Constitution, I think this is a sign of progress. Katrina Pierson, you're up next.

I don't have much to say about Colin Kaepernick. I just don't. I've seen lots of very smart black people defending him, for reasons that don't make a lot of logical sense. And of course the usual "you're adopted by white people", "you're making $20M a year to sit the bench" and "go back to Africa, or since you're biracial, Halfrica!" (see what I did there?) mostly from white people on the far right. I'm somewhere in the middle. While I agree with his points about police misconduct for the most part, his way of going about relaying his message was the worst possible manner conceivable. Seriously, you're already fighting for your NFL life, about to lose your starting gig and you sit during the anthem? Nah bruh. Just, nah. By choosing that approach to make your point, you make the point about yourself instead of your point. Did that make sense? More people are talking about Colin Kaepernick sitting during the anthem than they are about police misconduct. He coulda just as easily announced to reporters after the game that he wasn't talking about the game today (see what the WNBA players did?) and instead announce that he wanted an audience to hear him discuss his concerns about some things happening in the country. Simple. He woulda gotten his megaphone, and he wouldn't have gotten the brushback for sitting out the anthem. I swear I need to be working in public relations for someone.

The Blog Is Back From The Dead.

Raise your hand if you've seen that subject before...

Okay, folks. Enough is enough. I've missed the blog, and whether or not you guys are still out there in the ether, this blog still needs to exist, mostly because I have ads that run here and there need to be signs of discernible life for me to keep gettin' that SEO paper I need the outlet to vent. Nope, I won't be turning this into some personal blog where to rant off endlessly about my kids or my wife or my day job or unresolved Daddy Issues (I don't have any, thank you).

Instead, I'll be using this blog to rant endlessly about current events instead. I gave up Twitter cold turkey a few months ago. Subsequently, I just so happened to end up on Twitter the other day to see some young white chick with 100 followers has claimed by mantle. #DontBeFooled #ItAintMe

The format will be different, because it just has to be. I don't have the energy or time to do fullblown posts about individual topics with links, quotes, photos, videos, etc. anymore. I just don't, sorry. In the place of that, I'll probably just riff on 4-5 topics at a time in one post. I hope you'll come back to join the convo. Because I need the traffic to keep selling these ads, I got two kids in private Montessori school, a brotha needs that SEO paper, homie! miss you guys and your opinions on my opinions.

Let's Talk.