Friday, August 28, 2015

Online Casino Games and Your Chances of Winning

For any gambler, it’s always important to consider which casino games will offer you the best odds and where you’ve got a chance to build up a decent bankroll. We’re not advocating gambling my any means but if you’re going to play at online casinos then this information should help you make a more informed decision. Before you decide on your strategy and sign up to any given online casino, check out the best 2015 no deposit casino bonuses available right now so that you've got more cash in the bank to play with! Once you've done that, let's take a look at which games offer the best odds for players.

Blackjack tends to be a relatively easier game to play, and your chances are pretty much on par with the chances of the casino. Most players tend to hit slots, unknowing that table games have much better odds for players. I think it all comes down to the psychology of each player and the thought process involved. Machine or algorithm based games allow players to deem a legitimate randomness to the game and equal chances where this is not even close in reality. On the other hand, playing table games can be quite intimidating for players who feel they have not built up enough experience when playing against other human players. There is an element of skill involved in tables games hence why the chances of winning are much greater, due to the inclusion of skill.

Blackjack tends to offer the best odds for winning, with a house edge of 1% at most online casinos. You’re also only playing against another dealer and not a range of players, which has the potential to add further complexity into the mix.

Blackjack doesn’t require much learning; it’s really quite simple and easy to understand. Craps also has some great odds at 50/50, it can be an overwhelming concept at first although the fact is that you’re just gambling on the roll of the dice and it could go either way.

Following on from that is Roulette. Now roulette is actually dependent on how you play the game, if you stick between red and black, then you’ve almost got a 50/50 chance of winning, bar the 0 and 00 position, which gives the house a slight edge. Betting between colours will give you the best chances of winning, whereas betting on specific numbers, although payouts are potentially much greater, the outcome is far less likely. We’ll leave the gamble for you to decide!

So what’s the deal with one of the most popular online casino games out there right now – online slots! Slots machines tend to feed off money and the more you pump in the more you’re eligible to cash out. Your odds will invariably increase with the more money you put into it, although with that is also the risk of losing all that money.

Penny slots actually tend to generate the lowest odds, so we’d recommend playing with the higher value slots. Remember that first and foremost it’s important to always gamble responsibly and don’t throw your money away! Do your research, due diligence and practice the games you want to play with pretend money first, before you gamble your own hard earned cash.

There’s a lot of scepticism about certain online casinos where you’ve got better chances on all the games mentioned above, although in our experience the differences are extremely minimal as all online casinos need to adhere to a standard level of fairness across the board.

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