Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wait, Is It Already Football Season?!?

We arw currently in the midst of what most sports fans refer to as "The Dead Period". The NBA's Summer League is over, and most of the free agents of consequence are signed. Baseball is in the dog days of summer, despite a flurry of trades in recent days. Because let's keep it one hunned... nobody cares about baseball at all until October. Thankfully, football will be back before you know it, saving us the indignity of pretending to actually be interested in our kids watching WNBA and classic college games on ESPN2.

Next-next Sunday (August 9th) the annual Hall Of Fame Game between Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota takes place in Canton. America's leading sports betting site, has odds on this matchup, but as you're well aware, most HoF games are a couple of series with the starters and by the end of the 3rd you're looking at a bunch of guys destined for long careers at UPS fighting it out for the 53rd roster spot. Whatever, anything beats more DeflateGate™ talk. Has there ever been a more overblown (reserve pun not intended.. or maybe intended) and boring sports "controversy"?

Just play some games already.

Question: Are you tired of hearing about DeflateGate™? What do you usually do to survive this dead sports period?

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