Thursday, July 9, 2015

AFC East Predictions for 2015!

We could just summarize it as: “It’s the Pats world and we are living in it!”, well this upcoming season it seems that the Patriots will have not problem getting back to the playoffs and defend their tittle. But, how accurate is that statement? what about the other teams on this division? Can they make a splash this season? Let’s take a look into the AFC East and determine what will be the safe and risky bets for price per head agents this upcoming season.

Let’s start by saying that the AFC East pretty much has the scariest looking D-lines in all football. All these teams have reinforced their defense in hopes to muscle their way to the post season. Perhaps the most interesting team in the mix, and one that should be very interesting to behold are the Miami Dolphins. Their defensive line was already a good line, but they went and snatched Ndamukong Suh, making the defensive line much more intimidating. However offensively the Dolphins don’t seem to be quite there yet as contenders.

The Bills on the other hand have quite the interesting roster, their additions of McCoy, Harvin and Clay add more weaponry to their offense, under the helm of one Rex Ryan one of the best defensive coaches in the game. They will put in a good fight during the season, expect price per head services to have them in high regard, but they will ultimately loose steam and not be ready for a post season run.

Perhaps the sleeper team this year will be the Jets. They have been able to build a good squad that looks great on paper. They have playoff potential and if they are able to catch the Pats slipping, they could pose a real threat to take the AFC East this season. They appear to have put together a formula that could help them topple rival Patriots.

However, the reigning World Champions are expected to go back to the Super Bowl once more. They have a Championship winning team on their hands that is expected to be on top of the division and make a serious run in the postseason… However, there is a lingering shadow of doubt hovering above them this off-season. The uncertainty of Brady’s availability due to Deflategate and the possible 4 games that Brady will be suspended. Those four games will be tough for the Pats, if Brady is in fact suspended. But, not until we are closing in to kick off anything we say will be speculating. Regardless, the Pats will still be favorites among price per head agents.

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