Monday, April 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Running For President. Shocker!!!

Yeah, we all knew this was coming. But Jesus, this is some guru-level "pandering to every possible demographic that we focus grouped" sh*t right here.

You guys know where I stand on this one: I thought Clinton was an awful, undisciplined candidate in 2007. When 2008 came around and she started pulling random (often racist) bullsh*t and trickery while getting her butt kicked in primary after primary, I told ya'll I wouldn't forget that sh*t next time.

I haven't forgotten that sh*t.

The sad thing is that Clinton doesn't have an even remotely serious challenger on the left. I say this as a guy who has lived in Maryland for two decades and finds Martin O'Malley about as exciting as a prostate exam. That is to say, I don't find him very exciting at all. Ditto for Elizabeth Warren, whose sole calling card (Wall Street reform) is hardly on my Top 10 List Of Sh*t That Potentially Keeps Me Up At Night. Joe Biden's more of a joke than the Sacramento Kings roster.

It's clear as Evian that the DNC spent more time celebrating in the afterglow of Obama winning than developing a bench of credible candidates for 2016. By comparison, the GOP has more candidates than Gucci Mane has mixtapes. And like Gucci Mane mixtapes, most of the the GOP's candidates are awful, incomprehensible, and all sound alike. This is coming from a guy who occasionally enjoys Gucci Mane mixtapes.

Buurrrrr. Burrrrr.

2016 is shaping up to be interesting in more ways than expected. Here's to hoping someone, anyone, makes Hillary Clinton break a sweat before waltzing to the nomination.

Question: What did you think of the Hillary 2016 rollout?!?

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