Monday, March 23, 2015

So How Screwed Up Is Your NCAA Bracket?

Like 90% of Real Americans, I spent a good portion of last week parked in front of my TV watching free labor generate billions of dollars for corporate overlords. Sure, the NCAA made some cosmetic changes to silence critics last year, but the fact remains that the kids hardly make any money for all that fancy dribbling and dunking. Whatever. It is what it is. I suppose these same kids could just go play in the NBA D-League for a year instead of subjecting themselves to the tyranny of comely co-eds, universal on-campus adoration and as much free Jordan Brand® gear as they want. So yeah, I guess you gotta hear both sides.

All that said, this past weekend showed everything that's great and awful about college basketball. The game, when it's at its best can be fast paced and full of momentum changing plays. Any team can, on the right day when the shots are falling, beat any team. On the other hand, the quality of play isn't universally high. For every UNC/Arkansas nailbiter, there's a bunch of poorly paced Maryland/West Virginia games where neither team can score in a brothel and turn the ball over more often than I used to blog here.[1] In the end, it's all a mixed bag and truth be told, if not for the element of betting I really wonder if it would be as much of an American cultural phenomenon as it is.

So yeah, I'm cheering for my Tarheels, and my hometown Wolfpack who both advanced to the 2nd weekend but probably have no real chance of surviving to the Final Four. Kentucky has plenty of flaws, but certainly has got a puncher's change of ending the season undefeated and hoisting a trophy. I hate Duke with a passion but I could certainly see them on the business end of that L once all's said and done. If you're a betting man you might wanna run with that.

Question: How screwed up is your bracket? Who you got winning it all?

[1] Huzzah!

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