Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014: The Year Black Men (Collectively) Took An "L".

I refrained from commenting on yesterday's video in #StreetHarassment because something about the entire situation just didn't sit right with me. I still don't quite know what it is. This post is an attempt to figure it out, with your help.

Sorry, I can't ignore the racial politics at play in that video. Yes, the street harassment is unsightly and that's something that certainly needs to be addressed. I learned a thing or two from watching this, much of which makes having a daughter suddenly very scary.

But come on, there's definitely some selective editing going on. The creator of the video (a white guy) said there were plenty of white dudes who also catcalled her, but they had problems capturing the audio or some such nonsense. Really?

Ray Rice. Adrian Peterson. Jesse Matthew. Mike Brown. Random N-Words on a street corner calling women "Mami".

Darn near every viral media story that's "inspiring a national conversation on [insert cause that people have been discussing for years in the privacy of their own homes here]" this year has involved a black protagonist (or victim) in some way.

Brothers have been catching a serious "L" in 2014. January can't get here quick enough.

I can't help but think that there's some connecting of the dots here that's somewhat deliberate in nature. I'm waiting for the inevitable thinkpiece on this sometime soon. I have neither the energy, nor skill level required. Maybe ya'll can jumpstart this in the comments section.

Question: Am I being reverse-racially paranoid as usual, or is something more pervasive going on here?

About That Bobby Shmurda Audition Video....

If you haven't heard "Hot N*gga", don't know what the "Shmoney Dance" is, or generally have decent taste in music, you might wanna sit this one out. I don't have the time, energy, or inclination to describe the fleeting one-hit-wonder known as Bobby Shmurda. I just hope he, that weirdo who sings "Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday", and Trinidad James all have good financial handlers. Because they're all gonna be back to working the 3rd shift at Wendy's at some point, and the folks who pull up at the drive-thru are gonna have plenty of material to rag them about.

Case in point.

That, my friends, is what is often referred to as coonery. Apparently when he went to Epic to negotiate his record deal, Shmurda put on an impromptu concert with a medley of his biggest hits. And yeah, it was cringeworthy. Look at the white women in the first row. They look like they've just been street harassed at their Day Job. Look at the (smattering of) black folks. They look like "did I just spend $150k on an Columbia education to deal with this sh*t?"

I could make a larger point about how indicative this is of the current state of hip-hop, but whatever. I'm more interested about how "behind closed doors" meetings somehow get recorded and go viral. What's up with that?

Question: Does this make you sadder for Bobby Shmurda or the handful of "black record company execs" in the room?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is There A Fine Line Between "Street Harassment" And Innocent Compliments?

I'm just gonna toss this one out there, as a social experiment. Because it's trending and because I'm interested in knowing what you guys see here. But mostly because the video is trending. Anyways, watch the whole thing first, then weigh in below.

Question: Was the woman being harassed or complimented? Ladies, have you experienced such treatment?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ashy Or Classy?!? Ray Rice Halloween Costumes.

For the first time in my adult life, I'm actually dressing up for Halloween. I'm going as a Secret Service Agent, to provide security for my 2 year old, who is going as Princess Tiana. I know some of you are saying "why Secret Service Agent", and the answer is really simple: because it's the easiest costume ever. Put on a black suit, crisp white dress shirt, all black tie, and black shades. I might have to create an earpiece, but whatever. It's a simple, largely inoffensive costume.

Of course, for some people, simple and inoffensive isn't what Halloween's all about. Some people truly push the envelope, often with disastrous results.
Photos of people dressing up as Ray Rice for Halloween are drawing ire from social media.

Last month, Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL after video surfaced of the football player punching his now-wife Janay Rice unconscious in an elevator.

In one photo, a man wearing Rice's No. 27 Ravens jersey drags a blow-up doll by a leg. In another photo, a man in blackface wears a Rice jersey and poses next to a woman, who has a black eye. Kids are dressing up as Rice as well. In one instance, a boy carries a doll by the hair.
So yeah, this happened. Seriously, white folks, WTF?!?

Whatever "parent" allowed their kid to dress up as Ray Rice, complete with an "abused Janay Palmer doll" needs to have CPS called to their house pronto. This sh*t is Ashy and damn near perverted.

Question: Ashy Or Classy? Are these costumes disgusting, or good ole' fashioned American fun?!?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

White Candidate Runs "Scandal" Themed Ad Against Black Female Competitor. Racist or Racial?!?

For those somehow unaware, I live in the great state of Maryland, not far from the border of the District Of Columbia. And yes, I refuse to call The DC Metro Urreah by that corny, contrived, wanna-be cool "DMV" nickname. That sh*t is l.a.m.e.

In any event, the area is considered one of the most politically "progressive" parts of the country, which is basically just code for "blue states (and a District with no Congressional voting rights)". The area would also like to consider itself among the most racially progressive, and for the most part I'd agree. Of course, my sample size is small. I've spent half my life here, and the other half in North Carolina. So yeah, the results might be a bit skewed.

In any event, Maryland is very quietly on the verge of making possible political history next month, as Anthony Brown is the odds-on favorite to become just the 3rd elected black Governor in US history. It's a race few people care about, and in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1, it's somewhat of a forgone conclusion. But don't tell that to Brown's Republican competitor, Larry Hogan, who is running one of the most sneakily racist commercials I've seen in ages.

Watch this and tell me if you caught it...

"Has Brown earned a promotion?"

Come on, you can't tell me that's not on some low-key, infamous Jesse Helms/Harvey Gantt "Hands" ad sh*t. Kick rocks, Larry Hogan.

A bit to the South, there's a similarly sneaky racebaiting incident in the District, where two uninspiring mayoral candidates (no, Marion Barry isn't still the mayor!) are duking it out.
Independent candidate David A. Catania has gone to some lengths during his mayoral campaign to paint Democratic nominee Muriel E. Bowser as untrustworthy and in thrall to powerful supporters.

Most of that has surrounded the saga of the Park Southern Apartments, the deteriorating Ward 8 complex briefly managed by a prominent Bowser backer who explored purchasing the property in a questionable transaction that city officials have characterized as a sweetheart deal. Catania has slammed Bowser for not using her council committee to investigate and otherwise “greasing the wheels” for Jones.

Now Catania has opened another front, sending out a mail piece that notes the fact that a prominent ex-adviser of Bowser’s is embroiled in other corruption allegations. The mailer, which started landing in mailboxes over the weekend, has a “Scandal” theme — as in the Shonda Rhimes-produced, Kerry Washington-starring, Thursday-nights-on-ABC phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the “Scandal” mailer has gotten a good run not only in mailboxes but on social media, where it has stirred up considerable reaction — including from the Bowser campaign.
Catania had a puncher's chance of actually upsetting Bowser, who has all the charisma of a half-smoke, but this is probably the final nail for him. And yeah, that sh*t is racist. Had Bowser sent out a "Queer As Folk" ad about Catania, who is gay, she'd be dead wrong. So yeah, Catania's dead wrong. And like Hogan, he's gonna lose.

Question: Are these two political attack ads "racist" or merely "racial"?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Miscellaneous Stuff Of Note.

I've been out a lot lately, not that you didn't notice. While the blog gets back to normal (whatever that entails these days) here's a few things you might wanna check out.
Five reasons to love the Kansas City Royals - I haven't paid attention to baseball since the Nats lost, but this is a feel good story. Unless you live in B-More.

CDC permitted health worker to fly despite fever - The Strain is coming to life.

School Soccer Team Taunts African Student with ‘Ebola’ Chant, Coaches Resign - USA! USA! USA!

Apple leaks new iPad details - Apple's officially out of new ideas.

Ann Romney still done with 2016, but never say never - Just say never. Please.

Mark Driscoll, top megachurch pastor, resigns - This story is really fishy. Really.

Stewart vs. O’Reilly Showdown: Intense Battle over White Privilege - Two rich white guys argue about poor black people. Ugh.
Question: Got any links to share?

Bringing Online Poker to the People

The US online poker market is by far the most lucrative in the world. This may be a little surprising given the fact that just 3 states presently authorize online poker gaming – Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. It should be remembered that prior to the infamous Black Friday in 2011, online poker sites had carte blanche to operate in US cyberspace. This multibillion dollar a year industry has Americans chomping at the bit – hook, line and sinker. For the remainder of 2014, it's unlikely that we will see any additional US states regulating online poker, but there is plenty of action going on behind the scenes. Lawmakers in California and Pennsylvania are toying with various online gaming bills to introduce online poker to their respective states.

The online poker industry is in its infancy stages in the US – at least in a regulated form. US players can dabble in all manner of online poker games including SNGs, MTTs, freerolls and bounty tournaments. Diehard poker fans will undoubtedly recall the popularity of the country's two biggest online poker sites: PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Their absence to date is largely attributed with the anaemic growth rate of online poker in the US, but times they are a changing. In June, the Amaya Gaming Group (based in Montréal) announced a record breaking deal to acquire the Oldford Group and the Rational Group. This company owns PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. High-level discussions are underway in New Jersey and Nevada to bring these poker giants back into US cyberspace. Current legislation in various states prohibits the erstwhile versions of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker from operating, owing to bad actor clauses.

The PPA is Working to Prevent Online Gaming Prohibition

The mid-term elections are coming up in November, and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is determined to prevent Congress from pushing through any legislation that would ban – at a Federal level – online gaming. More importantly, they are looking to protect the entire industry, not only online poker which has a strong support base among many lawmakers. The executive director of the Poker Players Alliance – John Pappas – is keeping a watchful eye on Congress during this lame-duck session. Democrats in the Senate under Harry Reid are more inclined to push legislation in favor of online gaming, while Republicans are less supportive.

It should be noted that the PPA is not against online casino gaming; it actually supports it because online casino games are viewed as necessary supplements to the online poker industry. There is a great deal of symbiosis between the casino and poker industries, and the PPA wants to protect it all. The PPA is a little concerned that the GOP will likely win the Senate and attempt to push through legislation to appease Sheldon Adelson – an opponent of online gaming. The ongoing back and forth between the PPA and congressional lawmakers is covered in detail at

Crunching the Numbers

Online poker pundits have been optimistic about how much revenue New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada can generate from the game. To date, the numbers are lower than anticipated with online poker revenues from New Jersey amounting to $21.1 million from January 2014 through August 2014. This figure comprises approximately 25% of total online gaming revenues in New Jersey. For Nevada poker, the January through August tally amounts to $6.141 million, while for Delaware the total is $473,962. The University of Las Vegas Nevada Centre for Gaming Research Report further illustrates that total US online gaming is worth $12 million per month.

Analysts point out that rather than being viewed as alternatives to online poker, online casino games are complements. In each state where online poker and online casino games are legal, there are at most 2 or 3 operators competing with one another. The industry has been intentionally structured in that manner, to provide a sustainable and competitive business model. The online gaming industry has taken a leaf out of the traditional land-based casino industry, especially where issues like oversupply are prevalent. For example, New Jersey's Atlantic City started 2014 with 12 casinos, but only 8 remain today. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, wants to be sure that the emerging online gaming industry is nurtured, and protected from oversupply.

Depositing Funds into Your Online Poker Account

Online poker rooms offer freerolls to players, but the big-money typically comes from real money games. Fortunately, there are several ways to deposit at your preferred online poker room, and each of them is 100% safe and secure. Some of these methods include prepaid cards, Cage Deposits at a land-based casino, MasterCard, Neteller, ACH checks, bank transfer, Visa, Skrill and other payment options there are presently being developed. In all instances, you have to be at least 21 years of age and you have to be physically present in the state that allows online poker gaming. These issues are verified by way of Social Security numbers, ID checks and geolocation technology. Of course, players win money when they win poker games and the house generates revenue by way of advertising, the rake and tournament entry fees.

Know Your Online Poker Room
Many players wonder whether online poker rooms are legal in their state. As mentioned, there are presently 3 states allowing online poker and online casino games. However you will likely find many unregulated online poker rooms offering games to players across all 50 states. It should be remembered that only regulated operators can be trusted, because they are vetted by the US gambling regulatory authorities. Since many operators have offshore poker sites, it's not always possible for the authorities to police each and every one of them at all times. Therefore it is incumbent upon players to check out each of these sites, to make sure that they are legit.

A big part of the reason why you don't want to be playing at an unregulated online poker room is because you don't know if you will get paid out or not. Other issues to consider include trustworthiness of the gaming platform, customer support and player numbers. At least with regulated online poker rooms, you have recourse in the event of unethical conduct. A recently released McAfee report states that the online gambling industry will be worth an estimated $43 billion by 2015, with an annualised growth rate of 7.3%. It's easy to see why shady operators would want to cash in on this lucrative industry. Fortunately, most poker players are savvy enough to think first and act later!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Black Jesus and black-ish: Great Sitcoms Or Borderline Coonin'?!?

In post-Tyler Perry America, the black sitcom has pretty much gone the way of the blackberry smartphone dinosaur. Sure, shows like Are We There Yet and Meet The Browns air several times a week in syndication, but seriously, who watches that sh*t? Thankfully, two new "black sitcoms" recently premiered, but I'm struggling to understand how I feel about them.

black-ish airs on ABC and stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross as parents raising black kids in the lily white suburbs. While the show's pilot was (predictably) iffy, subsequent episodes have explored some dynamics of black life seldom seen on network TV. After 3 weeks, I'm beginning to really love this show. Some people (I see you Donald Trump!) just can't get beyond the title, and that's a shame, because it's hard to imagine any other name describing this show as well as black-ish.

Black Jesus is the brainchild of The Boondocks ex-producer Aaron McGruder and airs on The Cartoon Network. In it, (black) Jesus comes back to earth in South (Central) Los Angeles, where he hangs out with a crew of ne'r do wells and plants weed in the community garden. There's not much of a plot to speak of beyond that. If you tuned into this show expecting social commentary, you're probably gonna be pissed. There's nothing nuanced, or thoughtful, or profound about this show. It is pure, uncut ignorance, and personally, as an upstanding member of the African American community, I find myself a little conflicted about how much I enjoy it.

Question: Have you watched either of these shows? What did you think?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

St. Louis Cop Shoots And Kills Teen Armed.... With A Subway Sandwich.

Remind me to never, ever, ever go back to St. Louis. Ever.
Another police-involved fatal shooting of a teenager, this time in south St. Louis not far from the Missouri Botanical Garden, led to hours of protests overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning as an angry crowd gathered quickly when news spread across social media.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the officer was off-duty, working a secondary job for a private security company, when he chased and fatally shot an 18-year-old male Wednesday night who came at him aggressively in a gangway.

The teen had a gun and fired at least three shots at the officer, who returned fire, the chief said. The teenager attempted to fire more but his gun jammed, Dotson said.

The officer was unhurt. The officer fired 17 times, he said. It is unclear how many times the teenager was struck. Police said they recovered a 9mm Ruger.

Relatives of the dead teen who came to the scene identified him as Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18. They disputed the police version. They say he didn't have a weapon. Police did not identify the 18-year-old but said he "was no stranger to law enforcement."

Jackie Williams, 47, said Myers was his nephew and lived with him in the 4200 block of Castleman Avenue, near the shooting scene. He said he had talked to several people who had been with his nephew or saw the shooting.

“My nephew was coming out of a store from purchasing a sandwich. Security was supposedly searching for someone else. They Tased him,” Williams said. “I don’t know how this happened, but they went off and shot him 16 times. That’s outright murder.”
Let's step back and wait for details to actually come out. Unlike the Mike Brown story, this guy appears to have been armed and appears to have shot at the cop (for reasons that are unclear). Let's not conflate the two cases, just because a cop and a black teen were involved. That seems to be where the similarities end.

Question: Is everyone going to jump to a conclusion here without waiting for more details?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Steve Harvey, Paula Deen, Racial Forgiveness, And Sold Souls.

Sorry, but due to time constraints, this post isn't gonna be nearly as awesome as its title might suggest. My bad. Anyways, Steve Harvey's got tailors to pay, and the people responsible for making Paula Deen a household name would like to get back to cashing checks. I now present to you: Great Moments In (Purchased) Racial Forgiveness.
In an episode of the Steve Harvey Show set to air on Thursday, October 2, Paula Deen will speak with Harvey about what many might consider to be her surprising involvement with the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp.

The annual four day event, held in Dallas during Father’s Day weekend, was founded by Harvey to teach hundreds of fatherless young men about “personal responsibility, dream building and the importance of nutrition and physical fitness,” according to the organization’s official website.

he 67 year-old Deen is slated to bring her famous Southern-style cuisine and talented team of chefs to Harvey’s mentoring program in an effort to help those boys who have an interest in the culinary arts. Harvey, in a recently released clip from the upcoming show, says that “Paula and her team has agreed to take as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah [Georgia] … and teach them culinary skills. That, to me, is how you get something from something.” A one-time staple of the Food Network, a June 2013 controversy surrounding Deen’s admitted use of the “the N-word” in the past caused the channel to decline renewing her contract.

In addition to the mentoring announcement, the interview with Harvey addresses the 2013 controversy, with the host saying, “I just know the good in her. That’s all I know. And it outweighs the bad by a landslide.” Acknowledging that there could be a backlash from critics and the blogosphere for working with a woman some might still consider a racist, Harvey also said, “Now, when you blog about me … can you please type, right after you get through typing, that I don’t give a damn. Just for me.”
I don't give a damn, Steve. There, you asked for it.

You really have to step back and admire Steve Harvey's hustle. I mean, think about this: this guy went from being the 3rd stringer on the King's Of Comedy Tour to a household name quicker than you can say "Bernie Mack died?" I don't know who his image consultant is, but I'd bet that person is bathing in 20 dollar bills. Rebranding Harvey, a man married more times that Zsa Zsa Gabor as a relationship guru was a stroke of genius. He's ridden that train to a couple of so-so rom coms, a daytime talk show, a national radio show, and a hosting gig for Family Feud. The man is everywhere, clearly because someone responsible for determining who gets to shine gave him the seal of approval.

When I watch pure f*ckery like this Paul Deen interview, I wonder what strings came attached to that approval.

This is not to say than Deen doesn't deserve a 2nd shot. This is America, a country where people can drunkenly run over a man and play football the following year, or urinate on a teen and still have a career as a recording artist. So yeah, as long as she can make other people mounds of cash, she deserves another shot.

I just don't know that Harvey needs to be the one giving it.

Question: Is Steve Harvey "The Ultimate Hustler" or what? Should Rebb'n Al and Jesse be concerned about him stealing their racial forgiveness business?

Mike Brown Protestors And Cardinals Fans Collide. It Gets Ugly.

As a very casual baseball fan, I have little love for the St. Louis Cardinals. Beyond the obvious booting of my Nationals out of the playoffs a few seasons ago, the Cards are known to have MLB's most obnoxious fans this side of the Bronx. Last night, for some odd reason, a group of Mike Brown supporters decided to show up at Busch Stadium. Cardinals fans were not enthused. A very ugly moment in modern American history ensued.
After Monday night’s Cardinals game in St. Louis, a number of fans clashed with a small group of Ferguson protesters who were outside the stadium. One man taped a sign with the phrase “I am Darren Wilson” to his Jersey.

Darren Wilson is the name of the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 8. One white Cardinals fans shouted to the crowd of protesters, who from the video seem to be mostly black, that they “need to get jobs.” Then he tells the camera: “That’s right! If they’d be working, we wouldn’t have this problem!”

Around 2:40, the Cardinals fans drown out the demonstrators’ chants with cries of “Let’s go Darren!” At about 10:25, a women tells the crowd: “We’re the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have!”

The footage doesn’t get better — At 16:43, a Cardinals fan screams “Africa! Africa! Africa!” and others chant “USA!” to drown out the Michael Brown demonstrators. Less than a minute later, another Cardinals supporter chants “remove your hat” and an older white man tells Ferguson protesters to “pull up your pants.”

The Ferguson protesters counter with chants of: “This is what democracy looks like.”
Here's the video. It's long, and it's probably going to make you very sad.

I gotta keep it one hunned here: I don't know what the Mike Brown supporters were trying to accomplish here. These "fans" were here to presumably watch a ballgame. Unless you're attempting to make a political statement about the sporting event itself (see: Redskins protestors) you're probably just wasting your time trying to convert the un-convertable. Mix in some booze and a bunch of "fans" who are waaay to amped after a win, and this is what you get.

On the other hand, seriously, WTF? Watching people immediately resort to "we gave you your freedom", "pull up your pants", "you aren't American", "you need to get a job", "USA! USA! USA!" and "go back to Africa" is like the comments section of in human flesh. I'm not even sure it would be accurate to classify these "fans" as "racist". Mentally in-deficient and completely lacking in human decorum might be a better description. Seriously, St. Louis, fuck you and your lame assed Arch.

Question: Seriously, WTF?

Raven Symone Wants You To Know She Isn't Black Anymore.

I used to love watching That's So Raven. I don't know how much I like Raven Symone after this BS.

I suppose I get what she was trying to say. I just don't really see the point in saying it. At all. You?

Question: What's up with this chick?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Mom Stalks Her Child To School. Records And Facebooks It.

Whatever happned to the days when parents just showed up at school with a switch in hand?

Here's the full video.

Question: Is this Mom unhinged or is this a good way to shame your child into doing the right thing?!?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

White Lesbian Couple Accidentally Given Black Donor's Sperm. Hilarity Ensues.

Sometimes, I come across a blog post that basically writes itself. This would be one such post.
A white Ohio woman is suing a Downers Grove-based sperm bank, alleging that the company mistakenly gave her vials from an African-American donor, a fact that she said has made it difficult for her and her same-sex partner to raise their now 2-year-old daughter in an all-white community.

Jennifer Cramblett, of Uniontown, Ohio, alleges in the lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court that Midwest Sperm Bank sent her the vials of an African-American donor's sperm in September 2011 instead of those of a white donor that she and her white partner had ordered.

Cramblett, 36, learned of the mistake in April 2012, when she was pregnant and ordering more vials so that the couple could have another child with sperm from the same donor, according to the lawsuit. The sperm bank delivered vials from the correct donor in August 2011, but Cramblett later requested more vials, according to the suit.

"On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl," the lawsuit states. "Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton's future."

Raising a mixed-race daughter has been stressful in Cramblett and Zinkon's small, all-white community, according to the suit. Cramblett was raised around people with stereotypical attitudes about nonwhites, the lawsuit states, and did not know African-Americans until she attended college at the University of Akron.

"Because of this background and upbringing, Jennifer acknowledges her limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans and steep learning curve, particularly in small, homogenous Uniontown, which she regards as too racially intolerant," the lawsuit states.

Part of that learning curve has included getting her daughter's hair cut, which according to the suit requires Cramblett to travel to a black neighborhood, "where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome."

She fears that her "all white and unconsciously insensitive family," which has never been able to fully embrace Jennifer's homosexuality, could have a negative effect on her daughter, according to the lawsuit.
Look, I sympathize with this woman, as well as her partner, who is conspicuously absent from this suit. She wanted a white child. There's absolutely nothing wrong, or racist about that. When she found out about the mixup, she chose the see the pregnancy to term, and at least on the surface appears to be a loving and supportive mother of a child she didn't ideally want. So there's that.

On the other hand, I can't help but cringe at the conflation of her lily-white town's racial climate and that of the "black neighborhood, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome". Seriously, what the f*ck is that sh*t? Is she trying to say that this baby's making her life harder because she has to spend a couple of hours a month around dreaded N-words to keep the child's high bun looking fresh? Because if so, I have bad news for her: raising a black child is gonna get a lot more complicated.

I'm also not sure what she's aiming for here. The lab admitted its error. She made the decision to see the pregnancy through. She also made the decision to raise said child in an environment that she already knew to be racially hostile. I suspect a lot of her family's backlash is related to her sexual orientation as well. So where's she gonna move? She's scared of black people but has a black baby? This sh*t just don't add up.

I feel for this woman, but I really feel for that kid. What do ya'll think?

Question: Does this woman have a case? Is the lab liable beyond the initial admission of error and subsequent refund?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Wednesday Open Mic

Yeah, life's been hectic and this blog has suffered. I'm sorry for that, but hey...

Busy week here. Ya'll talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back soon. Maybe.

Question: What's on your mind today? Drop some links, start a convo.