Friday, September 5, 2014 NewsBriefs.

Uhhh, so yeah, I got missing for a couple of weeks. Between work, and kids going back to school, and a short vacation for my 13th anniversary (yes, it's been that long) I just didn't have time, folks. Sorry.

Things should get back to normal in a few days. Until then, here's a few stories of interest.
Virginia Governor Found Guilty Of 11 Corruption Charges [WashPost]

Counties Around Ferguson, MO Have Longstanding Reputation For "Poor Taxes" [Slate]

August Jobs Report Was A Mixed Bag, Unemployment Rate Falls To 6.1% [WashPost]

RIP Joan Rivers [Grantland]

White Privilege In Police Treatment. Seriously, Watch This Video [Salon]

Pam Oliver Talks About The Humiliation Of Being Canned For Erin Andrews [Essence]
Question: Got any links/stories to share?

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