Monday, July 28, 2014

Someone Actually Thought This Was A Good Idea...

We have Verizon FIOS at home, and everytime I venture into the hinterlands of my onscreen guide (aka: The Non-HD Channels) I find a new station I'd never heard of before. There's Chiller, a channel that presumably shows horror movies. There's something called Blue Ocean Network that's in some language I don't understand. There's BYUTv, presumably for people who want to watch Jimmer Fredette highlights all day.

It seems like there's a channel for every possible niche. So yeah, I suppose this would fit someone's niche. I'm just not sure whom that someone is...

Actually, I do. People bought this woman's books and still pay a pretty penny to see her babble word salad in person. So yeah, someone will be forking over $10/month. Not me, but someone.

Question: What's the dumbest, most pointless channel you've got on your cable box? If you have HD, do you also find it impossible to watch standard definition channels?

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