Friday, July 11, 2014

Lebron James Is Going Back To Cleveland. Why?

Earlier today, Lebron James shocked the world of sports by announcing that he'd buck conventional wisdom and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers after spending 4 years (and winning 2 rings) in Miami. While I was fairly certain James would leave the Heat after getting throttled by the Spurs in the NBA Finals, the Cavs were the last place I thought he'd end up. I mean, seriously, have you been to Cleveland? I have. It's the only place on Earth I've ever observed women in a nightclub wearing baseball (Indians) apparel. So yeah, go Cleveland. Where, I have no idea.

The move is odd simply because the Cavs (as presently constructed) aren't a very good team. At all. They were a dysfunctional mess last season despite having multiple Top 5 picks on the roster. "Star point guard" Kyrie Irving is a dribbling sensation that couldn't win a game of solo spades. Number one overall pick Anthony Bennett looks like he could eat himself out of a job any day now. Dion Waiters is publicly envious of/wants to be Irving, but has half the talent. I don't know what Tristan Thompson does besides be tall. Anderson Varejao and his hair are still there occupying space. Annnnnd, that's about it. The NBA gifted the Cavs yet another number one overall pick last month, which they used on Andrew Wiggins, a guy who was supposed to be The Next Lebron, but spent his single season at Kansas looking like The Next Harrison Barnes.

For all the complaints about James' supporting cast in Miami, reality is Wade and Bosh (especially Bosh) are light years better than anybody the Cavs have right now. Irving's pound the ball into the ground escapades are going to be a less frequent when he's sharing the court with James. Get ready to hand the ball over and go stand behind the 3pt line, buddy. The Cavs lack the shooters Miami had, and (of course) there's zero playoff experience among the supporting cast (sans Varejao, whose goose is cooked anyway). This has all the makings of a 2nd round loss to Indiana, unless the overall talent level is upgraded. A trade for Kevin Love might address that, but it likely involves losing a couple of the aforementioned players and draft picks. It still wouldn't make the Cavs better than the Pacers, and certainly doesn't make them better than the Spurs.

Maybe Lebron doesn't care about any of that. Maybe he really just wanted to go back home, which, if you think about it, he's certainly entitled to. Better teammates and wins will come with time. A ring? Prolly not. But whatever. Cleveland's relevant again.

Load up the bandwagon, "Cavs Fans". It's leaving South Beach as I type this.

Question: Did Lebron make the right Decision this time around? Will the he bring a title to the city of Cleveland?

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