Monday, June 16, 2014

Spurs Win! Spurs Win! Spurs Win!

I'm not a San Antonio Spurs fan, but I'm definitely a "Miami Heat Fan" hater, so naturally I was happy to see Tim Duncan and Co. raise the trophy last night. In a 5 game series that wasn't even as close as the final tally indicated, the "Built" Spurs throttled the "Bought" Heat, restoring my trust in the sport I love more than any other.

I wonder what team "Miami Heat fans" will be cheering for next season when Lebron opts out, leaving a decrepit Wade and perennial 3rd banana Chris Bosh? Prolly whatever team Lebron lands with, because there's no way he's staying there. I could easily see Chicago, Cleveland (don't laugh) or the Lakers. It won't be Miami, not if he's concerned about winning more championships, because that window is closed.

We all knew Miami's championship window was about 4 seasons tops, so the fact that they got two rings out of this arrangement sorta validates that kind of team building strategy as viable. And truth be known, the Spurs model is a helluva lot more difficult to replicate. They just lucked into drafting the best PF/C of all time, which is much harder than drafting one good guy (Wade) and surrounding him with another good player (Bosh) and an All-World one (Lebron).

Anyways, hats off to San Antonio, a true team in every sense of the word.

Question: Who did you have picked to win? Where does Lebron (and his bandwagon fans) land next?

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