Monday, May 12, 2014

Jay-Z's Sister-In-Law Beats Him Up In An Elevator, And A Few Other (Very) Random Odds & Ends.

Somedays, I have a bunch of pointless stories that don't deserve their own blog posts, but prolly bear mentioning anyway. This is such a day.

Beyonce's younger, far less talented sister beat up Jay-Z in an elevator.

Ouch. Jay-Z didn't retaliate. Clearly the man has matured.

The NFL drafted a gay guy. The gay guy kissed his boyfriend. The world was not happy.

Ann Coulter wrote something really stupid about the FLOTUS. A bunch of idiots on Fox News one-upped her.

Some idiot who owns a gun store down in Texas wrote something really dumb about Obama and Mexicans. #RealMerica

Donald Sterling says "the b*tch set me up" . Ahhh, the ole' dog ate my homework excuse for racism.

My team's down 3-1 in the NBA playoffs, which essentially means I'm one more loss away from no longer caring about the NBA playoffs.

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