Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Houston Man Sues Stripper To Get All His Singles Back.

I've said it several times here: I just don't understand why people blow good money at scrip clubs. I don't knock people who frequent such places, it's just not my thing (obviously because I'm MARRIED!) and never was. That said, it's understood that the women there don't actually like you, nor are they willing to sleep with you. They simply do those things in an effort to extract whatever loose bills (or credit cards! TIP DRILL!) you might have in your wallet. A Houston area man apparently didn't get the official Don't Fall In Love With A Stripper Memo™ and is now suing his favorite exotic dancer.

[Editor's Note: Uhhhh, am I the only one who got a distinctly manly "Tara From Sons Of Anarchy" vibe from "Nomi Mims"? Please tell me I'm not.]

Seriously Mr. Wallace, just drop this lawsuit and move on with your life. Please.

Question: Does this simp guy have a legitimate lawsuit? How does Nomi get her "booty and boobs back"?!? How long before this dispute is neatly resolved on a very special episode of Judge Mathis?

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