Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Can The President Do About Chicago's Violence Problem?!?

Yesterday here in DC, a bunch of niggers had the unmitigated gall to engage in a gunfight at the entrace to The National Zoo.[1] Two people were injured, albeit not critically, in a display of Extreme Niggardry that overshadowed what's historically a day that black families visit the Zoo, a tradition that stemmed from the White House's exclusion of people of color from its annual Easter Egg Roll.

I couldn't help but think about the irony here. We now have a black family residing in the White House and hosting that very same Egg Roll, yet a few miles (and one day) away, the traditional Eastern Monday event at the Zoo where people have gone for years out of necessity is pockmarked with typical Negro violence. No, this isn't the first time Negroes packed heat at the Zoo (it also happened in the early 00's leading to the event being momentarily cancelled) but it definitely seemed a bit weirder this time for some reason.

All that said, DC's weekend shenanigans pale in comparison to what happened in Obama's native Chicago over Easter, and many are now calling for the President to step in and do something.
President Obama may have gotten our troops out of Iraq, but the gunfire in his hometown of Chicago is still earning it a searing nickname coined by young people who live there.


On Easter weekend, 45 people were shot in the city, six of them children.

Five youngsters under the age of 15—four girls and a boy—were shot in a playground where they had gone after Easter services at a nearby church.

Witnesses agree that a car pulled up and one of the occupants asked the youngsters if they were in a gang. There is some dispute about whether the youngsters even got a chance to say no before the people in the car started shooting.

The most seriously wounded, 11-year-old Tymisha Washington, was listed in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. She is expected to survive.

And this bloody Easter weekend was preceded by a weekend in which 37 people were shot, four of them fatally. FBI Director James Comey happened to be in Chicago the following Monday, and he ascribed much of the violence to the gang culture so deeply ingrained in the city. But Comey had little to say about what Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy recognizes as the core problem.

The war that now demands the president’s attention is the one in Chiraq.
I don't have any idea what the solution is to Chicago's specific, deeply engrained issues with urban crime. At a time when big city crime nationwide is at the lowest level in decades, Chicago (and to a lesser extent Philadelphia) is the outlier. Negroes are shooting each other like it's GTA: South Side, and there's no end to the bloodshed in sight. What's clear is that few politicians give a sh*t. Not the GOP, who doesn't care about these people because they're already voting for Democrats anyways. And not the President, who had no issue exploiting using the parents of Hadiya Pendleton as a backdrop for his ill-fated post-Sandy Hook push for increased gun control, but otherwise portends domestic crime is a state/city issue. Besides, those people already are voting for Democrats anyways. And they don't really donate much to political campaigns either. So yeah, basically f*ck them.

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, but I don't have the answers either. My best idea would be calling in the National Guard and policing these communities with tanks and armed militia. Of course, that wouldn't be a lasting solution, because those resources would cost money, and in this political environment, any money spent specifically to benefit black people (even in life and death matters like this) won't fly. Let's not forget the outrage from many on the right (and left for that matter) when the President recently created his My Brother's Keeper mentoring program that was mostly funded with private donations. So nah, bump that.

Beyond that, who knows? Tighter gun control won't fix much here. Nor will the inevitable "task forces" and "blue ribbon commissions". Basically, Chiraq, absent an act of God, it prolly just screwed for good.

Question: What, if anything can be done to lessen the serious issue of inner city crime?

[1] If you have an issue with my use of the word nigger to describe people dumb enough to shoot into a crowd of children assembled at the Zoo for a day of family unity, then that's on you, not me.

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