Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grand Theft Auto: Denver.

Back in the Vice City days, I used to love playing Grand Theft Auto for hours on end. Of course, I had one child then. I now have three. You can probably surmise that my GTA days are long since over, given the massive amount of homework I've got to check, youth sports I have to chauffer kids to, and of course, there's always gangsta children's television to monitor. So in short, I haven't played GTA in ages.

Watching this video though, it's like the real life thing, albeit with the main character as a Colorado methhead on the run from the law. And snow. But mostly the meth.
A wanted maniac led police on a wild, high-speed chase through Colorado on Wednesday after he stole a car from a gas station and then managed to carjack two other drivers during the pursuit.

The alleged thief, Ryan Stone, was arrested at around 8 a.m. after he crashed at intersection outside Denver and tried to escape police by fleeing through the snow on foot, local news footage showed. A Colorado State Trooper was injured in the chase and was taken to a Littleton hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries, local ABC News reported. One source told the station the trooper suffered a broken leg.

Authorities said the pursuit began at around 6 a.m. when Stone, 28, swiped a maroon Ford Edge SUV with a 4-year-old child in it from a Bradley's gas station in Longmont. The child's mother had left the car idling while she went inside to pay for gas, authorities said.

Stone, who cops said was wanted on drug charges (editor's note: no sh*t), jumped inside and sped off, heading south on I-25. As police and news helicopters tailed the vehicle, the driver tore through rush hour traffic, veering onto the shoulders to pass other cars.

After exiting the highway, he eventually ended up on I-76, where he headed off a tan minivan travelling on an exit ramp. Stone, who was dressed in a gold and black jacket, leaped out of the Ford and pulled the driver and another person out of the van, harrowing news footage showed...

...About a mile later, he flew into an intersection near Peoria St. and Lincoln Ave., about 20 miles south of downtown Denver, and slammed into another car, crippling his getaway car.

He fled on foot through the snow and tried to hop a chain link fence, but couldn't get over.

As officers closed in, he lay on his stomach and was quickly pinned down and cuffed. Police said he did not have a weapon on him. Longmont police spokesman Commander Jeffrey Satur told the Associated Press that Stone was wanted on a "dangerous drug" charge after he didn't show up to a court hearing March 4.

Stone was with his girlfriend when she was stopped in an apparently stolen car in Longmont Tuesday night, Satur said. It's not clear why he wasn't arrested then.

Stone was "definitely running like a person who did not want to go back to jail," Satur said. It wasn't yet clear if the driver in the last collision was injured.

The Denver Post reported Stone had a long rap sheet dating back to 2003, including busts for assault, drugs, weapons possession and child abuse.
Put some of your favorite trap music on in the background, make this video fullscreen, and enjoy the pure, unbridled ignorance of Mr. Ryan Stone as he indulges in some very hoodrat behavior. Don't worry, nobody was seriously injured here, so go ahead and partake without guilt.

Holy crap, was that something or was that something?!? This guy is lucky he didn't kill himself, and he's very lucky the cops didn't shoot his dumb ass once he finally got out the car. You know, like in real GTA.

Question: Was that better than the real GTA or what?!?

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