Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What We Can All Learn From The Jordan Davis Case.

I'll admit, I haven't been following the case of slain Florida teenager Jordan Davis for a lot of reasons, the largest of which is that I've always felt the facts in this case were so clearly incriminating that there's no way Michael Dunn could possibly walk. I mean, seriously, you shoot a kid at a well lit convenience store, with tons of witnesses, your "them Negroes had a gun" alibi fails to produce evidence to back you up, and you're caught writing letters full of racist screed. I'm thinking this is a slam dunk, and Dunn is about to get a life sentence.

Then I realized who was trying this case.

That's right, the same numbnuts who failed to get make an even halfway credible case against George Zimmerman: State Attorney Angela Corey and Assistant State Attorney John Guy. So yeah, this whole thing might not be a slam dunk.

The saddest part of this case is that it sends a message to black parents that your children, to many people, as disposable. Dunn was so annoyed with Davis' loud music that he felt the need to take the kid's life for it. Davis was no thug, he was a hardworking kid with two college educated parents and nothing resembling a criminal record. But Dunn (who was more than likely drunk, but that's another story) saw what he wanted to see, imagined a threat on his life, and preemotively took the kid's instead. Then drove himself and his girlfriend to a hotel where they got drunk, ordered a pizza, and slept peacefully, as if they'd done little more than run over a possum.

May Michael Dunn never again see the light of a free day.

Question: Have you been following this case? Any concerns about the competence of the prosecution?

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