Monday, November 18, 2013

"Smoked Crack, Got His Job Back!"

I'm not into betting but if I was, I would look into 2014 Kentucky Derby betting options before I put money on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford making it to Thanksgiving. T-Dot's walking train wreck just continues to rumble on.
The hits keep coming! Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford reached a new level of viral infamy when he crashed into a fellow council member. Watch and cringe.

Ford’s downward spiral continued Monday when he plowed into a woman—nearly knocking her over—at a meeting of city council members working to strip him of his remaining powers. Those in attendance at the meeting were heard shouting “Shame! Shame!” at Ford, who has admitted to smoking crack while in office (he said he was drunk) and recently discussed oral sex in graphic terms on live TV. The vote, which a majority of council members have already supported, will cut Mayor McCrack’s office budget by 60 percent and allow his staff to join the deputy mayor.
If you're looking for Horse Betting Action, do that. Ford on the other hand needs to get some help. And another day job.

Crack is wack.

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