Monday, November 11, 2013

Richie Incognito Wants You To Know "He Isn't Racist". Because Is Anyone Actually Racist Anymore?

I suppose I'm contractually obligated to weigh in on this Richie Incognito/Johnathan Martin story, simply because I occasionally play fantasy football watch pro football while waiting for the NBA season to start. But honestly, I don't know what more to add.

While Martin has seemingly gone into witness protection since leaving the team, Incognito hit a series of softballs lobbed gently in his direction sat down for an interview with Fox Sports' Jay Glazer yesterday.
Suspended Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito said the apparently threatening and abusive voicemails and text messages he sent to teammate Jonathan Martin, whom he called a good friend, "were coming from a place of love."

Incognito, in an interview with Fox's Jay Glazer, excerpts of which were broadcast today, addressed the accusations of hazing and racism he has faced since his suspension from the team for expletive-laced rants directed at the rookie.

"My actions were coming from a place of love," Incognito said. "No matter how bad or how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate, that's how our friendship was. Those are the facts and that's what I'm accountable for."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said the team suspended Incognito indefinitely on Nov. 4 after Martin turned in voicemails and text messages showing Incognito using the N-word to describe Martin and threatening his family, according to ESPN.

The controversy came to light after Fox Sports reported that Martin and other rookies had been forced to pay thousands of dollars for dinner tabs and vacations for more veteran members of the team.

The NFL is now investigating the Dolphins' workplace, according to Philbin. Incognito turned his cell phone over to Glazer to let him see the 1,142 text messages between the two men in their 18 months as teammates, including some showing that Martin and Incognito have been in contact even after the scandal broke.

In one message, sent after Martin left the team, the rookie congratulated Incognito on the Dolphins' win, and told Incognito, "I'm good."

In another message, Martin wrote, "I don't blame you guys at all. It's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little."
Here's part of the interview. Notice how Mr. Incognito has a fresh haircut, crisp Oxford, and speaks proper English the entire time. Word to Mike Vick.

Seriously, who's a guy gotta lynch around here to be called racist?

It might shock some of you, but I don't think Richie Incognito is racist. He's not racist, because nobody is racist in post-racial America. Richie's got black co-signers in the Dolphins' locker room who give him free license to spew the word "nigger" as frequently as he'd like without retribution, or for that matter, pushback. He's an honorary black man, far more honorable than the "half nigger" Martin, who simply didn't fit in and probably shouldn't have even been drafted by a team with this sort of locker room "culture".

What's most disheartening about all of this is listening to all the former players turns "analysts" essentially agreeing with Incognito and blaming the victim here. Negroes please.

What's clear to me is that Martin and Incognito have likely both played their last NFL games, albeit for drastically different reasons. Martin, because no team wants to hire a guy who will likely go to the press when something doesn't go his way, and Incognito because he's a racist scumbag. This isn't Riley Cooper, a guy who seemed to immediately understand what he did was wrong, make no excuses, and apologize to his teammates. Incognito's got a long history of misdeeds, and I suspect his 9th life was just pissed away.

But I could be wrong, I suppose.

Question: What's your read on this whole situation?

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