Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When Did Dr. Ben Carson Turn Into Such An A$$hole?!?

Dr. Ben Carson was one of those black people my parents always told me I should emulate growing up. The was the consummate "credit to the race" My Dad damn near forced me to read Gifted Hands while in college. Dr. Carson's back story was one even Hollywoood couldn't make up, even though it tried with the absolutely unwatchable Cuba Gooding Jr. flick that came out a few years ago.

Carson, once almost exclusively known in the black community, has increased his public profile over the past couple of years. He (in)famously stood up the President at a prayer breakfast, and has become a favorite of Conservatives, many of whom want him to run for President in 2016, although he has absolutely no qualification for President other than being black smart. Like many people who go from marginal notoriety to high profile in a short time, Dr. Carson seems to be getting high on his own supply. Witness this gem he dropped at something called a Values Voters Summit last weekend.[1]

The worst thing that happened to this country since slavery? Seriously, my n*gga? The worst thing? Worse than world wars? Worse than recessions? Worse than AIDS? Worse than Jim Crow? Worse than Homeboyz In Outer Space? Seriously, my dude?

Can we have a word here? Just you and me?
Dear Dr. Carson,

You are a smart man. You surely know the meaning of the word "Hyperbole". So please tell me when Obamacare:

1) Made patients work in deplorable conditions for no money.

2) Physically whipped, beat, and hung patients.

3) Treated patients as property to be sold.

4) Systematically broke up patient's families.

5) Robbed patients of their heritage, culture, and identity.

You are making a caricature of yourself, just to gain the approval of people who will discard you the moment you say something they do not like. Please stop this, or we will have to reinstitute The Drop Squad to pay you a special visit.


One Black Man who really used to admire your accomplishments and now finds your schtick nauseating.
Question: What the f*ck is wrong with Dr. Carson? Can you think a few things worse than ObamaCare that have happened since The Big S?!?

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