Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shut Em' Down.

So yeah, after months and weeks and days of chest-thumping, the House/Senate/POTUS failed to come to a reasonable compromise leading to the US Government's (partial?) shutdown this morning. I'm sure I'm supposed to have something deep and profound to say about this, but I really don't. It's nothing more than the culmination of 4+ years of angst against a President the GOP has a deep seated hatred for. I'm smart enough to know this isn't about the deficit, and it sure as sh*t isn't about The Affordable Care Act.

If shutting down the Goverment is all about opposition to ObamaCare, then that might even be sadder than "having a deep seated hatred". That would mean the GOP cares more about device manufacturers and wealthy business owners than the health and wellbeing of "Real Americans" who cannot afford healthcare of their own.

In any event, we all know this will be over in several weeks, if not days. The moment people start missing paychecks, essential government services, or some notable public event occurs, both sides will conveniently come to an agreement. Sorta like how the NFL and the referees came to an agreement after that embarasing Monday Night game.

Till then, best of luck to any of ya'll with a Federal gig, or with a gig that depends on a Federal gig. Keep your head up, and play a bunch of GTA5 with your newfound free time.

Question: What's this shutdown really about? When the two sides inevitably strike a deal to end it, what exacly will the compromise consist of?

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