Friday, October 4, 2013

Grand Theft Auto: DC.

I contemplated calling this post Need For Speed : DC but that game doesn't usually end with the driver full of bullets. #TooSoon

I, like most of you, watched the latest made for TV realtime news event unfurl yesterday, as a motorist allegedly caused a ruckus at the White House, before leading Capitol Police on a high speed chase that ended in a flurry of bullets just outside the US Capitol. If you're familiar with the layout of the Mall, and how thick DC traffic can be mid-day, you know just how improbable a story this is on the surface. The motorist, it turns out, was a black woman from Connecticut who had her child in the back seat. And no, she didn't make it. The baby is ok, as is a cop who crashed into a security barrier while in pursuit (I think).

As with any breaking news media event, pundits, speculators, politicians, and random Negroes on Black Twitter all chimed in with their theories on what was up. Some thought this was about Obama. Others the shutdown. Some blamed gun nuts (the driver was initially mislabeled as a shooter). A few (like me) critiqued the use of excessive force. Many said terrorism. And a few imaginative souls said this was an elaborate promo for last night's season premiere of Scandal. Gotta hand it to Black Twitter... pure entertainment. Not factually based, but entertaining nonetheless.

Turns out this is garden variety mental illness/she just snapped. The woman appears to have had a dispute with her child's father, and acted out in the most erratic (and suicidal) fashion. Assuming you pray, pray for the child, and those injured in this horrific incident.

Question: What was this all about? Give us your "what I honestly though in the moment" theory.

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